list of bible characters and their flaws

I loved your reflection and telling of these stories. } else { Don’t get me wrong, Joseph had many redeeming qualities. The Bible reveals the Truth about flawed heroes, and God is bigger than their flaws. Paul and Titus were close friends, so much so that Paul referred to him as his brother. Do you feel you must control the things and people that are around you? Moses (function(global) {

It is the cover of faith that cleanses and makes us acceptable. In fact, He works best through my weaknesses if I humble myself and admit them instead of covering them up. } Job – Went bankrupt. Thanks for letting me know, anyway. The Jerusalem Council decided whether the Jews who were becoming Christians would need to be circumcised to convert completely. Jesus heals a leper, a centurion's servant, and Peter's mother-in-law, Jesus calms the storm, heals two demon-possessed men, and heals a man who cannot walk. if (typeof Widget === 'undefined' || !Widget.BasicDropdown) return; if (_this.validEmail.test(this.value)) _this.validate(); Learn more about Judas, the traitor, who betrayed Jesus to the Jewish authorities. Abraham was willing to listen to God and obey him. Wish I could help un-complicate matters for you, but I'm glad there you show some interest. Sermon on the Mount - Matthew 6:25-30 (Don't Worry, Part 2).

There was no cure for leprosy in Syria.

We can likewise grapple with authenticity and frankness. Mariology is the study of Mary, Jesus' mother, whom many consider the model of purity and virtue.

dropdownValidation: function(field, input) { I figured I'd hear about David, Peter, and Abraham. *You may unsubscribe at any time, and I’ll NEVER share your email address with anyone. the second king of Israel and Judah, succeeding Saul: reputed to be the writer of many Psalms, the eldest of Noah's three sons (Genesis 10:21), Leah's maidservant, who bore Gad and Asher to Jacob (Genesis 30:10–13), the Assyrian general, who was killed by the biblical heroine Judith, the sixth son whom Leah bore to Jacob: one of the 12 patriarchs of Israel (Genesis 30:20), Create an account and sign in to access this FREE content, the first high priest of the Israelites, brother of Moses (Exodus 4:14), one of Daniel's three companions who, together with Shadrach and Meshach, was miraculously saved from destruction in Nebuchadnezzar's fiery furnace (Daniel 3:12–30), the second son of Adam and Eve, a shepherd, murdered by his brother Cain (Genesis 4:1–8), the woman who brought provisions to David and his followers and subsequently became his wife (I Samuel 25:1–42), the first of the patriarchs, the father of Isaac and the founder of the Hebrew people (Genesis 11–25), the third son of David, who rebelled against his father and was eventually killed by Joab (II Samuel 15–18), a member of David's council, who became one of Absalom's advisers in his rebellion and hanged himself when his advice was overruled (II Samuel 15:12–17:23), the first man, created by God: the progenitor of the human race (Genesis 2–3), the king of Israel from approximately 869 to 850, a king of ancient Persia and husband of Esther, generally identified with Xerxes, a Jewish Christian of Jerusalem who was struck dead for lying (Acts 5), one of the twelve apostles; brother of Simon Peter: his day is Nov. 30, the son of Jacob and ancestor of one of the 12 tribes of Israel, a Mesopotamian diviner who, when summoned to curse the Israelites, prophesied future glories for them instead, after being reproached by his ass (Numbers 22–23), (in Christian tradition) one of the Magi, the others being Caspar and Melchior, a condemned robber who was released at the Passover instead of Jesus (Matthew 27:16), one of the twelve apostles (Matthew 10:3).

Felix was Festus' predecessor. Yes, our character comes with flaws. Another name for King Ahasuerus is Ahasuerus of the Septuagint.

emailValidation: function() { Nicodemus was likely a member of the Sanhedrin (Jewish supreme court). Or do you hold back a little, pray, and wait for God's ultimate say in the matter? if (type === 'text_field') { fields[i].style['display'] = 'none'; He had a very high standing in the eyes of the believers. Ann1Az2 from Orange, Texas on June 03, 2014: MsDora, this was very well thought-out. Abimelech wants Sarah for himself. for (var i = 0; i < elements.length; ++i) { He was rather short-sighted. The art of writing a good villain isn’t about making the scenes gory or finding new ways to kill folks. Iraneus was a bishop who wrote extensively whose ideas were fundamental to early Christian theology, particularly orthodoxy, which was in direct opposition to Gnosticism.

