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Behavioral mechanisms of coexistence in sympatric species of desert rodents, Distances moved by Stephens' kangaroo rat (, Territorial defense and advertisement by footdrumming in bannertail kangaroo rats (, Field observations of male competition and mating in Merriam's and bannertail kangaroo rats, Neighbor recognition in a solitary, desert rodent (, Territorial-defense interactions with neighbors and strangers in banner-tailed kangaroo rats, Mating strategies of a nocturnal, desert rodent (, Behavioural adaptations of desert rodents (Heteromyidae).

This is problematic because home-range size and overlap are responses to resource-limiting factors that are likely to fluctuate across seasons (Slobodchikoff and Schulz 1988).

Geographic distribution and population status of the giant kangaroo rats, Endangered and sensitive species of the San Joaquin Valley, California: their biology, management and conservation, Recovery of endangered kangaroo rats in the San Joaquin Valley, California, Transactions of Western Section Wildlife Society, Kernel methods for estimating the utilization distribution in home range studies. Movement into new precincts. Home ranges of males were significantly larger than home ranges of females during the breeding season (Mann-Whitney U = 0.05,n1 = 9, n2 = 8, P = 0.001). The research, which was done by a student-led team from UC Riverside, San Diego State University, and UC Davis, filmed encounters between the animals using high-speed cameras.

Further, the use of minimum convex polygons minimizes the sensitivity of our analyses to dependence of successive data points (Swihart and Slade 1985). Study animal.—The giant kangaroo rat (D. ingens) is a semifossorial, nocturnal rodent endemic to the arid grasslands of the San Joaquin Valley in California.

It is the largest of the kangaroo rats at about 15 centimeters in length.

In this habitat, active burrows are easily distinguished by tracks around burrow entrances and clipped grass (Jones 1988; Williams and Kilburn 1991). In many studies, information about spacing is limited because home ranges are documented in only 1 season (Behrends et al. Individual D. ingens maintained from 1 to 3 day burrows within their precinct. 1986a, 1986b; Jones 1993; Perri and Randall 1999; Schroder 1979). Using a 12-channel receiver (AVM Instrument Company, Colfax, California) and hand-held Yagi antenna, we located animals by moving slowly and quietly toward the signal until the animal was sighted or located underground. Males likely increased home-range sizes to overlap with multiple females and to enhance their opportunities for mating, perhaps by becoming familiar with neighboring females and monitoring those females for signs of receptivity.

Home ranges of male rodents frequently overlap those of females. When data were not normally distributed, even after a log transformation, we used nonparametric Mann-Whitney U-tests and Wilcoxon signed-ranks tests. Sherman Co., Tallahassee, Florida) were set in the field shortly before sunset. Estimated home-range sizes and percentages of total home-range overlap among 7 animals, resident within 25 m of the female that disappeared from the study site. Female D. ingens also have been shown to mate preferentially with neighboring males (Randall et al. = 19, P > 0.50) or between observed and 1,000 randomized nearest-neighbor locations (9.6 ± 0.2; t = 0.23, d.f.

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