lego alternate builds instructions

It would be great if this could be added to the query builder, so I could quickly find all my sets that have alternate builds. I can't find some alt build i know are present.. are there some filters in place?

He even shared instructions for a train station build using the Town Hall set. The Rebrickable website inspired the LEGO Remake project, and over the past 6+ months we have been working closely with the adult fan designers to find a way to make alternative builds to existing LEGO products.

Again, currently only about a dozen of the LEGO City sets are used for these alternate models, but hopefully other sets and themes will be added later as well. It seems like LEGO Creator sets are the most popular for alternate models, as demonstrated by the #10242 LEGO Creator MINI Cooper with ten alternate instructions, or the #31047 LEGO Creator Propeller Plane with three alternates. Good observation.

View. Note that some sets come with more alternate models than others, so you might want to choose the ones that have the most options. Awesome idea - much more fun for kids. All the parts for these alternate instructions are from a single set. What do you think? More photos of my MOCs at Bricksafe. Besides these building instructions I've added almost twenty brand new instructions for models built out of new LEGO Creator sets and for part of models I built for project called LEGO stavění (in English: Building out of LEGO) last year. Good job! Bring LEGO® bricks to life with building instructions for these eye-catching toys. Great idea!

Together with the fan designers, it is our aim to inspire children all over the world to keep building.

The alternate instructions on LEGO Remake are divided into three categories. Please note that this tab at Brickset is available even if you are not a member at Rebrickable, however to download the instructions you will need to register.

All the parts for these alternate instructions are from a single set. Alternate Builds are MOCs that can be made from only the parts found in a single LEGO Set. Not every set has them of course, so there's an indicator on the tab to show whether there are any available or not. I’m going to check for alternate builds from now on. The site was created in collaboration with LEGO fan designers from, but while Rebrickable mostly offers more advanced alternate models for teen and adult builders, LEGO Remake focuses on 7-10 year-olds.

LEGO also performed extensive testing and study groups with children on the actual models and instructions you see on the site. page all have one or more alternate build MOCs.

Or maybe it's not finished loading? Previous post: LEGO Ninjago: Hands of Time starting tonight!

Another great website often used by savvy LEGO fans is

When you make a purchase through our links, we may earn a small commission. LEGO Ninjago: Hands of Time starting tonight! The clock is displayed in Lego House, and the hands point to the exact time that LEGO was originally patented. Regular price $0. Copyright of "I hope you find that useful..."What? Have fun using it! Savor the awesomeness. Alternate Build: LEGO Star Wars Ahch-tu Island Training Set 75200 Instructions. Of course it didn’t work, so they had to completely revamp the site with a new focus on contests for adults (which competes with fansite contests like the ones on Eurobricks). If members on Rebrickable submitted alternate builds for a particular set, you will find them under this tab, with links to the building instructions. Thanks for letting us know, Huw, I'm going to check this out as soon as possible! This sounds like a completely awesome addition to an already awesome site! Get in touch by email or social, or subscribe below! And you might also like to check out the following related posts: Sounds like a really wonderful potential. Seven years later, a new store came to town. One of the best news lately.

And you might also like to check out the following related posts: Cool idea! The Mandalorian – Season 2 Premier & More! LEGO recognizes that the fan community can produce amazing designs and building instructions at a rate far faster than their own designers who must comply with very stringent rules. I will definitely use this feature. I would love to see more collaboration like this between Lego websites! I suggested this in the recent survay.Great to see this coming as a real feature!! If you are looking for a Set to buy, these have great rebuild value!

Simply download the free instructions and open kids’ eyes to the possibilities inside the LEGO Classic Bricks and eyes box! What other sets and themes would you like to see added? LEGO set database: New feature: alternate builds.

Mini Remakes use only a few elements from an official LEGO set to create something else.

The intention with this site is to provide older children with creative inspiration to what alternative builds they can make with existing LEGO sets.

Just follow the steps under the BUILD tab at Rebrickable and it will guide you through the process. Or, if you want to buy any of the sets used on the LEGO Remake website, they are available at the LEGO City section of the Online LEGO Shop. If you haven’t tried Brickset or Rebrickable, I would encourage you do so. The LEGO Remake models are somewhere between official LEGO sets and MOCs you would normally find on Rebrickable – they have passed LEGO’s tests but are still 100% fan-designed with fan-created building instructions and fan-taken photography. Compare MOC-18923 to 10218-1.

Another feature that came about from the collaboration between Brickset and Rebrickable, is that on the page for each set in the Brickset database, there is an ALT. This takes me back to the late 70s and early 80s when boxes depicted alternate builds on the back that you had to try and figure out how to build based on 1 picture (whether the alternate actually only used pieces from the set was a guess). Voltes V (超電磁マシーン ボルテスV) Alt build Instructions for Marvel Studios Iron Man Lego Art 31199, Lego® Instructions Alternative Build 1 Lego 75880 – F1, LEGO® instructions Scania Truck and steering trailer (42098 C model), Lego® Instructions Alternative Build 7 Lego set 76897 – Explorer, Lego® Instructions Batman’s Batboat MOC by @Brick.Mocman, Lego® Instructions V8 HotRod 8 Stud Scale – Spider Black Halloween Hardtop by @Brick.Mocman, Lego® Instructions My_Millennium Falcon_75105_modified version, Lego® Instructions Mine/Cave Entrance/Cliff by @Brick.Mocman, Lego® Instructions V8 HotRod 8 Stud Scale – Red Hardtop by @Brick.Mocman, Lego® Instructions V8 HotRod 8 Stud Scale – Red Convertible by @Brick.Mocman, Lego® Instructions V8 HotRod 8 Stud Scale – Dark Green Convertible by @Brick.Mocman, Lego® Custom Instructions Mercedes E190 EVO II Speed Champions.


Rebrickable thinks you are from US with the IP address Seems like a great idea - looking forward to seeing more of them.Can you imagine if they tried to do this with the Mixels?! MOCs, alternative builds and free instructions. If you have a lot to tell us, use this contact form.

© 2020 Rebrickable Pty Ltd. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies. Regular price $3. So whether you just want to build a small table-scrap, or completely rebuild your set into something else, there are plenty of options. Online LEGO Shop Lowers Free Shipping Limit!

Which features and tools do you like and use the most? Anyway, Nathan at Rebrickable has recently provided a feature that exposes MOCs that can be built using parts from just one set and he and I thought it would be cool to show them here. LEGO set database: New feature: alternate builds. If you have LEGO news, new images or something else to tell us about, send us a message. BUILDS tab. We use cookies to give you the best online experience. Brickset will help you organize your collection, and Rebrickable will give you lots of ideas for building.

Great idea!

Feel free to share your thoughts and discuss in the comment section below!

to find out if you can build this MOC! All instructions and images are created by the fan designers based on a number of guidelines for e.g.

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