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Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, he is considered easily controllable, and is manipulated by higher powers who were unseen players from the Holy War. View and download this 646x850 Ky Kiske image with 22 favorites, or browse the gallery. Ky and the latter fought alongside one another during the Crusades, with Kliff Undersn and Testament. Dizzy (wife)Sin Kiske (son)Justice (mother-in-law)Sol Badguy (father-in-law, allegedly)Robo-Ky (robotic copy)

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. In Vastedge, Ky is able to wield a lightning-charged gunblade. Manga Jan 1, 2020 - Explore jiangwei_19's board "Ky Kiske" on Pinterest. Ky vehemently refuses, declaring his love for her and shocking Paradigm.


The "HOPE" inscription on his belt is probably taken from a lyric in the Iron Maiden Song "Revelations": Ky appears as a guest character in Square Enix's upcoming game, Lord of Vermilion III.

Sol BadguyKliff UndersnJohnny SfondiLeo WhitefangElphelt Valentine His blue eyes were hazed over in ecstasy, body covered in a nice layer of sweat, blond bangs clinging to his face. He is a very charismatic young man who possesses a strong sense of justice and a devout religiosity, which sustain and guide him through all manner of shaking uncertainties. I wish it was an unlockable costume. Ky is a deeply religious man, the adjective describing both his devotion to God, as well as his commitment to the ideals of law, order, and honor. Birthday He lay under her panting and moaning at her every touch. Guilty Gear Xrd How to untie Ky's hair - 100% Works - YouTube It is not until.

your own Pins on Pinterest A frightened Sin told Sol to stop for Dizzy's sake, and Ky was moved to tears at his son's gesture. Sol—secretly a Gear—admitted he was afraid of Ky back then, but Ky's sense of honor prevents him from using war-time tactics in his duels. He's at least 21 years old in the first game and at least 26 in Overture.

In the novel Lightning the Argent, it is revealed that his ability to create lightning projectiles from his sword Thunderseal is extraordinarily difficult, as lightning is the most difficult magic to control, a testament to his mastery of the weapon. He wears a brown colored eye patch over his right eye, and a golden crucifix necklace around his neck.

She ran a hand through his long blond hair as he let out a beautiful sound.


Dizzy (wife)Sin Kiske (son)Justice (mother-in-law) That same year, Kliff recruited Sol Badguy into the Order.

Ky was to follow suit, but Kliff stopped him, leaving Ky with a score to be settled. Likes His hair has grown in the timeline of the series, to the point where he sports it as a ponytail in Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-. In REV 2's After Story A, Ky tells Sin, Elphelt and Ramlethal that they may have to move out of their estate once he makes public his marriage to Dizzy, but Elphelt shows them an article in which people praise Dizzy for her heroics in the latest battle.

Finally, Ky, Sin and Sol ambush Ariels while Jack-O' positions herself to fuse with Justice.
In Xrd, he returns to the Order's uniform, but much form-fitting than before. Collecting teacups En route to Zepp, Ky privately tells Sol not to run away from the truth, "tomorrow always comes", and that he, Dizzy and Sin will wait for him to come home. The significance of this is unknown, but in Xrd, he has a sigil in his left eye which is similar to a Gear's Mark.

Ky has made guest playable appearances in the following games. Hobbies Origin Ky Lets His Hair Down in these Guilty Gear Xrd Location Test Photos, Godfall Looks Like it Could be Coming to Xbox Series X in 2021, PS5 — Sony Details How to Transfer Data from PS4, Walmart Announces New Wave of PS5 Consoles Will be Up For Sale Throughout Release Day, Outriders Details Post-Campaign Content in Latest Broadcast, Destruction AllStars: PlayStation Details Its Game Modes, Guilty Gear Xrd – Revelator -to Include Updated Online Mode and More, Guilty Gear Xrd – Revelator – Gets a Surprisingly Timely EU Release Date, Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- Gets New Screenshots and Details, Former PlayStation Exclusive Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Coming to Steam on December 10th, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Coming to the West in Spring 2016, Sony Celebrates PlayStation Plus Anniversary in Japan with Free Guilty Gear and Cheap Subscription, New Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- Images Tease the Lovely Newcomer Fighter “Jack-O”, Arc System Works Unveils Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator-, © 2020 DualShockers, LLC.

They meet with President Gabriel and Zato-1, who reveals the Conclave wants to resurrect Justice.