I enjoyed your choice of character flaws. Zechariah's gave a spiritual interpretation to the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem.

Isaiah was a prophet for King Ahaz right before the Assyrian conflict began. Thanks for reading and commenting. Joshua was the successor to Moses. (By Margaret Foerster). Happy for you, that I picked Zacchaeus. Amazing MsDora! return name += ' mimi_invalid';

God speaks to Abimelech and preservers his innocence. This was the man that God gave the ability to fight the Philistines and bring glory to Him. :) Well done, Dora. Manasseh was the king of southern Judea. Paul wrote that Andronicus and Junias were Christians even before he was one! Anna was a pious prophet who lived in the temple. He…, When a pregnant waitress at Waffle House and a pastor discovered they had a special connection, they knew God was…, From Lead Serve Love by Gregory Lang GIVE SECOND CHANCES You are not forgiven only once, but each and every…. Now, she did recognize that God had given the land to the Israelites and that He was sovereign, (Joshua 2:11, “For the LORD your God is God in heaven above and on the earth below.) return action + '?callback=' + this.callbackName + '&' + serialize(this.form); },

Don’t you think common sense would have dictated that he show some discretion with his dreams? In the Gospels, Peter’s life and relationship with Christ is like a roller-coaster ride. Judas was the disciple who betrayed Jesus to the Roman authorities. He warmly invited Jesus into his home and spoke with him respectfully. 3. Someone else just mentioned the problem. Moses was a tad-bit snobbish (Ex.

the book containing his oracles, which are chiefly concerned with the approaching judgment by God upon the sinners of Judah.

John Hyrcanus was a high priest and king during the height of tensions between the Jews and Samaritans. e.preventDefault();

Many thanks for a great Sunday morning read. ... but, after really seeing Jesus, he repented and turned that zeal into a love for Christ and a life full of evangelism. Lifegate, thanks for your encouragement. When Balaam disobeys God's direction, God uses a donkey to convey His message to Balaam. The story of David and Goliath is so familiar, but here are still some tidbits of information that surely you haven't heard before. Manasseh is the eldest son of Joseph and Asenath. this.removeTextFieldError(input); God knows that I am weak and works in me anyway. He received salvation—a growth spurt in character.

if (input.value) { Thanks for your input. Every man has . Jacob stole Esau's blessing. 'submit' : 'disabled'; Think of your favorite biblical hero. } else { Feels like I have seen this one before. this.form.attachEvent('onsubmit', function(e){ destination[prop] = source[prop]; Gideon – Was afraid. Exodus 2:12 says, “Looking this way and that and seeing no one, he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.” He killed a man in cold blood. If a person is aware of his/her character flaws, the flaws can be kept… God loved Solomon. if (name.indexOf('mimi_invalid') === -1) {

Rodric Anthony from Peoria, Arizona on March 26, 2018: I have so many flaws that I should have the best character! He tries to get Balaam to curse the Israelites. if (input.value) { God bless you*. this.isValid = false; Sometimes we overcome the weakness and other times we learn to live with them and thrive. Samaritan Woman – Divorced. They thought of Jesus as a redeemer and great reconciler. And I thought Naaman, Rahab, and Zacchaeus interesting choices.

this.form.addEventListener('submit', function(e){ Aaron, Moses' older brother, is so often overlooked.

Abraham lies and says Sarah is his sister. Readers already know that Jacob will be given that privilege.

var _this = this; Moses and Aaron were quite the team - Moses was like a god to Pharaoh; Aaron was like a prophet. He slept with a prostitute and was manipulated repeatedly by Delilah (Judges 16). if (dropdown.value) { Learn more about Adam, Eve, the Garden of Eden, and the serpent. She laughs with surprise and joy! }, Jesus advises us on how to deal with anger. Ezra was a lawyer and teacher who was very wealthy.

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