kyle fanboy and chum chum cosplay

Like Fanboy and Chum Chum, Kyle can fly. After Kyle accidentally de-levitates into Lupe's lunch, he gets punched and challenges Fanboy to a wizard-off. This started the day Kyle first met him. I'm normally asleep at these hours." According to his magic show in "Present Not Accounted For", Kyle was going to summon a Minotaur and have it sing barbershop quartet, but in the completed episode, he summons a dragon to paint everyone's names in fire.,_Video_Games,_TV_Shows_and_Movies?oldid=41613.

He also seems to return his feelings to them and entertain them as shown in "Cold War" and "Lord of the Rings Beginning with the episode "Sigmund the Sorcerer", Kyle is usually much more friendly and less angry to them. He is also Fanboy and Chum Chum's archenemy. The main reason Kyle dislikes Fanboy is because he's dimwitted and can be crazy towards him, but Fanboy is unaware of this, and thus, his behavior continues to annoy him.

Kyle also has a big mind, and knows the name of every person he meets. Wizard World (former) Galaxy Hills (current).

He is a teenage wizard who is the arch-nemesis of Fanboy and Chum Chum. and uses it when ending his sentences with emphasis and strong feeling (", He usually doesn't sleep without his teddy bear, Admiral Fluffington. Kyle watches Fanboy's erasing spree and plans more revenge. He does the same to Kyle's spare wand. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As Kyle's trusted adviser, Scrivener Elf is Kyle's right-hand man on his adventures. For some reason, Kyle is usually the last or nearest to last person to be listed in the end credits, even if he plays a major role in an episode. Unfortunately, Kyle is extremely annoyed by Fanboy Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If I must perish, I can't think of two more deserving people to perish with me!" This later led to Fanboy pretending to be a wizard himself, and Kyle trying to show him the real thing. It's said that Kyle keeps his wand in a secret pouch in his cape on the back. Fanboy trying to convince Kyle to come on the field trip to the Dinosaur Museum. Trick. The aura he illuminates has glowed in four colors so far, amber, light rose, blue-gray and emerald, with light rose being the most common. In ". He is also a very good inventor. While on the field trip to the Dinosaur Museum, Kyle was Fanboy and Chum Chum's buddy and had to follow their rules.

He was locked in a stockade at Oz's jousting tournament. 10-4, Good Buddy?" Kyle is introduced in the first episode as the "most powerful pre-teen wizard on the planet".

Please tremble, and give it up for...Kyle, The Conjurer!" My favorite." It is unknown whether Fanboy still has the Eraser-er position or Kyle took it back after the episode was over ("Speed Eraser"). His catchphrase is "Zing!" As an error that occurs in the series, the eyebrows flicker from over to under, or under to over.

Or face the wrath...of KYLE, THE CONJURER!!!" One of his catchphrases is "Zing!" Here they are the characters from Fanboy and Chum Chum were cosplay into different characters from your favourite Books, Video Games, TV Shows, Cartoons and Movies. Like a chainsaw in "Lord of the Rings", an incantation book in "Tooth or Scare", and index cards for spells in "Wizboy".

As of now he wears a striped rugby shirt with red and yellow stripes, like the bib he wore as an infant. Although Kyle's relationship with Hank has been a little strained at first, he somewhat became Hank's star student. He's an insecure pre-teen wizard who loathes Fanboy and Chum Chum for their lack of intelligence, but he secretly yearns for their friendship and appears to be one of only two children with actual powers in the show; the other would be his archrival, Sigmund The Sorcerer. However, he can be heard singing clearly in ". His motto is "Like I'd give an elf", as said in ", He was expelled from Milkweed Academy for Wizards.

and uses it when ending his sentences with emphsis and strong feeling. by wizgirl3568.

Up until Sigmund was introduced, Kyle was the only human wizard. -, "There's no Trick Crumpets here.

You're just on the ceiling." 10/22/2020. Background information

In some episodes, Kyle does not use any magic at all, despite appearing in most of the plot.

Fanboy later turned into a caveman due to getting too much sun, and breaks Kyle's wand which is the ticket out. -Kyle[source], "Yes, officer, I grant you." Kyle also has a big mind, and knows the name of every person he meets.

This is what a mind that is centered and focused can do. -Fanboy[source], "Why would I want to spend any time at all with you snot-filled troll babies?" Kyle Bloodworth Thomason is a wizard character in Fanboy and Chum Chum, and the main antagonist of the show.

-, "Curse you, state champion javelin team!"

I can use my wand to save us!" His swimsuit consists of black swimming trunks with red linings, and black sandals. -, "They're not...really elves...or assistants. When Chum Chum showed Kyle pictures of his gum friend Yum Yum, he wished that Kyle had a friend made out of gum.

Kyle using magic on the game disk for Sigmund the Sorcerer's Wizard Challenge. Necronomicon is known to be Kyle's trusted spell book and adviser. Kyle Bloodworth Thomason is a wizard character in Fanboy and Chum Chum, and the main antagonist of the show.

Upon refusing to be part of their Buddy System, Kyle turns himself invisible which puts him in danger and leaves Fanboy and Chum Chum worried.

-, "Wait a minute. After scaring off everyone else with a tornado, he literally attaches the eraser to Fanboy's hand, meaning that whatever he will reach for will be erased.

He also is a great musician, and knows how to play every instrument.

When he blows through his teeth, his braces make a loud whistle sound (Lord of the Rings). He was voiced by Jamie Kennedy. As an only child, he was raised in fanciness, and attended Milkweed Acadamy. Sometimes he flies by himself, other times he flies on his handy broomstick, which was used in "Freeze Tag" and "Kids in the Hall". -, "Why didn't I think of it before? He summons the Fires of Ragnar and takes!" Necronomicon is a loyal helper. Dot til' you're dotty!" One depiction was in ".

There, he made friends including Sigmund, who later became his rival. "From beyond the veil of dispose, comes one who is versed in ways of sorcerery, traveler of the mystical realms of necromancy.

Although he never seems to be able to do this… When his avatar state is in action, his eyes go from normal to flat - nothing on them and all, and a dark green aura shines within him.

Kyle sometimes has his attention turned away from him when Hank starts to not listen to him. As Kyle's longtime rival since Milkweed Academy, Sigmund seems to be always showing Kyle up.

When they met with each other again, Kyle lies and tells Sigmund he is more skilled than him, and wound up revealing the truth. I'm in the chasm here! On the Who's Your Summer Camp Sidekick quiz on, it is revealed Kyle wad kicked out of wizard camp after a "tragic accident". has real powers. Also, Kyle was Hank's former "class eraser-er" before Fanboy took over ("Wizboy", "The Book Report of the Dead", "Speed Eraser", "Norse-ing Around").

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