lewis stone dead on sidewalk

In 1912 Stone found great success in the popular play Bird of Paradise which starred Laurette Taylor. He suffered a heart attack and died in 1953 after appearing in over 200 films. Did you know that the actress pictured above regarded our quiz subject as a favorite leading man? When he investigated, Stone found lawn furniture once again floating in the pool and glimpsed three or perhaps four teenage boys running towards the street.

Articles incorporating text from Find a Grave.com, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, Male actors from Worcester, Massachusetts, American military personnel of the Spanish–American War, American military personnel of World War I, List of actors with Academy Award nominations, http://www.archive.org/stream/variety191-1953-09#page/n206/mode/1up, "Historic–Cultural Monuments (HCM) Listing: City Declared Monuments", http://preservation.lacity.org/files/HCMDatabase%23073114.pdf, https://military.wikia.org/wiki/Lewis_Stone?oldid=4940026. If you take the time to research all this for yourself, you’ll clearly see why so many “official stories” are monumental LIES with the truth being dismissed and ridiculed…. No contemporary aircraft, let alone any World War II planes, could have withstood that barrage.

Lewis Stone Birthday and Date of Death. Later after all was calm the US Military reported that it must have been just a weather balloon. After returning from China, he made his feature film debut in Honor's Altar in 1916. Stone's career was interrupted by World War I where he served again in the United States Army in the cavalry as a major.

Clarence Brown, who directed Stone in eight features at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, said of the actor, "He is the master motion picture technician today as he was in the silent days. The coast guard and US Navy got prepared for a possible attack on the sunny shores of California, preparing their anti-aircraft weapons, Navy ships, and Air force after getting word of a single or multiple aircraft heading for the coast. He enlisted to fight in the Spanish American War and when he returned, he returned to be a writer. He was posthumously awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6526 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on February 8, 1960.

He appeared with Garbo in Inspiration (1931), Mata Hari (1931), Grand Hotel (1932) and Queen Christina (1933). Upon reaching the sidewalk, Stone suddenly collapsed.

Lewis Stone. Stone was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1929 for The Patriot. The object kept moving from Santa Monica to Long Beach and seemed to have no damage done from the barrage of shells that were fired at the UFO. [1] He reportedly suffered a heart attack while chasing away some neighborhood kids[1] who were throwing rocks at his garage. Nobody could have ever possibly guessed what they were about to see in a million years. The Battle of Los Angeles was the first mass sighting of a UFO in history, with one flying over the coastline of Los Angeles… and just like in a HOLLYWOOD movie the military appeared powerless to bring it down.

With all of the witnesses that saw the UFO and the unbelievable amount of artillery fired at the object without even touching it it’s very clear that we were dealing with one of the first multi person UFO sightings in the USA. [1] After the Spanish–American War, he went to China to train troops.

Weekes, in a sober state of mind, according to court statements, then came back, driving the car onto the sidewalk of the hall and crashing into a crowd of people. By the time that he was 20, Lewis Stone had turned prematurely grey. The American actor who died in 1953 lived here. He was 73.
In A Woman of Affairs (1928) he played the older doctor, a friend of the family. He played the role of Dr. Otternschlag in the Garbo film Grand Hotel, in which he utters the famous closing line: "Grand Hotel. Lewis Stone was later honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6524 Hollywood Blvd.

This turned to acting and he began to appear in films during the middle teens.

Sound did not cause Lewis any problems and he continued to be busy with his roles as the distinguished lead.

He was posthumously awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6526 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on February 8, 1960. In recent decades several Ufologists have suggested that it might have been one of the largest mass UFO sightings in history, as it involved well over a million people. This good idea (no one has ever argued a James Street sidewalk was a bad idea) has been talked about for twelve+ years.

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