kenmore elite refrigerator compressor failure

There was a recently settled LG compressor class action suit (Sept 17, 2020), however when I inquired if the Kenmore Elite would be included in the settlement, I was told "no". Initially tried to charge me for Parts and labor, had to politely remind him of the 5yr closed cooling / 10 yr compressor warranty.

This is a Kenmore Elite $2800 refrigerator.

Called sears again they said we will send sears tech wasn't given that option first call directly to Service Live for 340.00 pre authorization on credit card. If there is a sound, the circuit is closed. I tried to be direct with our expectations and am happy to share the threads with you if that would help. Fenique K. says she has taken over and is in charge of helping me but has done nothing of the sort. They were only given $500 toward a new refrigerator. Just like all the stories before, we have a Kenmore Elite (made by LG) model 795.51863.611, purchase in 5/2018 and now the compressor is bad. I am expected to pay almost half of the price paid for this refrigerator just to repair it this time. The warranty on the compressor is 10 years you would expect it to last at least that long. I requested her to recount these notes on my account, something other people had no problem doing. He diagnosed a bad circuit board and recommended replacement of board and HVC (high-voltage capacitor). And its hot due to *** air flow Humidity. Why does the control panel keep blinking on my Kenmore Elite refrigerator model 795.77544600? I have always bought Kenmore.. NO MORE! When the refrigerator is warm and the freezer is cold, check that the vents running from the freezer to the refrigerator are not blocked. Why Is Washing Machine Not Rinsing Soap Out? You open it and all that weight slides out and then you close it and all that weight slides in and bangs the door shut. Preferred solution: Since it transfers an electrical current, replacing it will require you to disconnect the fridge from the power unit. You bet it was not Kenmore or through Sears this time. The lawsuit needs to be directed at the party who created the warranty. Sears Protection Plan. Kenmore Elite Refrigerator (with LG linear compressor) Brand new in late 2015, compressor failed in September 2018.
Grandma's fridge could cool the whole basement if you forget and leave the door open. Your question was published, help is on its way! She never called back and we waited for service. I will never but anything from Sears ever again and I will be sure to tell anyone who listens what a piece of garbage the appliances are and how horrible Sears customer service is, they have been no help! I purchased this Elite Refrid. Bought Kenmore Elite refrigerator model 795.74023.411 on 1/8/2016 for $2599.99 on 6/4/2020 it stopped cooling. (5 yrs on sealed unites) ..worthless...went through countless people from countless countries on the phone trying to get a service person, I am now waiting my second 72 hr time period for someone to call me back! It should be noted that Kenmore had recalled a previous version of the Kenmore Elite (specifically the Kenmore Elite / LG Model 795.7205). I am simply asking for them to honor their own warranty. We had a local repair guy come by to assess. Seems like the right thing to do. Write a private message as Sears verified representative. To solve these problems, you can check the hose connection and ensure there are no kinks, but you may need to hire a plumber to increase your water pressure. It should be located where the cold air enters the refrigeration compartment.

Still not cooling. Don't expect any help from them. Pretty sure he knew what was wrong before he walked in the house. The sealed system is the cabinet through which the refrigeration lines run. I can only hope this time that Fenique K's bosses are reading this and reach out to resolve this issue. It is made by LG. What means NE error code on LG dishwasher? They are built to last and do a good job keeping your foods cool (or frozen). If you have the defrost thermostat in your hand, you’ll notice a set of numbers. It seems that she may have overstepped what she was allowed to offer. We are processing your message. I see other Kenmore similar model have a recall but not for our model that ahs exact same problem. As she lives in what would politely be called a "fixer upper," she is particularly interested in writing about DIY projects and repairs. I don't know why I thought going to MySEARS and posting would help. It should not be $500.00 in labor from a different local repair shop. Attempted to recoup from labor charges from Sears will no avail. He could not work on closed refrigerant system (didn't want to get a $10K fine for this) and we contacted Sears A/E. Our fridge has no wall on one side. That she was so upset by the way I had been treated, talked to and lied to that she was willing to make sure personally that things were corrected. The doors don't close themselves either like old fridges. It is unrepairable. Replacing it will require a professional to install a new compressor for you. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I would estimate you could get the work done for around $500.00. Not to mention if you leave both doors wide open while putting away groceries or taking out items. Sears says they will honor Warrant and provide Linear Compressor part but no labor or compensation for lost food. model# 106.74262402.

