leff's lucky town urinal

Boasts the largest big screen in the state along with 20 new HDTVs. 2144 Atwood Ave., Madison, Wis.; +1 608 241 2226; www.wilsonssportsbarandgrill.com, 101. How often do they update? Friday, Sat.

I wonder if SDSU is still planning to *bus* to their game with ASU? 3227 McKinney Ave., Dallas; +1 214 999 8932; www.frankiesbar.com, 87. Go ask Wena. HIHO!

We reckon its again our turn to win some or learn some, We won’t hesitate no more, no more Are we going to win? 38    – 14    Pomai

The contract of $862,381 was awarded on August 13th to the lowest-bidder, RMY Construction, Inc., to install a new synthetic playing surface. Caesars Palace Race and Sports Book, Las Vegas. 35    – 14    DPK If there is an X by your name that means you need to change your pik! 7372 Manchester Road, St. Louis; +1 314 645 1109; www.thepostsportsbar.com. I’m excited. Money ✓ Please ignore my next 5 posts if you do not want the off-topic stuff. Go Warriors!!! separate the legal from the fix, UH! Whoever calls me first at 525-8051 gets them. Since I work between 1200° and 2000° , at a 600° + melting point if it spreads to my left hand, I’m in trouble. Cody Nakamura has a couple of quotes in the Deseret News today. Just wear the right colors and scream a lot. and be careful on this blog, others might want to put some zip in your pac…..homey, james, dpk…watch out, i am on to you guys. Article about a recruit that UH is apparently interested in. !…only two hundred something…I figured its on the three’s already. Mister Tramps Sports Pub and Café, Austin. Don’t you wish you had students like this? BTW, where da heo is Wreck these days? 41    – 10    Committed Road Warrior Glorious day for friendship, family, fun, and fuuuuuuuuuuuuud mixed in with some football. Speaking of the Tsaiko-gate, it is amazing to see what Central Florida fans were bringing to the tailgate as pets…. HI Loa! Al:

The WAC is better/same in the major sports. He wants to be. I had no problems transferring bookmarks since there was a transfer option for Mozilla Firefox. Located in a historic building that once housed a silent movie theater and a shoe store that fronted a Prohibition speakeasy, Leff's, 7208 W. State St., was a runaway winner for best suburban bar in the OnMilwaukee.com readers' poll. Plus it’s nicer than retch or fetch or wretch… , I will be watching the UH vs Weber St game at: ________. Nebraskans are notoriously welcoming and this phalanx of televisions, games and old people (let’s be honest, if you’re in Nebraska, it’s probably to visit some old people, so take ’em here!) 34    – 13    d1shima i tell him, “please i drove down here to buy a kid from maui a tshirt (with my most woeful eyes).”. can’t wait for Oct.17. I think he lives in WA too!!! Corvallis still in da air, tinkin ah leavin Hilo Fri nite, via Hnl, arrv 7:16 Sat am Portland. Then we solicited recommendations from local correspondents, bloggers and sports fans. Hit the Canal Street original if you can (it’s reportedly one of the nation’s first sports bars), but see web site for other Boston-area locations. Now you understand what I mean when I chide peeps about our State being run by bozo da crowd. Rob 25 ~ Gonna have to get into a “Sound off” contest with your son at the t-gate to see if he got da right stuff! Not because they’re innovative or charming or even good, but because they’re experiences. Watevah happen to Fennis Dembo(sp?) The Gahr at Millikan football opener Friday night was expected to be a game dominated by offense. Also going be long day. E. Illinois-7, #24 Illinois-13, 8:535 2Q . At this point in my life, I am just lucky … Service aid dogs are the only animals allowed on campus. 1630 W. Main St., Richmond, Va.; +1 804 254 7460; 11351 Nukols Road, Richmond, Va.; +1 804 967 9060; www.hometeamgrill.com. “It’s all mental. there will never be someone more handsome than you. It’s on me……. But, the customers in Wauwatosa love it just the same. and i’ll have a surf pac if you don’t mind. That he looked like the chubby Mr. Incredible.”, woooo, getting kinda loco, as stretch would say wtf. KaiKor is hiring Hamocon. A thunderdome of televisions in varying configurations ensure that every geometric angle in the bar is within view of no fewer than five screens and, often as not, five different games. i look out the glass door, lo and behold its stephen tsai. Otherwise this article could have been over with a simple link to the “Locations” page on the Beef O’Brady’s web site. I can’t wait. Should the fate envisioned in “Waterworld” ever be realized, this will be our sports bar. Yee Haw! Just to ensure the peace is kept, Miami Mike himself is regularly in attendance. Not some kind of NCAA violation?

Howzit. happy birthday stretch…..to bad you can’t make it to the tailgate, is saturday your boss’s daughter’s wedding-hopefully it’s in the a.m. You can call me at 525-8051. uhfan808….is that a poem?

She *has* to finish her online course this weekend (plus homework) cuz I refuse to pay another $200 for a 1 month extension. . Sunday, September 7, 2008

Well, maybe drink…and than food.

homey – I thought you picked up my purple ball, or was it al?

