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Lioness-headed consort of Shu, and that’s about all we know.

Ancient Egyptian men would sometimes wear his amulets for the ancient-Egytpain equivalent of date-night. A god of the earth, or literally was the earth, depending on the source. For most of his life he was just a deified version of the sun, and was considered an aspect (which means, in this case, something between part and version) of Ra. There’s another, more common telling where an already-existent Thoth merely takes the Set-semen-head-disc, but I went with the other version because I thought it was funnier. And since all human pharaohs are incarnations of Horus, they’re also both the rightful kings and totally better at it than anyone else anyway. Meet “The Hand of Atum,” but one of several innuendo-filled nicknames for Hathor.

Site built with Wordpress, Frumph's Comicpress theme and a lot of tweaking. I don’t think it’s totally clear how we got from there to an independently worshipped Mut, but by around 2000BCE it had happened. Inferior, maybe, but real enough. He is portrayed as a man with a scarab for his head. He’d mostly spend his days attacking the gods on Ra’s ship, and his nights getting hacked to pieces in the underworld. But here’s something interesting I found: when Egypt was ruled by Greek pharaohs in 250-30 BCE, Anubis was merged with Hermes to become HERMANUBIS. A god of primeval permanence and creativity – matter and form, basically, in their most pure sense.

Egyptian myths state that crawled out of a hole as a dung beetle (dung beetles are born in holes and crawl out when they are ready), which relates to him being the god of rebirth. And that’s it!

Wife of Amun and mother of all the other gods, according to folks in Thebes. Serket was a healer goddess who protected her devotees from poison. It has a poster of this, as well as updated versions of the Norse and Greek god family trees I did a while back. He was also associated with a certain kind of lettuce that has a distinctive white sap. Which probably explains why Akhenaten’s religion more or less died with him.

Ok, before you ask, Set’s head doesn’t look like an actual animal because Set has the head of, literally, the Set Animal, which is a sort of black-skinned, square-eared, curvy-snouted dog-thing that only appears in Egyptian mythology. Calendar of Events; Covenants & Minutes; Home Project Submission; Directory; Newsletter In ye olden days, the story went that Atum created himself, and then created the next generation of gods, either by spitting or by combining the “divine female creative principle” that dwelt within his hand with the divine male creative principle that dwelt exactly where you’d expect.

– and went through a lot of changes over their 3000+ year history. She represented the Egyptian ideal of femininity. She plays a major role in the Fall of Mankind, a story in which mankind rebells against Ra, and Ra sends Sekhmet to beat ‘em all up, except Sekhmet takes it too far and won’t stop killing everyone and rolling around in the oceans of blood she’s created. If you see a mummified cat in a museum, it probably has something to do with her. Nephthys was Seth’s wife, who turned against him around the time literally everyone else turned against him. More to come soon. They just paint a nondescript woman with her name on top.

But he didn’t last long, because his brother Set killed him, and dismembered him, and for good measure scattered his body across Egypt.

A ram-headed god of earth and water and craftsmanship, who (depending on the version you read) created humankind on a potters wheel. You may know him as Khepri, Khepra, Khepera or Khepre. You might notice that I drew Khonsu with a side-ponytail. He was born from a lotus flower, and is usually depicted with one on his head. The scarab beetle is a pervasive symbol in ancient Egyptian religion and was connected to Khepri, the god of the sun and rebirth. He was the patron god of Memphis, and created himself from nothing in the beginning of time, and then spoke the names of the other gods to create them. I might as well mention that this is the only pantheon I’ve heard of with stitched-together-zombie-sex. She was associated with royalty, childbirth, and motherhood, and, according to one book I read, was sometimes“depicted as a composite deity with outstretched wings, an erect phallus, and three heads — those of a vulture, a lion, and a human.”.

She’s usually depicted with lotus flowers in one hand and a snake in the other, and usually looks a lot less bashful than I’ve drawn her here. I should mention here that in general, ancient people were – well, I won’t say religiously tolerant, but there seems to have been a “more the merrier” feel to a lot of pantheons.

Sometimes she’s portrayed as judging the dead by weighing their hearts against a feather. Wise, magical, and exceptionally cunning, Isis was one of the most important goddesses in the whole pantheon. Family Tree of the Gods female gods male gods Bibliography Khepre. She was also associated with bows and arrows. Have you ever heard the word “ithyphallic?” I hadn’t ether.

