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Weapons became more practical, convenient and easy to use.

By the way, many people are interested in miniature firearms from the historical point of view, as it allows tracking the evolution of war’s tactics and technologies for centuries. Mini firearms makers can be divided into two main categories due to the technologies they use: manufacturers and craftsmen. The decoration of the handle is also made of unusual precious material: mammoth bone. Although all other parameters are equal (including the scale of 1:3), the cost is three times higher.

Especially if it is a small-scale copy: 1:4, 1:5 and so on. Such a thing can’t be mixed up with anything: experienced experts guess the manner of one or the other master even without picking up the product, just by photo. But if you just take the ruler and measure them, it will become obvious which one is the leader regarding miniatures. This round was the smallest one with a central ignition capsule and had a bullet shell. During assembly (the same actions in the reverse order), you should provide careful adjustment of the shutter and the frame. For instance, a copy of a threefold reduced Colt can cost $3500 or even more. Unlike the aforementioned, real mini firearms also replicate inner mechanism of originals and are produced from the same materials, with the same technologies. Many of the gun’s parts are technological, including the frame that is manufactured by stamping. Although, such a tiny models rarely repeat the mechanism with all accuracy. It made weapons more compact. The smaller the dimensions of the working gun – providing that it retains all its properties and is made at a high level – the more a buyer is willing to pay for it.

Some guns have the inscription «KREMSa \ D» instead of the inscription «KOLIBRI». In the late 19th and early 20th century, science and technology developed and actively improved. Even if you reconstruct an ancient musket or a flintlock pistol. Skip to main content. The story which you read above does not mean that there are no other similar arms of an even smaller size that can be charged and fire real bullets. And the person who has dedicated himself to this art, most likely, will not produce fakes, even if they are sold well.

The «Kolibri» pistol is most common in standard variant having a total length of 68 mm, height 46 mm, width 10 mm, length of barrel 32 mm, weight 70 grams without cartridges (data are presented according to the instructions for the gun). The outbreak of World War II stopped the pistol’s production, and only after its completion in the 20s, did it appear in the market again. Step right on up and see if you are up to the challenge. Make Offer - Jay Scott SEDGELEY (Kolibri) & Baby Imitation Pearl Pistol Grips Vintage Jay Scott Laminated Mahogany Pistol Grips 24A-Ruger Bearcat (NEW) $30.00 5d 12h They are evaluated by the principle of museum exhibits – especially if were made in the past centuries. Material is the second indicator. The flag type fuse is located on the right side of the frame and when the fuse is on, it blocks the trigger mechanism.

The shot of this miniature arms is powerful enough to pierce through a tin plate (for example, the side of a can). Then, extract the rear part from the frame (after unscrewing the fixing screws); extract parts of the trigger mechanism; detach a barrel unit. Its owners complained about the inconvenience connected with aiming and charging the magazine. There are markings on some arms details (on receivers, on shutters, on triggers) in the form of stamps that indicate the year of manufacture and serial number. Here is an example with the Swiss miniature “SwissMiniGun”: despite the fact that this copy of Colt Python revolver refers to serial products, its sale price starts at $6700, and the upper level can exceed $60 000.

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