At the time of the breakup, I was not very happy with the MWC. I went to school with your daughter and am her friend. SDSU athletics reported nearly $30 million in revenue and expenses in the past fiscal year. Unless your name is Jack Nicholson, the only way you're gonna see Kobe this close-up is on TV. . (808) 486-3500. 1 sports bar in America earned that distinction over nearly 40 years, evidenced by walls papered in photos, jerseys and signed memorabilia of Boston sports greats, 42 televisions and competitive clam chowder, all across from TD Banknorth Garden, home of the Celtics and Bruins.

The big trial will be in October. and Sunday Night., celebrating a 2 for 1 victory, kden back home and reading today happenings…man get plenty stuff dat happened. Don’t want to scare anyone away…. 122 W. 26th St., New York; +1 212 741 0645; www.ainsworthnyc.com. Rumor has it that ST completes another orbit around the sun on Sunday. I’ll support whatever’s best for our school. Sports Turf Hawaii (STH) was listed by RMY in its bid. Might be able to swing by. 140 4th Ave., Suite 130, Seattle; +1 206 404 7767; www.sportrestaurant.com. There once was a guy named Stretch. ), Leff’s only gets more ambitious from there. Stretch, Stretch, the perfect name that describes YA. We might have to get Uncle Jason to give you some remedial math tutoring…. I mean the VB coaches can’t even offer the girls a ride to the football game without it being a violation.

Just kidding. Sam’s All American Sports Grill, Nashville. “I’m pretty excited about it,” Nakamura said. Order the 18 Wheeler and you’ll get a Bloody Mary with a Slim Jim back. I’ll try my best to respond to them by midnight at the latest. Brew808 ~ PBS contest postponed until further notice. He may not be able to read right now. We can celebrate Sunday….. ST’s bday. Still, I feel pretty odd about a school renting out their volunteers to go to events…I don’t mind when pro teams have their cheerleaders go to events because they are paid professionals, but Song Girls, cheerleaders, dancers, etc., that are in school I do not think should be rented out like that. But, Leff's Lucky Town isn't flashy, fancy or very remarkable.

we both end up buying warrior apparel for the sons. Courtesy of Mark Platte, we are in possession of four tickets to tomorrow’s UH football game. Does anyone know if the game will be streaming online? Is there a prize for picking the score tomorrow? UEFA Champions?

C’mon ST, I want to see some Volleyball. And, by the way, these sideline tickets are in the Mauka Orange, fifth row.

603 State St., Madison, Wis.; +1 608 255 5544; www.statestreetbrats.com. He went wear UnderArmour gear, That means I will have a $0.97 balance with them. October 25, 2008 Nevada $12 529 23rd St. S., Arlington, Va.; +1 703 521 8215; www.ccsportspub.com. “They’re the same size, the same quickness, the same speed,” Nakamura. Because of my status as a “special operative” for the WB, I am not subject to being SMU’D. If that happens, the MWC will be looking for another member…and BSU has been asking to join them. 808flowmaster- welcome! He went on a two-year church mission before enrolling at UH in 2005. She could not sleep because it was just like Christmas for a little kid!

Which has lent you some fame. GGG_______OO___OO______UU___UU___HH___HH__!! Sure, it has “lounge” in the name, but don’t expect any couches at this West Virginia University staple. The gang at Tuscaloosa's Houndstooth bar celebrated the BCS National Championship game. Just kidding Stretch. Happy birthday to Stretch, the hardest-working man in engineering.

. Stretch – The antenna is only going to fall over if someone keeps giving homey some of those green bottles or li hing mui margaritas or Jaeger bombs. I have 2 OSU tickets in UH section if anyone is still looking for tickets. ST…How did you know?? d1shima – thanks for referring us to Highway Inn last week. If not, can I tempt you with some apple walnut coffeecake and beef bbq teriyaki sticks? Who’ll let us post all night! now getta going. It’s so far for me…gotta get up early again…might have to watch at home on PPV. I see everybody is getting ready for game day in Hawaii Nei! when he walks by all the girls go “ooooh” Sorry- but I couldn’t resist going for a Colt NFL Game memoir. four tickets to tonight’s volleyball game. Drink your beer, eat your hot crab dip, watch your game on a plenitude of televisions and we’ll all walk out of here happy, capisce? , Hiya Addahknowsports – How ya doing? Ching Athletic Complex (formerly known as Cooke Field). George has been a topic of discussion at UH. What time is errybody going to be at the T-Gate tomorrow? Hmmmmm. 400.

We get chance for a proze because everybody is getting lunch. a stretch as beautiful as he. TChahng is sitting high above Wai Momi, on Halawa Heights and enjoying this “business trip” home. tks stephen for the ticket swap. “I ended up here (at WSU) and luckily we’re playing them, so it worked out. He was known as a quiet gentleman off the field, but on the field with the 49ers from 1983-97, he was an iron man. LOL If there are “reviewers”, I hope they’re laughing as much as we are on some of the fun stuff that goes on here. Kick-off at 1930hrs. This Irish bar claims, among other things, to be the birthplace of Red Sox Nation and the nation’s first sports bar (opened in 1894 by “Nuf Ced” McGreevy), which, even in what-have-you-done-for-me-lately America, counts for something. Haven’t seen her on this blog for such a long time….MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAA.

If anyone can use two good tix for the Oct 11th La Tech game, see me tomorrow at the T-gate.

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