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Who is his wife? [242], The photographs and tape recording of the torture of Downey exhibited in court, and the nonchalant responses of Brady and Hindley, helped to ensure their lasting notoriety. [109] When Smith accepted the News of the World offer—its editors had promised additional future payments for syndication and serialization—he agreed to be paid £15 weekly until the trial, and £1,000 in a lump sum if Brady and Hindley were convicted. [97], The investigating officers suspected Brady and Hindley of murdering other missing children and teenagers who had disappeared from areas in and around Manchester over the previous few years, and the search for bodies continued after the discovery of Kilbride's body, but with winter setting in it was called off in November. The book The Loathsome Couple by Edward Gorey (Mead, 1977) was inspired by the Moors murders. "[197][198], In 1987, Hindley admitted that the plea for parole she had submitted to the Home Secretary eight years earlier was "on the whole ... a pack of lies",[199] and to some reporters her co-operation in the searches on Saddleworth Moor "appeared a cynical gesture aimed at ingratiating herself to the parole authorities". Fisher persuaded Hindley to release a public statement, which touched on her reasons for denying her guilt previously, her religious experiences in prison, and the letter from Johnson. Hindley‍—‌a good swimmer‍—‌was deeply upset and blamed herself. Please, Miss Hindley, help me. The lad was still screaming ... Ian had a hatchet in his hand ... he was holding it above his head and he hit the lad on the left side of his head with the hatchet.

[132], On 16 December 1986, Hindley made the first of two visits to assist the police search of the moor. He again appeared before the court, this time with nine charges against him,[8] and shortly before his 17th birthday he was placed on probation, on condition that he live with his mother. She collected for a wreath, and his funeral at St Francis's Monastery in Gorton Lane—where Hindley had been baptised a Catholic in 1942—had a lasting effect on her. Malcolm MacCulloch, professor of forensic psychiatry at Cardiff University, has written that Hindley's "relationship with her father brutalised her ... She was not only used to violence in the home but rewarded for it outside. A huge search was undertaken, with over 700 statements taken, and 500 "missing" posters printed. Central to the Froeblian philosophy is the idea that individuals are important and unique, a focus that remains today at Lesley University. [69], Early in the evening of 16 June 1964, Hindley asked twelve-year-old Keith Bennett, who was on his way to his grandmother's house in Longsight, Manchester,[70] for help in loading some boxes into her Mini Pick-up, after which she said she would drive him home. [6] In 2016, Jeff A. Weiss[17] became president and resigned in 2018 due to personal health reasons.

One such victim was Stephen Jennings, a three-year-old West Yorkshire boy who was last seen alive in December 1962; his body was found buried in a field in 1988, but the following year his father William Jennings was found guilty of his murder. [193] Hindley successfully petitioned to have her status as a category A prisoner changed to category B, which enabled Governor Dorothy Wing to take her on a walk round Hampstead Heath, part of her unofficial policy of reintroducing her charges to the outside world when she felt they were ready.

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