leopard gecko red eyes

They contain the same mix of morphs (e.g. This pinkish-red, fleshy part of the eye is called the conjunctiva, and bacterial conjunctivitis is common in leopard geckos, who can get it from dirty water or any dirty environment that harbors bacteria. Blizzard leopard geckos look like snows and also lack any dark background pigment.

RAPTOR is an acronym for Red-eye Albino Patternless Tremper Orange. Their blue amber eye color is caused by a recessive gene. The Super Hypo is a melanistic-type morph. Comment below with your favorites! Godzilla weighs a whopping 170 grams and currently holds the world record for the heaviest leopard gecko! The Diablo blanco morph is a combination of the RAPTOR and blizzard Geckos. Their eyes can have a blue color on the lids, but commonly pink eyes. Baldy leopard gecko morphs are super hypo melanistic except they don’t have any spots on their heads – baldies lack these head spots. They differ from Black Pearls because they have more of a warm, brown tint, whereas Black Pearls have a blue-black color.

Rainbow stripe leopard gecko morphs have an orange and green body. This results in the gecko increasing in size with each dominant allele in the gene. They have the same genes as the giant, but the homozygous genotype.

Most tangerine morphs have dark and light orange patches, brown spots and unique tail patterns. The Hyper Melanistic is the opposite of the hypo morph.

Some of the most popular variations include the giant, black night, mack snow, diablo blanco and RAPTOR. One of the primary causes of conjunctivitis in a leopard gecko is an unclean terrarium. APTOR are Albino Patternless Tremper Orange leopard geckos.

Common examples are tangerine, stripe and halloween mask morphs. They have stripes that run down the length of their body. They are distinguished from other morphs because the heads of most morphs usually don’t have spots. On the picture, you can see a red stripe and reverse stripe morphs. RADAR leopard geckos, for example, also have red eyes.

… Mack Super Snows have a dark pattern and black eyes. Snake eyes in leopard geckos look like mix of colors or faded black color. Everything Reptiles’ articles, care guides, videos and podcasts are intended to be used for a general nature only. The high yellow morph is very close in pattern and color to a standard variant. They are Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail Mack Snows. This morph is one of the rarest morphs in captivity. Banana leopard gecko morphs are very similar to the Murphy Patternless. Black eyes are a recessive trait and were discovered through random breeding. Hypo morphs have less melanin and hypers have more. They usually do not come with any patterns and have a patternless white body. Carrot tail/head leopard geckos have extra orange pigmentation on their tails or heads. A completely black leopard gecko is melanistic. These leopard geckos are much larger than normal geckos and usually weigh up to 100 grams.

This morph is very close in appearance to a rainwater albino with stripes. These gentle giants are bred specifically from the heterozygous form of the gene. The main difference is their vibrant red pigment – instead of an orange pigment. Dreamsicle morphs have a base color of orange and white – just like the frozen treat they were named after.

They can be spotted, but many also are solid black. They range in price from $50 to $125, depending on the genes that are present (e.g. Hypers are not as common as hypo variations.

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