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Earthbending, Metalbending and Seismic Sense The theory that Sokka is Su's father doesn't sit well with me. From that point on, Lin became a close friend with Korra, Mako, Bolin and Asami.

Thouh Hiroshi would be brought in to justice, Lin was mostly concerned with her officers whom Bolin and Mako had not been able to sneak in to get on their own. Note that this person is listed separately from Kanto (Lin's father), which matches how Su and Lin describe themselves as half-sisters. Hija De Julia Roberts Cantando Bossa Nova, Both Lin and her half-sister were born as Earthbenders, having inherited the ability from their mother. Although Toph is famous for having helped the previous avatar, Aang, Lin and her half-sister Suyin needed to carve out their own identities is the shadow of their mother's fame. Antecedentes Ley De Salud Mental Argentina, Ursa | Lin Beifong currently holds the office of Republic City Police Chief As a young child, Lin Beifong and her half=sister always fought for the attention of … Metalbending Police Force | 1.2K Favourites. Family Kai | So there is no official information revealing Su's father, other than it is not Lin's father. Julia Roberts Hijos 2020. Chief of Metalbending Police Force Lin snaps back that growing up without a father and never discussing him has weighed heavily on her, and although she had thought about reaching out to her mother many times over the years, seeing Toph again reminded her of why she hadn't. Jeong Jeong | Though he is not as blunt as Toph, he still wasn't afraid to stick up for himself against her pushing him around. You mentioned Sokka as being a potential father. Los Erizos Son Omnívoros, However the additional time refining metal is long and expensive and there are few types of metal that Lin can not manipulate. The Boulder | Lin Beifong is one of the primary supporting characters of the TV show The Legend of Korra. Not just because she looks so much like him, though look closely at her facial expression and think about Sokka making that exact reaction. Chief Beifong Earthbending, Metalbending and Seismic Sense In addition to her bending, Lin is simply very fit. It has since been taken down, but was preserved on this site. The Beifong Family - The Legend Of Korra: Balance. To hide the shame she had her sister raise Opal as her own as Su already had a tarnished name. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. At age 49 Lin would meet Avatar Korra, reincarnation of Avatar Aang and as such something of a celebrity. Is a lightfoot halfling obscured for the purposes of hiding while in the space of another creature? Has Trump ever explained why he, as incumbent President, is unable to stop the alleged electoral fraud? Join Planet Minecraft! Emanuel Noir Novia, È la sorellastra maggiore di Suyin, seconda figlia di Toph.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Honestly, we'd need to ask an "inside person"for absolute clarity. Lin persuaded the United Republic Council to keep the Pro-bending Arena open. Tonraq | Gyatso | I strongly believe that Su's father could actually be Sokka.

King Bumi | Keeping peace in Republic City, Reporting crimes A one-stop shop for all things video games.

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Lin Beifong Why is vote counting made so laborious in the US? Integrantes Del Grupo Musical Dkda, The Metal Clan | Many spectators dawned the newly crafted shock-gloves, with their electrified weapons and the elements of surprise, the Equalists took over the arena, stunning the police bother figuratively and literally. Lin's official investigation found nothing, but the search had scared someone into sending Korra some information they wished to speak with her about in private. Zhu Li, Spirits Goals

Prince Wu | Bélgica Vs Inglaterra Rusia 2018 Alineacion, Korra had just come to Republic City to train with Aang's son and Tenzin, who also happened to be Lin's ex-boyfriend. The Beifong family tree marks Su's father as "Unknown". Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Family Following their difficult childhoods and uncertainty about their fathers, both of Toph's daughters rejected their mother. Minecraft Skin.

Serena Williams Esposo E Hija, Iroh | The meeting turned out to be a trap by Sato himself and he attempted to kill Korra with several Equalists, all now piloting newly created robotic construction-suits.

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According to his tree, he did not marry, nor did he have children.
Hakoda | La Boda De La Abuela Wikipedia, I, for one, really WANT Sokka to have been Toph's other baby-daddy though-- have always been a fan of that particular ship. She can levitate massive boulders in the air or reconstruct large swaths of ground with ease. Lin had the company shut down and the owner brought in for questioning. So there is no official information revealing Su's father, other than it is not Lin's father.

Lin tried to be a model daughter by following her steps as a police officer but eventually noticed her half-sister was engaging in wilder and wilder behavior. Save Republic City from the Equalists (Season 1), Defeat the Red Lotus (Season 3) Selección De Fútbol De Islandia Jugadores, White Lotus leader |

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Meelo | Each post here should be a single question - so ask another one! Are there any Air Benders who don't identify with the Nomads? The expressions of the characters depends on the style of the show, so Huan's constantly annoyed expression is not only reminiscent of Sokka, but every other character in both ATLA and LOK. However the additional time refining metal is long and expensive and there are few types of metal that Lin can not manipulate. In addition to her bending, Lin is simply very fit. Sun Warriors | Anything else is speculation and fanfic fodder. Disney Planet Conductores, With everything to prove Lin began looking for the Equalists anywhere she could. Wei & Wing, Fire Nation

A tip had reached the police that the head of Cabbage Corp. had Equalist sympathies and had developed the electrified weapons for the Equalists. Semana De Seguridad Y Salud En El Trabajo, Lin and her police stepped-up security. Having very different personalities, a young Lin and Suyin ultimately come to blows with each other. Why doesn't she live together with her children, especially Tenzin and his family?

She is the Chief of Police for Republic City's Police Department. Ary Tenorio Miss México,

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