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What need to strive with a life awry?Had I said that, had I done this,So might I gain, so might I miss.Might she have loved me? There is no specific reference to anything equine. And then there is fate - no one can know what lies ahead, so best to live life and love in the here and now, hoping it can last forever. Roll the throttle back hard, full speed ahead. Now hea / ven and / she are / beyond / this ride. Santa Claus finishes the last ride he'll ever take.

This from the last stanza: And hea / ven just prove / that I / and she. The structure of this poem appears to be classical, that is, there is a balance to the lay-out, the order of ideas within the stanzas is straightforward - the man has accepted his fate within the first two lines - and follows this path of resignation to the end. VIII.And you, great sculptor---so, you gaveA score of years to Art, her slave,And that's your Venus, whence we turnTo yonder girl that fords the burn! The Poetry Handbook, John Lennard, OUP, 2005. These lines convey far more than a simple physical journey on horseback. if you saw some western cloudAll billowy-bosomed, over-bowedBy many benedictions---sun'sAnd moon's and evening-star's at once--- And so, you, looking and loving best,Conscious grew, your passion drewCloud, sunset, moonrise, star-shine too,Down on you, near and yet more near,Till flesh must fade for heaven was here!---Thus leant she and lingered---joy and fear! An original poem by patty thomas. It is formal in structure. III.Hush!

My soulSmoothed itself out, a long-cramped scrollFreshening and fluttering in the wind.Past hopes already lay behind. Their publications became very popular and their life as lover-poets was well known.

My mistress bent that brow of hers; Those deep dark eyes where pride demurs When pity would be softening through, Fixed me, a breathing-while or two, With life or death in the balance: right! In destiny your course is charted with your birth.You ride along the highway of life, taking the turnsthat you feel are meant to be.Some of the choices you make are positive, othersare not so thought out.But it is the thread that has made you the personthat stands before us today.As you continue to navigate the vast highway of life, you grow in many ways.The seeds you have planted will continue to grow, even as your journey has come to an abrupt end.So my friend, take solace in knowing the many seeds you have planted along your journey. Do poets know what is best in life?

the subtle change in metrics with lines 10 and 11. the syntax, which needs careful negotiation. Experiencing love far outweighs the rewards of war and work. what atones?They scratch his name on the Abbey-stones. So how come there is not one mention of an actual horse in this poem? Copyright 1999 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 1. Listen, my children, and you shall hear. © Poems are the property of their respective owners.

I have been on some poetry sites in the past and learned some things. My mistress bent that brow of hers, Those deep dark eyes where pride demurs: When pity would be softening through, Fix’d me a breathing-while or two: 15: With life or death in the balance: right! You acquiesce, and shall I repine?What, man of music, you grown greyWith notes and nothing else to say,Is this your sole praise from a friend,``Greatly his opera's strains intend,``Put in music we know how fashions end!'' By land or sea from the town to-night, Hang a lantern aloft in the belfry-arch.

The spondee (stress on Ride, ride) in the last line emphasises the stress placed on this final journey. This distant coupling reflects the relationship: together but apart. All of his love has come to nothing. His poems are published online and in print. Little use thinking about what could have been.

My riding is better, by their leave. I hoped she would love me; here we ride. The all important fifth line often rounds off the previous four, and forms a question or part conclusion. 5. Joined Thu 03/08/07 Posts: 75: Fri 03/16/07 09:50 AM. Try and test!I sink back shuddering from the quest. In a letter of 1858 Elizabeth wrote to one Isa Blagden following their pleasant journey from Florence to Paris 'I was nearly sorry to arrive, & Robert suggested the facility of travelling on for ever so.'.
The blood replenish’d me again; My last thought was at least not vain: I and my mistress, side by side To help put his plight into context he thinks about art and work and how men strive for some kind of perfection, never quite attaining the heights. Thus lay she a moment on my breast. The use of dashes here and there, together with more formal punctuation, help keep the syntax challenging. Whilst tetrameter prevails, reflecting steady rhythm, these variations show the rhythm changing from time to time near the end of the stanza. Robert Browning’ s “Last Ride Together” is a monologue of a rejected lover that expresses his undying love for his beloved. Browning explored the relationship between men and women, the tensions within their love lives being a particular speciality. In the end the speaker wishes for the journey to never end, to carry on in some eternal instant.

The Last Ride Together is an obviously suggestive title for the modern reader, conscious of Freudian psychology, but was not back in Victorian times. This is a monologue based on wishful thinking, the man clearly disappointed within, yet ecstatic at the thought of this one last journey together. The wind rustling your hair, a smile on your lips, and peace in your heart.Roll the throttle back hard, full speed ahead. Very nice Browning. 7. Anticipation, life and death outcome awaiting her decision. Who remembers that famous day and year.

