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True Life

World Series of Poker runner-up Jesse Sylvia and New York State Lottery winner Rob experience the joys and unexpected trials that come with their newfound wealth. Katelynn tries to achieve independence while providing support for her mother, and Zoe attempts to cope with the emotional scars of her father's substance use disorder.

Ex On The Beach: Peak of Love Heats Up New Zealand.

The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Three young people adhere to rigid diets: Spring eats only raw food, Andrew thinks "unsafe" foods will give him cancer, and Lauren limits herself to just 15 foods. You'll meet three young people trying to balance the thrill of newfound freedom with sobering responsibilities of adulthood.

Ex On The Beach: Peak of Love takes the relations**t show to new heights by bringing the guests (and their wildcard exes) to a chalet down under. Three young women are fed up with being judged unfairly by friends and family based solely on their dating lives and how they dress.

Pamela believes plastic surgery will "cure" her body dysmorphic disorder, and Mandie's self-perception threatens to derail her upcoming wedding. Lauren is a mother of one who's already pregnant again with identical twins, while the father of Diane's unborn babies has a warrant out for his arrest. Julie is a shop-o-holic who lives off of her parents credit cards but wants to make her own way in the fashion industry.

Suffering from neurofibromatosis, Bekha considers a risky surgery, Amber seeks her father's advice, and Philip, despite a troubling medical update, wants to have fun. Rebecca aims to enter a fitness competition, Ryan wants to put on muscle as a jockey, and Kevin tries to become a Professional Heavyweight Strongman.

If the surrogacy is not successful then we would be looking to ultimately adopt two children. MTV follows eight teens living in Laguna Beach nearing the end of high school and beginning the next chapter of their lives. Whether it's something as simple as broken plumbing or -- in this hopeful case -- our bun in her oven, we'll be writing about it in our blog. We would take any of those possibilities. The girlfriend of a prominent polyamory activist and a group of young men navigate life with multiple partners, right down to sleeping arrangements. Jenna and Deborah are both pregnant and struggling to maintain a connection with the fathers of their children as their due dates approach.

Rebekah wants a boyfriend who will accept her profession, Aaron faces his family's judgement, and Shawntelle worries that monogamy will hamper her career. Twins, triplets, whatever! These victims were young, the crimes against them were shocking ... See full summary », This reality television show features all different types of addictions (drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, etc) and real people living with them on a day to day basis.

Two young men want to exert their independence but are being held back by their overbearing mothers, who pick out everything from their clothes to their careers. Three young people live with diabetes: Kristyn moves back home because of her medical costs, Matt's partying affects his blood sugar, and mom-to-be Jen is newly diagnosed. Frankie & Dana are gay best friends from Ohio who have no money, no jobs, and no plan but have a big dream for a better life. Discover what to watch this November including a Marvel docu-series, a '90s reboot, and a Star Wars holiday celebration. Three young people struggle with caffeine addiction and their health: Leandra had a seizure, Adam's heart almost gave out, and Crystal could be endangering her unborn baby. Amybeth uses weed to control her severe panic attacks, Amere deals to support his eight-blunt-a-day habit, and Troy faces possible jail time for selling to an undercover cop. Three young people take their fandom to another level, whether they're obsessed with the Power Rangers, "World of Warcraft" or horror movies. Ashes feels pressured to find a legal job, Chris moves to California to get into the marijuana business, and Gemma and Pa's personal relationship threatens to ruin their medical marijuana company. Candace and Chris update us on their progress with starting a family since, "True Life: I'm Desperate To Have A Baby" finished filming. Just like we have with every challenge we've faced, we will continue to share our story and try to help other couples that are going through the same issues.

This exploration of the intersection of sex and technology is told through the stories of the people whose lives are defined by ... See full summary ». Three different people weigh the pros and cons of being celibate: Troy feels bound by religion, Carlos is wary of STDs, and Kristen has become disillusioned by sex.

A man seeking removal of his silicone horns and a woman desiring a Brazilian butt lift push the limits of plastic surgery with their drastic requests. Two young men get ready for the apocalypse: One prepares his family to survive a military takeover, while the other plans for a more spiritual transformation. A medicinal marijuana-loving mother and a father with a weed radio show must balance their passion for the drug with the rules of their smoke-free kids.

