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Insert the putty knife into the small gap in between the cover and rear panel to disengage the locking tabs keeping them connected.

To learn more about your refrigerator, or to order parts, click here. Once the door is in place, perform a quick test by pushing the door in and out to ensure it opens and closes properly. Is there anything else other than the control board, the solenoid valve and the ice maker for me to look at. Nothing else to try before spending another $250? Fixitnow.com Samurai Appliance Repair Man, The wisdom of the Samurai brings peace to the wild beasts…. Take the screws out with a Phillips screwdriver. Saturday:  8:00 - 1:00, During the defrost cycle in a LG refrigerator model. Once the sensor is in place, secure it with zip ties at the top, middle and bottom. If the start capacitor is defective, replace it. Thermistor. Start the repair by opening the freezer door and removing the lower frozen food bin. If you can’t move your appliance to reach the outlet, turn the electricity running to it off at the circuit breaker. FWIW, I got Sears involved, and they recommended replacing the electronic control board (Part #: EBR73093601), as well as Refrigerator Defrost Sensor Assembly (Part #: ACM73919201), and Freezer Temperature Sensor and Cover (Part #: ACQ73244001) which I did, and voila, problem solved.I have Kenmore Elite model 795.72053110. During the defrost cycle in a LG refrigerator model LFX21976ST, the defrost sensor tells the main control board the temperature inside the freezer.When the sensor is defective, the defrost cycle may stop functioning, which ultimately causes the evaporator in the freezer to ice up and the temperature in the fresh food compartment to increase. Is it a do it yourself project. Finally, you can put the freezer door back on. Take out the small access cover and set it aside. Route the wires along the side of the evaporator. Push the rails back in, and use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the rails from the freezer walls. These sensors are also called thermistors. I just replaced the ice maker with a brand new one. – Measure the sensor resistance. I followed the process you outlined and waiting over 72 hours and still wont cycle. Then it has to be the control board, go ahead and order it. The sensor resistance should be 16 ohms ±5% at 32℉. But what else could it be. Now you can pull the rear panel out of the freezer. Hi, I have the exact same problem. Make sure your meter is … Angle the front of the basket up before lifting the entire assembly out of the freezer. 2. With the back angled up, pull the front end of the bin out of the freezer. You have finally gained access to the defrost sensor, which is located near the top right side of the evaporator. The idea behind these newfangled sensors is that their resistance increases as temperature decreases.

Now run the defrost sensor wire harness behind the copper line and plug it into the freezer’s back wall. Ice maker seems to work fine when pressing test button , but does not produce ice. When the defrost sensor trips, it shut off power to the defrost heater. It is important to be extra careful while taking the sensor out. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Using a Phillips screwdriver, take out the screws from the upper rail, first.

With the rails out of the way, you can take out the freezer’s back panel. Privacy Policy - Conditions of Use - Infringement Policy, Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 5:00

– Place the sensor in a glass of ice water. After the screws are removed, pull the rail off the freezer wall.

You must log in or register to reply here. I use an infrared temperature sensing gun for this. 4 yrs. On LG refrigerators, the sensor should have a resistance 16 K-ohms ±5% at 32℉. To begin the removal process, cut off the three zip ties holding the defrost sensor in place. Lift the back of the bin up to release the locking tabs.

With the racks out of the way, it is time to remove the rails. The old way was with a mechanical thermometer with a capillary tube. You are using an out of date browser. Once both screws are removed, lift up on the door assembly to disengage the four locking tabs, and then pull the door and frame off the rails and place it in a safe area. Depress the two tabs on the front of the basket to release it from the rails.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It may not display this or other websites correctly. JavaScript is disabled. FWIW, I got Sears involved, and they recommended replacing the electronic control board (Part #: Sears Appliance Tech. Reattach the bottom two rails on each side of the compartment. Any further info on this thread? Once that tab is released you can start pulling off the panel. Then carefully take the defrost sensor out of the freezer compartment.

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