Her name means “throne,” and she is frequently depicted with a symbol for a throne above her head. One night, while those are taking place, the two wind up sleeping together and Set sort of dominates Horus, but Horus catches the sperm in his hand and throws it away with the help of his magical mother Isis.

He hated the idea so much that he forced them apart, holding Geb down and Nut up, which is how we ended up with the air between the earth and the sky, and also how we ended up with so many fantastic paintings of this.

Ra sacrificed this aspect of himself to bind Apophis; turning him into millions of beetles.

He was depicted with a beetle for a head. The story goes that after his mom got pregnant with him (via zombie-Osiris), he was born and grew in secret while usurper uncle Set sat on the throne.

But that’s before a Pharaoh named Amenhotep IV, who was far too ambitious to settle for the paltry title of God-King. So, I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but for most of its history, ancient Egypt was actually two kingdoms, Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt, which were somewhat confusingly located in the south and north, respectively, because their names actually refer to their elevation – Lower Egypt was in the lowlands near the Mediterranean, while Upper Egypt was further inland. A hippo-goddess who, like the actual hippos she’s based on, is totally ferocious in protecting her young. So Ra orders thousands of jugs of beer be dyed red and dumped everywhere, and blood-guzzling Sekhmet gets so drunk that she can’t finish driving humanity extinct, the end.

He invented writing and mediated disputes. She was also the patron goddess of art and drunkenness.

Next, a disclaimer: this family tree isn’t, strictly speaking, historically accurate, because what we think of as The Egyptian Pantheon is really a whole bunch of similar-but-not-identical pantheons which were mostly based in individual cities – Thebes, Heliopolis, Memphis, etc. Name, Pseudonym, Homonym, and/or Honorary Title: Everything © Korwin Briggs. A goddess of divine law and justice.

He is often thought of as the rising sun being Ra's aspect at sunrise. He was the god who caused the yearly floods of the Nile, which was a way bigger deal than it might sound because it was downright essential to the agriculture of the region. Even though Khepri is said to have been self-created he has been placed in the family tree of Egyptian gods as Neith’s son, making him the brother of Ra, Atum, and Apep. It’s called the Sidelock of Youth, and denotes youth in ancient Egyptian art. He’s a god of male fertility who is almost always depicted with one hand in the air and the other around his, ahem, ithyphallus. He seems to have started as a minor figure who’d scare of demons, but over a few thousand years attained widespread veneration as a protector of homes and a god of fun things in general. Satet was one of several gods of the annual flooding of the Nile river, which was incredibly important for ancient Egyptian agriculture. Soon after, Set goes bragging that he’s done the “work of a man” on Horus, which Horus denies, so one of the gods calls for their semen, and Set’s answers from a swamp, and Horus’s answers from inside Set. Symbolism.

I swear that’s his actual hat.

God of the moon, and since calendars were based on the moon, he was also the god of writing, math, record-keeping, scribes, and scholars. The story takes place during the contests between Horus and Set over who should be pharaoh. You know, I think this is the first time I’ve ever read of a god disapproving of incest. Khepri was not depicted with any weapon or item of his own, and was not said to have had any special powers. I think Aten is totally fascinating.

I read somewhere that the pharaoh would use the thrusting power of Apis’s penis to ascend to the sky after death. Ptah is also the one who created humanity by scultping them at a potters’ wheel, although in some traditions Khnum did that instead.

You may know him as Khepri, Khepra, Khepera or Khepre.

A comic about mostly history, maybe science, and probably some other stuff, too. If this is sounding familiar, it’s because half the gods in this pantheon so far were the creators and/or heads of some city’s version of this pantheon.

Anubis is an awesome-looking god of embalming and mummification who was worshipped pretty widely before being gradually superseded in that role by Osiris. Where most deities in ancient Egypt were depicted young, beautiful, and sideways, Bes is pretty much always the front-view of a fat little naked man with a beard. Paintings of her are almost painfully boring.

There was a period way, way back when early Egyptians thought of baboons as their deceased ancestors, so Babi was associated with the afterlife.

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