k24z7 turbo kit

$329.00. Make sure it is plenty tight and wont leak, but don’t go crazy overtightening like mad. Reference the coolant fitting locations (in on the bottom and out on the opposite side top) using the supplied aluminum -6AN fittings and crush washers. KMOD Performance Custom Turbo Kits Available with a Precision Turbo, or a Garrett Turbo. The items you will need in addition to our turbokit are: 3″ exhaust, NGK ILKR8E6 stock number 1422 spark plugs, upgraded clutch/flywheel, injectors, fuel pump and HONDATA Flashpro + map sensor + obd1 IAT sensor. ... Click the button below to add the CT-Engineering SuperCharger Kit for 2012-2015 Civic Si - 9th gen K24Z7 to your wish list. For a performance application (especially a turbo one) we don’t want a heated TB – so we will repurpose these ports for the turbo. KMOD Turbo Kits +-DC5/Ep3/Em2 Turbo Kits; FG2/FA5 Turbo Kits; Fg2/Fa5 Sidewinder Turbo Kit; FG4/FB6 Turbo Kits; FG4/FB6 Sidewinder Turbo Kit; Eg/Ek K-Swap Turbo Kits; Stage 3 950whp Turbo Kit; Hot Side Turbo Kits; Turbo Kit Parts +-Build Your Turbo Kit; Turbos; Turbo Manifolds; Wastegates & Blow Off Valves; Intercoolers; Misc Turbo Kit Parts

2006 - 2008 8th Gen Honda Civic Si Stage 2 Turbo System, 2015+ WRX / Forester XT FA20DIT FA20 TGV Deletes, 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Big Turbo Upgrade Kit, 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Intercooler Upgrade Kit, 2017+ FK8 Civic Type-R 2.0T Intercooler Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit, 2017+ FK8 Civic Type-R Billet Intercooler Upgrade, 2018+ Accord 2.0T High Volume Intake System, 2017+ Civic Type-R FK8 High Volume Intake System, 2017+ FK8 Honda Civic Type-R Titanium Turbocharger Inlet Pipe Kit, 2017+ Civic Type-R FK8 Stage 1 Intake System, 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Plug 'N Play Flex Fuel Kit, 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Race Downpipe (V2) & Front Pipe Combo Upgrade, 2017+ FK8 Honda Civic Type-R Plug 'N Play Flex Fuel Kit, 2017+ Honda Civic Si 1.5T Cobra Cold Air Intake System, 2017+ Honda Civic Type-R FK8 Race Downpipe & Front Pipe Combo Upgrade, 2016+ Honda Civic Non-Si 1.5T Cobra Cold Air Intake System. Examine LCA compliance bushings for damage – especially if the car is extremely low. The 2012 Civic Si’s K24Z7 oil pan is more difficult to adapt to turbocharging than most Hondas because they moved the filter on top of where K-series turbo engines typically return their oil. Before taking the car apart, prepping the EFR turbo for installation ahead of time saves hours on the install process. The 12-15 Honda Civic Si PRL Motorsports Stage 2 Turbo Kit. Lastly, if you plan to use an electronic boost control (not required) you can plug the boost control solenoid in now. (Your first time is always the hardest, it gets easier from there!). Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Intercooler Upgrade Kit . Join us on Facebook and get up to date news about our product and offers. info@hardmotion.com, All prices are in USD. Now you’re almost ready to take the car apart and start attaching parts to the engine. At this point the entire turbokit is installed, and there should be no extra parts. This was a helpful thing from a service standpoint, but requires a little more work when installing a turbo. Step 5: prep chassis and subframe, remove extra tabs: When converting this car from NA to turbo, we have to make room for the turbo and intercooler pipes.
Measure the oil drain hose, cut it to length, attach it to the fittings, and use hose clamps to tighten. STEP 11: REINSTALL SUBFRAME/AXLES + INTERMEDIATE SHAFT/ bumper cover. Subscribe to the Full-Race newsletter for updates and special deals! This is different from other year Hondas which allowed it to be removed.

Having a second set of hands can help make this go quickly.

If everything looks good, its time to do some work! Step 4: Oil Feed

Take your time with this, consider starting this step a few nights before you plan to do the install since it will set the stage for everything else to come. Remove air cleaner box/intake and you can either leave the rubber snorkel thing in the fender or you can pull the fender to remove it. Be the first to review this product!

Make sure to use high temp anti-seize on all turbo hardware and the special high temp lock-washers included should remain as pairs – not be separated or lost. Step 2 (or optionally step 3): Drop Subframe, remove intake, exhaust and downpipe: In order to access the rear and bottom of the engine it will require similar work to doing a clutch install and also removing the downpipe/exhaust – BTW: now is a very good time to upgrade to an aftermarket 06-11 Civic Si clutch and flywheel.

Motor mounts will soon be available from quality aftermarket brands such as Hasport and others.

and possibly an in-between option we will attempt on our next install.
You can do three options ranging from cutting and tapping the pan to just plain lazy (ghetto-drain not recommend!) If no boost control is connected to the solenoid you will simply be running off wastegate pressure all the time.

We have several combo packages available. Orlando, FL USA In the case of the EFR we also have a wastegate, BOV, coolant/oil feed and drain fittings and boost control all integrated into the turbo – this reduces the amount of parts needed for the install and means we must clock it into position for perfect fitment- prior to attaching the turbocharger to the manifold. Step 1a: Clock turbo, install fittings: Identically duplicate this turbo clocking position shown below. HARDmotion

$4,650.00. Also – unplug all 4 fuel injectors at this point.

Be careful not to confuse which cylinder corresponds to each injector plug. Step 1c: preparing Vacuum Hoses for BOV and boost control: Insert the supplied 3/16″ vacuum hose on the BOV, and use a zip tie to keep it in place. http://www.hondata.com/flashpro_2012si_acura_ilx.html, http://www.hondata.com/help/flashpro/index.html?afm_removal.htm, Rotate battery and fabricate tray (Full-Race stock-location rotated battery tray coming soon!!

The CT-Engineering SuperCharger for the 9th Generation 2012-2015 Honda Civic Si 2.4L.

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