lee hand press vs classic loader

I’m really curious how the popular turret presses( lee classic, Lyman turret, Redding turret) are able to hold good measurements compared to these single stage presses. I’ve had one for over 10 years. My first kit, many years ago, was one of the hammer kits. Contrarily, if you are looking for a more customizable press so you can get creative, you should consider getting a progressive press instead. On to the specifications, results, and data for each press! Still using my Lee Turret. Agonising about our presses is simply belly-button contemplation; moot. Well, it depends on what caliber you want to reload, how much you want to reload & also how much you want to spend on a press.

Single stage presses are generally perfect to start with because of their low complexity. Tom B, Thanks for your info,that is awesome! My experience, with my old RCBS one piece dies was that doing the expanding as a second operation with an expander die and mandrel gave less runout. Thanks again website anomaly; 38 comments but 15 pages?? Lyman prep tool. You don’t have to weight every case, but you have to check after you fill 10 of them.

This can be caught by looking into ALL of the charged cases before you start seating the bullets, because a double charge will stand out when you look at multiple charged cases. Primer pockets will need to be cleaned. This is just easier. The Turban & Rock Chucker are both around 22 on their respective graphs (with different scales for the Y axis) but are 25.83 & 20.24 respectively on the table. Of course, you can and will buy much more. For those of us remaining, who did not come from the planet Krypton, portable handloading tools have their place. The kit includes the Auto-Drum powder measure and riser, perfect for all handgun and rifle cartridges. The Lee Loader - Reloading on a bare-bones budget - YouTube 4. The user experience of Lee Precision seems overwhelming, but there is only one thing customers aren’t satisfied with. The press is by no means hard to use, but if a guy had to load a thousand rounds, he’d likely be better off with one of the mounted setups. Therefore the runout for the neck and the runout for the projectile may be out of timing, thus the runout may be additive or substractive. Grab a bullet and hold it on top of the case while you raise the shell holder. Please ask permission before using. It weighs almost 20 pounds, meaning that it won’t be easy to install. Thanks for the write up! For people looking for more info, here’s a post that Nick did last year that features lots of pictures and a video of him using it: Ask Foghorn: Reloading for Dummies. Joseph – Add some kind of “loading block” that will hold 50 cases, mouth up, after you fill them with powder. Gavin I have been looking,reading,and studying these things for years. As with all single stage presses, you don’t need to be an expert to use this model too.

I have loaded .38, .357, .308, .223, .22H, 30-06 and .45ACP. One of the best things users like about this press is its versatility. I grit my teeth when that sizing die bottoms out but its part of the process.

Herein, the kit includes a perfect powder measure tool, so you are sure you always add the right amount to the cartridges. Thank you for sharing your data and testing information, rare that one opens themselves to the rest of the reloading crowd … a rough crowd at best sometimes … lol. This may be the perfect model to get your feet wet in hand reloading. Having said that, if you are FL sizing with an expander ball, you are introducing a significant variable that tends to magnify when bullets are seated.

Most of the guys I knew that reloaded for their rifles didn’t full length resize unless they planned on using the rounds in different rifles. For situations where people are sizing for wildcats, then we get into the Rockchucker or custom presses. There are 5 bushing stations that run at the same time, but this may be both an advantage and a disadvantage at times.

You can reload a round in 30 seconds. There must be a manual in each model you buy. I was hectoring TTAG readers to look into these hand presses many months ago because they are so inexpensive and small to pack up if you don’t have room to set up a reloading bench. Once more, clean any residue that might be inside the case, and add a coat of lubricant. I think they were about $18 for everything needed to start reloading, except for the hammer. You won’t have to worry about readjusting the die. $10.00-A good manual, like the Lee Reloading book.

Since I don’t have the desire or space to own a big, expensive loading press I was pretty happy when I saw the LEE Hand Loading Press online. Answer is, it won’t matter. This resulted in sizing of both the case body and neck (yielding more real-world concentricity numbers for case neck and bullet runout). “O” frame design helps you save space. This model has several features that help extend the life of the product. I still see some uses for this Lee Hand Press. The beauty of the LEE Hand Press is that it doesn’t need to be mounted to work. Although The High Road has attempted to provide accurate information on the forum, The High Road assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Loading with a press is easier, quieter, more reliable, and more flexible. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t durable. Thanks! I just hate buying inferior stuff and having to start over. Resizing magnum rifle cases with this thing should produce forearms Popeye would be jealous of. $12.00-Lee Dipper set. Is there any chance you will release your raw data, as a downloadable Excel file or copied into Google Sheets?