$119 of that was the "diagnostic" fee, which consisted of him sticking a temp gun in the fridge. The wires stress every time the door is opened and closed. An hour conversation with many apologies and promises have all disappeared. A faulty compressor means the refrigerator is not able to stay cold thus causing loss of food. Oddly enough, the freezer may stay cold even if the fan itself malfunctions or stops completely. THIS REP SAID FOOD IS NOT REIUMBURSED. Only positive is that because these compressors have been failing at such a high rate (tech mentioned that he had already replaced 7 in July) they are keeping them on the service truck. My other Kenmore is made by whirlpool and over 10 years old. Very simply, you have no warranty. Still ended up costing me $430 for labor, of that $119 was the "Diagnostic" fee, which consisted of him measuring the temp of the fridge. Q: In 2017, I bought a full set of kitchen appliances from Sears along with their protection agreement. My research team does its best to keep our contacts updated, but given Sears’ recent difficulties, there’s been a lot of turnover at the executive level. I was sure that Christine Riggle would have contacted me some time but Fenique K. assured me that she had spoken with her for long time about my case.

Same fridge. You’ll want to operate the control knob so the attached linkage moves freely. With this flap-like part broken, it will cut off airflow to a point where it’s severely restricted (or completely cut off). Same issue with Kenmore Elite Refrig/Freezer 795.71059 NOT lasting. A: Your Kenmore refrigerator should still work. SEARS SAID PREAUTHORIZE 340.00 ON YOUR CREDIT CARD THEN SERVICE LIVE WILL CONTACT YOU ABOUT THE TECH COMING OUT NEXT DAY BETWEEN 12P- 8P. I was told it was the sum motor and would be over $500 to fix. Sears is no longer the Gold Standard for anything! Sears/Kenmore continued the excuse while I waited 29 days for the part to be available. If the motor is working properly and the fan is moving, you are good to go. Next, verify the machine has not been set on demo mode, which stores use to keep the lights and display on without wasting electricity on cooling. The freezer is on the bottom. At no time were my emails insulting, foul or sarcastic. What does your original Owners manual say about the compressor warranty? This isn't right and I hoping they get sued big time. Bought Kenmore Elite refrigerator model 795.74023.411 on 1/8/2016 for $2599.99 on 6/4/2020 it stopped cooling. Bad design and bad company for not standing behind it. She was to take ownership of the case and declare the refrigerator not repairable. Sears refuses to honor warranty because we had someone else look at it first who told us the compressor is bad. This is my first time buying Kenmore and would never, never again. With hundreds of dollars of food in it, I went out and got me six large bags of ice and a chest to store the food, but by Tuesday all my food started to spoil and by Wednesday, I had to throw them out. Eventually was offered a discount on the repair that was already promised to be free of charge. Although Kenmore refrigerators are reasonably reliable, the products will have issues occasionally. Since air flow is what’s needed to keep everything nice and cool, a lack of it will obviously lead to increased temperatures and foods spoiling faster than expected. She had very little information but was quick to dispel the myth that I believed I had any kind of warranty. The responses from Sears have been sporadic at best. I will never buy Kenmore appliances again or anything through Sears. But appliances can break down. Some of the issues can be done by replacing the parts yourself. My other Kenmore is made by whirlpool and over 10 years old. on July 2018, stopped making ice and the compressor stopped working and the Kenmore Elite died with almost $400 food on Oct. 2020. If you provide your model number and date of purchase I will look it all up and see if I can find the original warranty. Has to order new board. I have a letter ready for the better business Bureau and everything is documented. When the refrigerator is not dispensing any ice, it could be because the doors are not closed properly, the dispenser chute is blocked, the dispenser display panel is locked or because there is no ice in the machine. If fixing these problems doesn't correct the issue, your icemaker could be broken and may require a professional repair. What could be causing these types of leaks? I just had Sears fix it … Your Kenmore Elite Refrigerator should last you a long time. I can only say that Fenique K had about 15 ways to tell me NO and not one of them was the same short of her repeated statement that I have no warranty. According to some past customers, the compressors would fail within the first ten years of use. That coupled with it being shoved deep behind the fridge there is about zero air flow. LG sears kenmore. You can find out more about Jill's experience and learn how to contact her through her website, Obviously, when Freon is successfully converted that’s when the refrigeration compartment will stay cool constantly. Christopher Elliott, King Features Syndicate, Inc. In this case, contact your local refrigeration expert near you and schedule an appointment. Sear tech be out 9/14/ month without a refrigerator. The cabinet cannot be unsealed to repair those lines. I spoke over several days via email but was not getting anywhere. There would be a solid ledge of ice on the bottom. The damper control (also known as the air diffuser, air damper, or baffle) is designed to control the amount of air that comes from the freezer and allows the refrigerator compartment to cool. A 2-3 week cycle. You may also want to check that the refrigerator is not too full as this blocks the air from circulating properly. NO SHOW STILL. Fenique K has the final word. Considering more then 80-90% of people have their fridge in a cubby with both sides covered this made good sense.

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