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[119][122] Despite Knuckle being his senior, Killua also presided the strategic meeting before the invasion of the palace. [7] He can instantaneously dislodge his joints without seeming to suffer any drawback. Hunter X Hunter Cosplay costume .

[3] Thanks to Biscuit's training he has honed his skills in at least two Nen types other than his own, namely Enhancement and Conjuration. [161] Another inconvenience is that Killua is not aware of exactly how much electric aura he produces, which can result in him depleting his reserves unexpectedly.

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[121] The peak of Killua's Nen skills are two Nen abilities collectively referred to as Godspeed (神速カンムル Kanmuru), both of which use Killua's electric aura to vastly enhance his speed by allowing him to transcend the limits of his physical potential: Whirlwind makes his movements automatic, while Speed of Lightning allows him to remain in control his body.

It also features characters that are one of a kind. Killua Zoldyck is one of the few rookies who makes it to Zaban Tunnel.

[253], In one of Hunter × Hunter's card collections, the character is also alternatively named as "Kilua".[254]. [121] Killua is reluctant to use them in battle if he is unable to prevent the information from being leaked to other enemies, preferring to resort to his raw physical abilities and combat skills in order for his opponent to know as little about him as possible. Short hair includes hair that goes no more than a centimetre or two beyond the chin; anything longer is shoulder-length.

[15] Halfway up the stairs, Gon and Killua reach the front of the group, with Killua claiming that the reason is the slow pace.

Leorio berates him for using a skateboard in an endurance test, but Gon points out that Satotz only told them to follow him. Killua makes it to the Visca Forest Preserve, the site of the second trial, which the applicants reach five minutes before noon. Killua Zoldyck is the third child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck and the heir of the Zoldyck Family, until he runs away from home and becomes a Rookie Hunter.

[99] Biscuit was very impressed that he could create such a complex Nen ability at his age.

Killua Zoldyck was born as the middle child (aka the third child but sometimes confused for as the second child) to a killing family of the famous known assassins, the Zoldycks. Most of his clothes have a turtleneck. [22] He is extremely aware of his surroundings, as he managed to detect Meleoron's presence in spite of the latter specializing in erasing it. At the end of this stage, there are 42 applicants left, among whom is Killua.

[85], Silent Gaits (暗歩あんぽ Dark Step) Thanks to his training, Killua has learned how to walk[14] and run without making a sound.

In comparison to the norm, someone who is physically strong possesses superior, sometimes even unnatural, physical strength. The name of Killua's The Snake Awakens technique was changed to "Serpent Work" in the Viz English translation. While being really bored and tired of killing everyday, Killua unexpectedly rebelled against his own family. The Hunter x Hunter is again delayed but we are here to help you ease the pain with some awesome figures! If you can, please retag characters that have this tag with either free-form shapeshifting or fixed-form shapeshifting, as appropriate to each case, and then remove this tag from them.

He almost fails the trial,[20] but passes the amended phase when Chairman Netero intervenes. [146], Killua can bear very intense physical pain without his physical or mental abilities being impaired.An excellent example is provided by his confrontation with the Ortho Siblings, in which he had his body punctured by several darts and still managed to make calculations and prepare a strategy, even coming up with an idea for a new ability. [160], Killua is capable of wielding a great number of weapons proficiently as well as of turning any object into a lethal one. Killua is also known for having a sweet tooth; as he loves everything sweet and had spent almost 200 million Jenny on snacks when he was at the Heavens Arena.

Killua Zoldyck (キルア=ゾルディック) is the chosen heir of the Zoldyck Family until he runs away from home, and becomes a Rookie Hunter.

He demonstrated this ability by dislocating his shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers to free himself from Machi's strings.

He countered Sub's assault despite the latter having a superior output and his own hands being unusable.

[160] According to him, there is a sensible difference between his power in this state and with his normal mindset. Killua invites Gon to get in the front of the group, as he thinks it would get them away from Hisoka Morow, who would use the fog as cover to kill someone.

©2020 All Rights Reserved. [193] He performed Ten successfully on the first try with next to no instructions, a feat which Wing described as both "amazing" and "terrifying",[43] and learned Ren and Gyo in only one night.

Killua answers that he doesn't, only that he is interested in taking the exam because he it has been described as really tough, although for the time being, he finds it tedious and boring. [10] He could also tell at a glance that Machi and Nobunaga were way out of his and Gon's league, unlike Leorio and Gon himself. [12] He fell asleep (or pretended to) while his brother Milluki was whipping him, and did not react when the latter burned him with a cigar. [191], Killua was unscathed after being kicked in the belly by Imori. Killua is fairly lean at the start of the series, due to constant physical conditioning and torture training he received when he was young. Out of the main characters Killua is the only one with siblings. [153] He can form Ko in an instant, as shown when he used it to knock Gon out while the latter was going to fight Neferpitou. Acting is the work of an actor or actress, which is a person in theater, television, film, or any other storytelling medium who tells the story by portraying a character and, usually, speaking or singing the written text or play.

