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A few locals stationed along the canal between Peña Blanca and the lake also rent rowboats for a nominal fee (usually around US$2) for tourists to paddle out onto the lake. If travelling between San Pedro and Tegucigalpa this destination is a great idea to break up the trip. 05 of 05.

The lake itself teems with bird life, best appreciated on a rowboat or kayak ride at dawn, and the nearby Pulhapanzak waterfall is only a 30 minute bus ride away; visit the cascade and climb behind the roaring water, zip-line in the surrounding forest, or just relax and take a dip in its cool waters. The Lake Yojoa region is one of the safest in Honduras, especially on the northwest side of the lake. Entrance costs 70 Lps (about $3 USD).

They will direct you to the onsite office where you can sign up for the next departure. Our first night at D&D, we got chatting with some other travelers who had gone to the waterfall that day. Large fish farms on the lake produce as many as 20 tons of harvested fish per day. It’s actually very easy to get to Lake Yojoa. Lake Yojoa is the largest lake in Honduras with a surface area of 79 square kilometers (30.50 mi²) and an average depth of 15 meters (50 ft).

We’d recommend wearing sturdy, waterproof shoes like Chacos, or you can rent a pair of water shoes for a small fee. We have updated our Privacy Policy It’s always a good idea to be prepared and aware of your surroundings, but we don’t think you should be overly concerned about visiting these destinations. Have you traveled to Honduras? A ride on a motorboat or sailboat can be arranged on the lake by contacting Honduyate.

Be sure to pack a lunch, lots of water and insect repellant. Read more about our coffee tour experience. If you have a bit more of a tight schedule and want to ride in style, take the Hedman Alas bus from La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa, or Copan Ruins. The main exportation species are: red tilapia, P. vannamei and L. stylirostris. I love fish, and was not disappointed at all. You'll need a headlamp and a helment as the cave gets deeper.

One of the best places to really get deep into the nature surrounding the area is to explore Cerro Azul Meambar. Direct hourly buses from San Pedro Sula pass through the village of Los Naranjos, and one daily bus runs from Tegucigalpa.

But with natural beauty, adventure activities and few crowds, it’s more than just a …

We stayed in Agua Azul, a small village around 9km away from the larger town Pena Blanca.

The tour costs 300 Lps per person ($12.50 USD) or 250 Lps if you show them your D&D wristband, which includes a guide, a life jacket and a helmet.

From San Pedro Sula, catch a direct hourly bus to the nearly village of Los Naranjos. The region is a popular tourist resort, with fishing and duck shooting on the lake and hunting in the surrounding hills.

Now, we’ve walked behind falls before, like when traveling in Iceland, but this is different. This is an all-day activity where you pass through 2 small villages, coffee plantations, and explore through jungle trails with a guide. Dining rooms and restaurants at Lake Yojoa. If the severely potholed road between the bustling town of Peña Blanca and the sleepy village of Los Naranjos is anything to go by, this truly is the road less traveled: enormous cracks in the pavement cause even the fear-free drivers of Honduras to slow down, and after rains, miniature lakes form in the tarmac.

Gather with new friends around a bonfire, play cards beneath fairy lights, and sample the beers that are brewed onsite. Lake Yojoa is also a popular place for sport fishing because of its size and the amount of fish species that live in it.

Nevertheless, many of these inhabitants earn their living from the sale of fish originating from the lake.

The Lake Yojoa volcanic field consists of Pleistocene to Holocene scoria cones, craters, and lava flows.

While the main highway between the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa and the second city of San Pedro Sula passes the lake’s eastern shore, no road leads to its western side, leaving it as a semi-wilderness teeming with rich bird and animal life. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. There are not many tour outfitters here, so nearly all visitors end up booking guides through D&D Brewery, but it’s also possible to do several excursions under your own steam.

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