kcd pestilence bug

So I got the cure and gave it to the villagers and it said wait for the situation to progress, that was 3 days ago in game and I've already had the bandit heal and bring him to jail etc.

It’s weirdly tied to the Pestilence quest.

If you managed to save everyone, you will earn Plague doctor achievement, and Melichar will reward you with 300 - which you can accept or graciously decline. :) Point is, go back and talk to Melichor and the quest will update and finish.

Reboot your PC to fix it. Find the right diagnosis and the recipe for the cure in the books, Find out from Brother Nicodemus how things look in Merhojed, (Optional) Wait until Nicodemus finds the diagnosis of the ailment, Talk to Brother Nicodemus about the remedy. During the Weeds quest, it seems that no matter how well you remove the weeds, Brother Nicodemus is never satisfied, causing the quest to glitch.

that whole section of the game is just ♥♥♥♥♥♥.

No issue for me, with careful kiting and horse archery I net over over 1k in gear. Find Melichar and tell him that you suspect the cause of the pestilence is poisoned water. After pressing the button it will say something different when you look at her. However, every time on his way there, a group of 3 bandits and 3 cumans spawns on the wooded road north of the monastery. It doesn’t matter what dialogue you pick, the last option not to help her is the fastest and she will provide the information regardless. To help you out, let’s see how to work around Questions & Answers bug in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

If you’re playing on console and experiencing glitches or bugs with Ginger in a Pickle, it’s best to avoid the quest until patch 1.3 comes out. Maybe you pressed the button on her by accident when talking to Nicodemus, happens easily there.

It’s possible that you made the cure wrong. does successfully completing this quest effect reputation in the village of Merhojed? It is intertwined with the side quest Pestilence, as the citizens of Merhojed are suffering from a strange plague that impedes Henry's investigation. Start at the western side of the village, at the grocery, where Daniel is suffering delusions, convinced that Henry is his brother.

You can either wait to complete the quest until the bug is fixed or save before reporting back to Sir Hanush so you can use that save as a starting point in case you experience any problems.

I cured everyone and was pretty shocked when the quest ended with a dead Straw’s wife.

Thank you the guides they are very useful. You only need to make one potion. or affiliated Trademarks and protected by international copyright laws unless otherwise noted. Thistle: Put thistle (right shelf) directly in the cauldron (don’t use mortar), Thistle: Put a second thistle (right shelf) in the cauldron (don’t use mortar), Sandglass: After 1 turn, use Sandglass again with.

Pestilence Quest not finishing (spoilers).

Very complicated, but good quest. Once in the barn, interact with the captive to give him the Remedy. Advance time for 6 hours (just use the “Wait” function inside the barn). Last edited by dschuetz; Feb 17, 2018 @ 5:56am #1.

If the Questions and Answers cutscene won’t activate, most players have said reloading a previous save and attempting to do the quest again has helped fix this bug. He mistakes you for one of the bandits, and leaps up to defend his wife.

© Valve Corporation. but that made the questions and answers main quest break.

the symptom look like the pestilence but it was water poisoning i just wipe a village because i am an idiot Yeah, I was confused because 1. The weeds end up growing back before he’s finished rating your work. If you give him the wrong information, or are unable to read, it will make it harder for Brother Nicodemus to identify what is wrong with the people, and the delay will result in deaths.

3 of the 5 and yes it completed the objective to serve to potion to the sick. I think your best bet is to reload the autosave after informing Johanka and brewing the potion yourself. This is roughly halfway through the story, the next quest after having killed Runt. He claims the captured bandit is delirious from plague as well, and you will need to find a cure before you can get any sense out of him.

It begins once you enter the hall of the Upper Castle of Rattay, after the events of Baptism of Fire.

The Ginger in a Pickle bug was supposedly fixed with the release of patch 1.2.5 -- but it appears some players are still having issues with the quest being buggy. Nicodemus is also in the monastery, standing in the house behind Johanka.

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