I gave my youth; but we ride, in fine. This poem has not been translated into any other language yet. Will continue to take form, as your legacy lives on.So take your final ride. Ride, ride / together, / for ev / er ride? For Victorian readers this was cutting edge romantic material - how could a rejected lover carry on so, and be such a complicated soul?

My name is Chuck and my writer's name is Carlos. Had fateProposed bliss here should sublimateMy being---had I signed the bond---Still one must lead some life beyond, Have a bliss to die with, dim-descried. The Final Ride Poem by Donna D. Foreman - Poem Hunter. (Motorcycle poem) Westernbiker. The Last Ride Together is one of Robert Browning's most notable dramatic monologues. Some of my poems will touch in a way you don't like but that's life. 'Tis something, nay 'tis much: but then,Have you yourself what's best for men?Are you---poor, sick, old ere your time---Nearer one whit your own sublimeThan we who never have turned a rhyme? And here we are riding, she and I. V.Fail I alone, in words and deeds?Why, all men strive and who succeeds?We rode; it seemed my spirit flew,Saw other regions, cities new, As the world rushed by on either side. X.And yet---she has not spoke so long!What if heaven be that, fair and strongAt life's best, with our eyes upturnedWhither life's flower is first discerned, We, fixed so, ever should so abide?What if we still ride on, we twoWith life for ever old yet new,Changed not in kind but in degree,The instant made eternity,---And heaven just prove that I and she Ride, ride together, for ever ride? Your leave for one more last ride with me. Whilst helping to bond and bind certain sections of the poem, both rhyme and rhythm reflect a complex mindset - the man is torn between accepting his fate as a failed lover, yet wishes for that eternal moment of continuous union with her. Farewell my friend hope to see you in the future, as I take my final ride one day. It focuses on the wishes of a man for a last ride together with his lover and this journey is both passionate and evocative. Live love. Although the majority of the poem is in first person mode, starting with I said, watch out for subtle changes as the stanzas progress. I.I said---Then, dearest, since 'tis so,Since now at length my fate I know,Since nothing all my love avails,Since all, my life seemed meant for, fails, Since this was written and needs must be---My whole heart rises up to blessYour name in pride and thankfulness!Take back the hope you gave,---I claim---Only a memory of the same,---And this beside, if you will not blame, Your leave for one more last ride with me.

He says that he now knows his feelings are not replicated by his beloved. The blood replenished me again; My last thought was at least not vain: I and my mistress, side by side Full rhyme brings a familiar closure to most lines but the sequence is a rare one, starting with two couplets and finishing with three rhymes in a row concluded by the last, which rhymes with the fifth. The title apparently gives out the notion that this is their last ride together. This is a journey that takes place in heart and mind. Each stanza has its own character but watch out in particular for stanzas II, VII and VIII, which require extra work with rhythm and meaning.

IV.Then we began to ride. Browning taps into the mindset of the modern man. 6.

the mysterious rhyming fifth and eleventh lines in each stanza. The nearest we get to the idea of people out riding is in the fifth stanza: Whilst the lay out of the poem and its neo-classical look might suggest nothing more than a couple out riding on horses, side by side, in steady rhythmic riding, the temptation is to treat the whole work as a metaphor for blissful, timeless, sexual union.

Andrew has a keen interest in all aspects of poetry and writes extensively on the subject. Whilst the rhyme scheme suggests familiarity and interrupted reflection (the 5th and 11th rhyming lines), the dominant iambic tetrameter reveals a calm and regular rhythm to the poem. All the end rhymes are full except for sun's/once and wind/behind. So take your final ride. Nevertheless, what the speaker signifies is that he has lived all his life in this ride, with the all-sufficing splendor of love. Sing, riding's a joy!

It is said of him: '..he dramatised every kind of love from the spiritual to the was for him the crisis and test of a man's life.' Accepts failure, love's labours lost. II.My mistress bent that brow of hers;Those deep dark eyes where pride demursWhen pity would be softening through,Fixed me, a breathing-while or two, With life or death in the balance: right!The blood replenished me again;My last thought was at least not vain:I and my mistress, side by sideShall be together, breathe and ride,So, one day more am I deified.
2. The wind rustling your hair, a smile on your lips, and peace in your heart. Your leave for one more last ride with me. We ride and I see her bosom heave. (Robert Lynd). I like to keep it simple and easy to understand but I like to touch you also. This is a demanding poem to read because of: And note the use of enjambment - when a line has no punctuation at the end and flows into the next - which together with the iambic tetrameter, help keep the poem moving forward whilst the odd line with an extra beat, a ninth syllable, remind the reader that this is no clockwork relationship, but is in flux. On life's final ride. This foot once planted on the goal,This glory-garland round my soul,Could I descry such?

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