liquidation pallet sales in kentucky

Retail $10,381, Compton, CA, Est. pallet. Retail $4,900, Indianapolis, IN, Apple iPhone 6s, Unlocked, 11 Units, Grade B-, Fort Worth, TX, Sylvania Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, CD Players & More, 712 Units, Customer Returns, Est. Retail $81,825, Rialto, CA, 7 Pallets of Bedding, Furniture & More, Guest Returns, 756 Units, Ext. Housewares & Kitchen Ware/Overstock Retail $10,275, North Haven, CT, Mixed Consumer Electronics Lot, Headphones, Remotes, Games & More, 184 Units, Customer Returns, Est.

Answering Machines, Stereos, Boomboxes, 3 Pallets of Toys & Baby Products, 421 Units, Overstock, Ext.

Cameras, Scanners, Printers, TV/VCR Combos, Video Games, Sega, Retail $91,832, St. Petersburg, FL, 13 Pallets of Small Appliances, Bedding & More by Concierge Collection & More, Red Condition, 399 Units, Ext. Read More, Run this search agent and email me with matches: Retail $8,099, Indianapolis, IN, Under Armour Mouthguards, ArmourFit Strapped & Strapless, 1,441 Units, New Condition, Est. 8 Pallets of .Com Workbenches, Furniture & More, 24 Sets/28 Units, Good/Fair, Ext. Minimum order is 5 pallets F.O.B. Sheets, Towels, Comforters, Linens, Bathroom Accessories, Rugs, Min order is 500 pieces. Retail $3,689, Indianapolis, IN, Cubic Zirconia Diamond Rings with Rhinestones, 768 Units, New Condition, Est. Retail $67,108, Irving, TX, Truckload (20 Pallet Spaces) of Sporting Goods, Home Decor & More, 1,140 Units, Ext. Retail $34,369, Indianapolis, IN, Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, Unlocked, 44 Units, Grade B-, Fort Worth, TX, Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, Mixed Carriers, 21 Units, Grade B-, Fort Worth, TX, Truckload (16 Pallets) of Doors & Windows, DOTCOM RETURNS, 162 Units, Ext. Original Retail $2,040, Toronto, ON, Truckload (27 Pallet Spaces) of Furniture, 118 Units, Ext. Original Retail $3,975, Lenexa, KS, Mixed Kids' Toys, Assorted Brands, 100 Units, New Condition, Est. All new 1st Quality overrun's Retail $43,281, Las Vegas, NV, 300 Miles Free Shipping, Truckload (24 Pallet Spaces) of Furniture & Luggage, Sporting Goods & More, 571 Units, Ext.

Retail $42,932, Stockton, CA, 1 Pallet of Children's & Infants' Apparel & Accessories, Grade A/Returns, 1,494 Units, Ext. Seller? product listings now! Buy 5 pallets get 1 pallet free! Original Retail $3,600, Brooklyn, NY, 9 Pallets of Mixed Merchandise: Flooring & More, TURBO DOTCOM RETURNS, 43 Units, Ext. Original Retail $1,116, Fresh Meadows, NY, Seagate ST500VM000 500GB Internal Hard Drives, SATA, 3.5" Desktop, 50 Units, New Condition, Est. Retail $31,044+, Compton, CA, Holy Stone Drone & More, 8 Units, Shelf Pulls, Est. Retail $13,526, Compton, CA, Est. 4 Pallets of Home Goods, Apparel & Accessories, Grocery/Drugstore Items & More, 88 Units, Overstock, Ext. approx. Retail $17,587, Ontario, CA, USA, 3 Pallets of Cookware & More by Cook's Essentials, Temp-tations & More, 158 Units, Grade A/B (Lot 2_7578), Ext. 2 Pallets of Women's Dresses, 169 Units, Overstock, Ext. Retail $172,390, Oxford, NC, GEMS Activity Trackers, 100 Units, Shelf Pulls, Est. is 3 pallets. Mixture of returns and may contain IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR BUYERS: Shipping and Pickup during the COVID-19 Crisis Original Retail $15,990, Brooklyn, NY, Lenovo IdeaCentre 520 R3-2200GE, 1TB HDD,8G,23.8"Touch All-In-One Desktop, 4 Units, Refurbished Condition, Est. 3 Pallets of Women's Apparel, 723 Units, Overstock, Ext. Minimum Retail $23,853, Phoenix, AZ, Est. Original Retail €5,520, Vilnius, LT, Generic Wireless Bluetooth Speakers & Soundbar Bluetooth Speakers, 60 Units, New Condition, Est.

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