Rival, Captain of the International Police ForceKing, Kliff UndersnJohnny SfondiLeo WhitefangElphelt Valentine, JusticeI-NoArielsValentineRamlethal ValentineJack-O' Valentine. Sin reflects that he will protect Ky because he is irreplaceable to Dizzy. Despite Daryl's intervention, Jack-O' and Justice are fused thanks to Axl Low and a weakened Ariels.

He looked amazing. KnightLaw officerMonarch

Five years passed, and Ky returned, ready to do battle.

Leo Whitefang is a major character in the Guilty Gear series. Ky Kiske (カイ=キスク, Kai Kisuku) is the chief of the International Police Force. He thus dons the Order's uniform for the first time in five years and decides to enter.

However, he has one big disadvantage: his damage output is unusually low; whereas most characters can hit 60% damage quite easily with little or no Tension, Ky has trouble breaking 30% even with his stronger attacks.

". They begin a search for Elphelt as the Information Flares start.

The Order was disbanded after the Holy War ended. It seems he can only maintain this state for short intervals. In 2187, Elphelt Valentine appears before Ky and warns him of her sister's future threat. Affiliation Sol asks Ky if Dizzy is safe, but Ky doesn't know what to say; Sin lashes out, calling him a "shitty king" who can't protect anything, and storms out. A year passed and due to the retirement of Kliff, 16-year-old Ky Kiske was recognized for his talent and named the new chief of the Sacred Order. For Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How to unlock Ky Kiske with hair down?

Canonically, Ky and Dizzy discuss the meaning of power, with Ky assuring Dizzy that there are humans who handle hers and lets Dizzy go as a mob closes in on them. Orphaned at a young age during the war, he met the then-commander of the Sacred Order, Kliff Undersn. Do-Gooder I'm falling!". You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest.

In his one Guilty Gear X Plus ending, Ky is pursued by a robotic copy of himself, the so-called Robo-Ky; in another ending, he manages to beat Sol in a duel. Takeshi Kusao, Ky's voice actor, is known for voicing heroic young men using swords, such as. Ky Kiske Ky Kiske is the eternal rival to Sol Badguy.

In Lightning the Argent, his ability to create lightning projectiles from his sword is said to be extremely hard, as lightning is the most difficult element to control. Ironically in Xrd, his left eye becomes red, with a Gear symbol inscribed on the iris. Ky says that evil has no place in their world, but she rejects that label. His outfit consists of a white jacket with blue and brownish trimming, and a white and blue undershirt connected by a strap.

Sol defeats Ariels and Elphelt is reunited with Ramlethal.

Sin's design also contains white gloves on each of his hands, white trousers with two golden loops hanging from ea… Born a slave and a weapon, she lived for her assigned role: she was created to kill, and so she did, for that is "justice". In Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus, Ky investigates a branch of the P.W.A.B.

The following chart uses the most recent, localized names from Λ Core Plus R, with the original/Japanese names placed below or alongside.

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Five years later, Ky entered the IPF. English I think.
Guilty Gear X Lightning the ArgentGuilty Gear X The Butterfly and Her Gale

He is a very charismatic young man who possesses a strong sense of justice and a devout religiosity, which sustain and guide him through all manner of shaking uncertainties.

In the downtime, Ky and Sol reflect on their past rivalry; Ky again insists that Sol has a future, and acknowledges Sol as a friend. It is revealed in Xrd that no matter the times he cuts his hair, it keeps growing at a rapid pace, thus leading to believe that he also has Gear cells like Dizzy and his son who both share the same trait. Guilty Gear Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. They fight side by side, but Ky soon lets Sin go help Sol, as he just wanted to see how much Sin had grown; Sin leaves, saying Ky doesn't need to be "formal" if he wants to act like a dad. Jul 5, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Galaga.


He wields a white sword known as the Thunderseal that he usually keeps sheathed to his left side. Family

The castle sieged by Gears, Ky and Paradigm stay to protect Dizzy while Sol and Izuna go rescue Sin.

In The Unseen Sign, Ky publicly announces—for Dizzy and Sin's sake—his wish for human-Gear coexistence in Illyria. Ky was initially conflicted by his appointment, but Ky has steadily become more confident and willing to defy conventions, being the "problem child" according to Leo. Ky Kiske is one of two leading characters alongside his eternal rival, Sol Badguy.

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