In the 2011 anime series Killua Zoldyck has light spiky silver hair, very pale skin and blue eyes. He has white hair, pale skin, two black thick eye brows and black eyes. [146], Killua's intelligence far exceeds that of any boy his age and is exceptional also for adults.

He also wears black shorts along with long socks, and sneakers. A clever or smart person is generally understood as having broad knowledge and the sharpness of mind required to put that knowledge to good use, especially when applying rational thought to long-reaching decisions, with the broad knowledge leaning more on the smart side and the sharp mind on the clever side.

Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Kirua, Killua, Zoldyck. 2 sept. 2020 - Découvrez le tableau "Killua Zoldick" de Eve Dreyer sur Pinterest. [141][198], Killua is capable of devising complex tactics as well as run accurate simulations and evaluate the success rate of each of them, even in the middle of a fight.

His favorite snack is chocolate, specifically Chocolate Balls. His training endowed him with near immunity to poison, high tolerance to electricity, great agility and physical strength, advanced armed and unarmed combat and stealth techniques, which he acquired at a very young age. He won Bopobo’s challenge by drenching him in liquor and setting it ablaze,[128] and killed multiple soldier Chimera Ants with the arms they wielded. [192], Killua was able to complete a long-distance run more than 80 kilometers long, and taking place on uneven terrains such as ascending stairs and a swamp,[17] and was the only non-user among the applicants not to exhibit the slightest sign of fatigue. He is knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics, and is endowed with prodigious intuition and analytical skills. This also had the effect of making his overall movements better, increasing his speed.

[216] This form of training also allowed him to develop electricity-oriented Nen techniques. He first displayed this ability when he drank five cans of Tonpa's juice during the Hunter Exam without experiencing any side effects, despite the beverage containing a laxative that, in that dose, should have completely dehydrated him.

Mickey, Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers,, The Official Hunter × Hunter Character and World Databook spelled Killua's full name as "Killua Zaoldyeck". [121], Killua tailed Nobunaga and Machi around a town with the two of them failing to spot him (although they clearly sensed his presence). An impressed Killua wants to try it, while Gon wants to try his skateboard. Killua had been trained as an assassin by his brother to be extremely cautious that he only engages in combat provided that victory is absolutely certain. [14] His potential extends to Nen as well, as noted by Wing and Bisky. Laughing, Killua comments he is weird for not knowing how he is.

Initially, Killua Zoldyck is introduced as a character who appears similar to Gon, but different at the same time; cheeky, cheerful, and full of mischievous ideas. This hair length is what one would typically, though not always, see on most males.

The examinees meet Gourmet Hunters and proctors Menchi and Buhara, who reveal the Second Phase entails cooking.

Score. [219], Killua can enter a state of heightened concentration in which he focuses fully on killing the enemy, preventing himself from hesitating. Advertising In the 1999 Nippon Animation anime adaptation, Killua's eye color is changed to green during the OVAs.

However, Menchi baffles the examinees when she requests they make sushi, as none of them knows what it is.

Conflicting with Killua's predisposal to kill is his unyielding loyalty to his friends and natural kindness.

A juvenile between the onset of puberty and maturity.

Killua especially struggles with these dueling ideologies during the latter half of the series, as he begins to encounter stronger opponents. Gon enquires why Killua wants to be a Hunter. Gekijouban Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge, Gekijouban Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission, Hunter x Hunter: Original Video Animation, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Showing great promise from birth, Killua has already mastered many killing techniques at a tender age, and is set to be one of the best assassins the family has ever produced. [citation needed].

Such ability is well beyond the realm of an ordinarily clever person, who instead applies a sharp mind to mundane levels of skill.

Short hair is hair from (but not including) bald, up to (but not including) shoulder-length hair.

He later on asks for four more cans, baffling Tonpa, but Killua reveals to him that he has built a resistance against poisons and would not be killed by them. [158] He was able to cut a massive tree in two and twist off the arms and head of another soldier Ant in the blink of an eye,[192] as well as to dispatch two more by inflicting two lethal wounds to each within a ridiculously short time frame. [192] In terms of defense, Killua takes full advantage of his agility to jump out of reach[11] or dodge the enemy's attacks[192] without losing his foothold. [8], Killua is extremely dexterous with his skateboard, performing acrobatic tricks with ease. His eyes change shape depending on the mood that he's in, narrowing and sharpening when he goes into assassin mode. May 29, 2020 - Explore Lorraine Ortiz's board "Killua Zoldyck", followed by 111 people on Pinterest. Preoccupied, Killua was losing to the Chimera Ant.

Injuring both his mother and his second brother, and he had ran away from home to take the Hunter Exam for fun.

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