It’s interesting the Ogive is the whole surface forward of where you are measuring but for our purpose it is the same datum point used for the purpose. The Dillon Precision is considered one of the best progressive reloading press that exists. This is one of the most popular picks among beginners.

Additionally, the kit has 2 primers feed arms for both large and small primers.

Have you ever thought about how much do you spend on ammunition? When buying a reloading press for you this makes a crucial point, since the most expensive presses are usually the best ones. My hat is off for you by the fact you bring re-loaders up to another level by sharing information …keep up the good work. Since most of the process is automated, you can’t pay much attention to details. The space is scarce. In this article, I’ll compare fourteen different reloading presses. First and foremost, you must make sure that every case you are going to use is clean.
Especially with pistol cartridges such as .38spl or .357mag. The Lee Precision speeds up the process with a breech lock quick change tool. If you were to really look at what you bought though you would see it would be better to save up and get something that would last a lifetime. Would you be able to test some of the popular turret presses? You can see the quality of each piece of it.

Poll: What’s your number one reason for reloading? That brings me to my third and what I think is by far the best choice out there, and that’s the Lee Precision Breech Lock Hand Press. This kit and a set of Lee dies is everything you need to begin reloading. Lee Pro 1000 Load-Master Progressive Press Bullet Feed Kit .40 to .44 Caliber Lee Pro 1000 Load-Master Progressive Press Bullet ... Our Low Price $43.57 QuickView Load-Master Primer Explosion Shield Load-Master Primer Explosion Shield. If you intend to reload fewer rounds than that, it depends on your experience and your budget. Lower the lever so that case fits into the sizer die. I felt confident that it would last far longer than my interest in hand loading. I’m not really sure why anyone would go for that one.

Will the same dies work when you upgrade to a standard, bench mounted press?

There are many factors you should take into consideration before you decide on a specific reloading machine.

A test rod which snaps in place like a shellholder, and is clamped down with a knurled nut. I am going to a gun show soon. They even used volumetric powder measurement in little powder cups (on handles) so that you could easily throw a “standard” charge of a known powder for a rifle or pistol case. I think to get an accurate test you would need to do an average of 10 or so of each press. I would like to be able to sort the data differently for my own comparison.

Even though I generally like the press, one thing I’ve had a problem with is all the dang hammering involved.

My hands get tired after hand priming 200 cases for reloading with my RCBS primer. I perceive flex in your bench top when you cycle the presses. Then they must be chamfered to ensure it is smooth for bullet seating. A powder measure and Stainless steel pin tumbler allow me to work with clean easy… Read more ».

The press can load more than 500 rounds per hour.

I loved the whole test but I wished you had tested the Redding Ultramag. Interestingly, several owners of this product independently admitted; it is built to last a lifetime. In assembly, those tolerances stack in random combinations of good vs. better vs. worse. I’ve loaded a few hundred rounds with this press and have never had to press very hard, even when crimping. It is a very interesting subject.

Let’s get started!

Best average concentricity. Single stage models are slow, but they are more economical than turret presses. Thanks Gavin you have gone to a lot of work.

Use load data at your own risk. For many people, it is one of the simplest single stage presses, but gets the job done correctly.

The frame has an “O” shape that is more durable than a standard “C” frame press. This heavy-duty turret press is great for the novice hand loaders. Lee Precision Inc. is a family-owned company that was established in 1958 by Richard Lee.

I didn’t like the idea of hammering in primers so I bought a Lee Auto-Prime as well. Something else to think of in these politically charged times when one wrong statement or proposed bill could send gun owners scrambling for ammunition whether they need it or not. Hence, the price and the products are perfect for those who are still getting their feet wet in manual reloading. The only drawback is that depending on the caliber, you need either a small set or large set of tongs. Also, this handle doubles as a wrench to carry out the removal of the turret easier. If you are looking for a low-cost reloading press, you should go for a single stage press. When you get to see this type of press kit, you might think it cannot get the job done.

The lower priced presses are basically flimsy junk that seem to work semi well.

The only negative comment on the turret we wanna make is that the paint comes off after a few months. My hope is that Redding would update the press with an ambidextrous press handle.

I cannot imagine the work that went into this. Scoop weights can vary 2 or more grains per dip, filled to the top and… Read more », Admittedly, I’ve only been reloading ammunition for only 20 years, but I have never used anything but the Lee hand press, and I do like to shoot! Scoops and electronic scales for charging. Due to this, only experienced users may find this press efficient and reliable.

The shooter provides all the work of the press in the form of a hammer that isn’t included.

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