Julie is a shop-o-holic who lives off of her parents credit cards but wants to make her own way in the fashion industry.

True Life: Josh And Candace I'm in An Interracial Relationship. Amber, Cory and Kelly use crash diets to help prepare for upcoming life events, but they must figure out if this is the best (or healthiest) way to achieve their body goals. Three young people living with autism connect with peers and express themselves through music and comedy.

Sharonda is pressured by loved ones to lose weight, Mikey is tired of being a sexual fetish, and Roxie struggles with her insecurities while starting a body positivity group.

Adam learns how to participate in his own life after losing everything to his opiate addiction, and Dustin almost lets an abusive relationship get in the way of his recovery. Julie's worsening cataplexy makes living a normal life increasingly difficult, and Katy's overreliance on medicine to manage her narcolepsy creates tension with her boyfriend. Three self-proclaimed cyborg biohackers attempt their own bold new medical procedures to insert technology into their bodies. From fights to hookups to breakdowns, everything is bigger in St. Petersburg, FL, on Floribama Shore Season 3. Two rebellious teens -- Kyle and Spencer -- are being sent away to strict, physically grueling programs aimed at correcting their defiant behavior.

Ryan, Olivia and Chloe are living with heroin addictions and must try to get clean before their substance use consumes their lives. Rachel and Steven are having a baby, but her parents can't accept the fact that their grandchild is going to look different than them.

True Life Goes On: Where Are Your Favorites Now?

College baseball player Derec has serious issues with the look of his rear end and is hoping to make a change. Alisha was raised on fast food and now binge-eats to the point of sickness, and Jennifer turns to eating as a way to cope with stress.

Three young people risk upsetting their loved ones by leaving their families' faiths behind to pursue enlightenment through other religious practices. Mandi aims to gain 100 pounds, and Betty tries to get her fetish website off the ground in a new city. ©2020 Viacom International Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Daniella considers transitioning to her birth sex, and Amanda, who has been taking testosterone for a year, tries to understand what her gender identity really is. Cortney tries to get her event-planning website off the ground, and Howard's power-washing business hits snags when his friend and partner starts to flake. Adult film actress Michele a.k.a. Nicole and George experience trust issues due to George's online flirting, and Devin needs to disconnect from his cell phone if he wants to hold on to his girlfriend Susie. Karen tries to make things work with her rowdy, party-loving boyfriend, and Amber is put off by her boyfriend's drag persona. Rocky struggles with his self-esteem after the surgery he had to remove excess skin from a lap-band procedure doesn't have the effect he'd hoped for. I don't know why you with that white boy... he can't hit it right-Random Hater. Mostly, know you have a choice in how you live each day through this. Potential jail time threatens Coltyn's effort to establish a relationship with his son, and Charlie worries the results of a paternity test could end his current relationship.

Cassox experiments with "smart drugs" (nootropics) that he claims will boost memory in humans, and Topher studies to become a member of an elite intelligence society. Created by Aaron Saidman.

For two couples struggling to make long-distance love work, absence does not always make the heart grow fonder. Was this review helpful to you? The Theriot Family: The Riot in the Bayou Part 2. Two young people are stuck in toxic relationships: Samantha's mom thinks her boyfriend is a bad influence, and Brandon's family can't stand his girlfriend's volatility. Full Ep.


Dana bounces between rehab and regression, and Evan's addiction threatens everything that matters to him.

And we choose to laugh while fighting. While filming themselves for 30 days, Robert and Sophia face internet fame, Victoria and Kenny decide if they should live together or not, and Codi and Duvonna are at odds.

Chris and I have never seen a positive pregnancy test, so it is hard to imagine what impending parenthood will actually be like. GG learns how far she's willing to go to advance her career, Steve thinks he's found the right cougar, and Olivia's ex-boyfriend complicates things with her new sugar daddy.

Dakota, a woman with a beard, and Curtis, a man with vitiligo, stand up to the world's restrictive beauty standards through mentorship and performance.

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