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But the horses are too sick to bet on and a map is not the territory. And like poetry, which sometimes implies what can't be literally described, Mason manages to suggest a story of experience in these pages that are mystical and memorable at the same time." 29/06 – Poetry Show, London, TBA Yet, for as much controversy as they’ve gotten themselves in, their core fanbase has held strong nonetheless and the project can be considered a success.

Jordan and Julian. Jordaan Mason's debut novel, The Skin Team, is a story of mesmerized violence and the shape shifting between love and sex and the singing that happens when the power goes out. Have an event you’d like to plug? Where before it was excusable as the points in question were usually surrounded by ever-changing portions, here they meander for greater distances. Since the release of Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head in 2009, Jordaan Mason has been faced with a dilemma: how do you follow up one of the most polarized, yet critically acclaimed albums that nobody has ever heard of? OH! 03/07 – Power Lunches, London, UK They live in Toronto with their husband and their cats. Event. 14/07 – Fährstraße 115, Hamburg, DE

French Country Fridays – a Weekly Dose of French Inspiration . 30/06 – Roll For The Soul, Bristol, UK Animal Behaviour & Welfare in the Mason Lab. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Archive. — Drew Kalbach at Actuary Lit, "There is certainly a sense of the Lynchian, as well as the novels of Dennis Cooper, carried in sentences that together feel close to the same long slow gravity you might have felt exploring a strange relative’s house as a child, expecting on any wall to find a button that would open up into a larger, hidden room." Not bad at all. Decorating & Design 8. Diane released her seventh album, Boneset, through Important Records on March 4, 2014a mobius strip seeded with birds, death, wealth and poverty, boldness and heart. HER MASTERY OF HER VOICE AS AN ECSTATIC INSTRUMENT IS SO COMPELLING. read more.

There's been a fire at the Power Company Building. or just know about one you think others should know about, Events listed here are likely rescheduled or canceled and new submissions will not be approved. This is an old review I wrote that I never got a chance to publish. That take has some downsides; not all of the longer passages work the way that “decline” does, a problem carried over from previous albums, and certain notes and parts are carried on far too long. Book. Going electric? Same strengths, same flaws, just shown through a different aesthetic. Jordan and Kesley's Wedding. This kind of pacing isn’t completely unheard of for Mason, as they played with similar ideas in Mantra Songs but to more of a bedroom-musician effect than the flesh-and-piss orchestra they’re currently constructing. A sickness is shared between a girl and a boy and a boy and a river. He wrote and directed his debut short film I'm Really Scared When I Kill In My Dreams Two People Films and released his first novel The Skin Team Magic Helicopter in 2013. Nope, this is Jordaan Mason Goes Electric. Follow Us.

01/07 – Ducie Bridge, Manchester, UK

Bands, Businesses, Restaurants, Brands and Celebrities can create Pages in order to connect with their fans and customers on Facebook. Adding an event to our listings is free and only takes seconds. It’s not a fatal flaw of decline, but like many things of this album, it’s to taste. submit it and we’ll add it to the calendar. In these ways, each short passage often works as its own prose poem. JORDAAN MASON is a Toronto-based musician, writer, and filmmaker.

SHARON VAN ETTEN, FLORENCE WELCH of FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE, and LAURA MARLING have all cited Dianes work as influential. Jordaan Mason Joyce Manor Kacey Musgraves Kanye West Kiesza Mineral Moss Icon Mount Eerie ... Blog. Teams of boys in the woods get lost and forget their colors. Photography Videography. But it illustrates another point, despite the seemingly gigantic change: this is still a Jordaan Mason album. It’s no Kim Kardashian private island, but we’re trying our best to make home pandemic-hospitable. Being the premiere Canadian unknown queer indie icon that they are, some have seen it as aggressive, owing largely to faith in crowdfunding dwindling, and consequently the same for artists funded thereof, with further allegations lodged of viral marketing. Jordaan Mason is a filmmaker, musician, and writer. JORDAAN MASON is a Toronto-based musician, writer, and filmmaker. About FTMB . Shopping & Retail. 09/07 – FLUC, Vienna, AT In hindsight, it’s a pretty logical, if startling shift, and they do their best to ease you into it. Athlete.
She recorded and self-produced six albums that went on to receive international distribution and acclaim. Learn More: Facebook Bandcamp Twitter Soundcloud, Tour Dates

His music and performances have been called iconoclastic. 02/07 – JT Soar, Nottingham, UK Then came the Indiegogo for the deliciously on-point the decline of stupid fucking western civilization, yet another perilous chapter that drew equal satisfaction that the stream of the album would remain free and ire that the campaign was all-or-nothing (if a certain goal was not met before a specified date, there would simply be no physical copies). — Jeremy Behreandt at Heavy Feather Review. So now it’s here, finally, after all that wait and all the contention, it has arrived. Still, it’s been 6 years without a follow-up full-length, and as the legacy of Divorce Lawyers grew, largely through word-of-mouth, so too did growing desire for a true sequel. In hindsight, it’s a pretty logical, if startling shift, and they do their best to ease you into it. Personal Blog.

10/07 – 12/07 – Creepy TeePee, Kutna Hora, CZ — Dennis Cooper, "The Skin Team is a novel for poets, to be read as much for the language as for the plot, to be untangled."

It’s an overture of sorts, and between that and the common themes of disease, sex, and, of course, horses laced in all their work the system shock isn’t too bad. This is intended to make the punch thereafter more potent, but instead it sucks the energy from a lot of the work (see: the fake-out crescendo and what follows in “of Hospitals”). A compass recovered from the stomach, pointing to True North. Oh!

Their writing has appeared in UNSAID, The Scrambler, Everyday Genius, NOÖ Journal, and red lightbulbs. Home. His songs are … This novel is something very rare, and it's about as beautiful as fiction can ever be." • BIO • Nonprofit Organization.

His music and performances have been called iconoclastic. Jordan and Kenneth beat . ALERT: Please be advised that due to COVID-19 the events section is not currently being maintained.

I will tell you. A dvertise on FTMB. Jordan and Kerry Katona. It’s an undeniably good flavor, doused in just the right amount of political acumen, and for some it will be satisfying, but one can’t help but think: is this all we waited for? What has our folk hero done this time around, gone the way of The Books and made a hodgepodge of indietronica? A vomit of lightbulbs. 07/07 – House Show, Freiburg, DE — Blake Butler at VICE, "Like William T. Vollmann, Mason tears apart familiar relationships and conflicts to illuminate them in some newfound fashion .. [Mason's] characters’ revolutions occur in unexpected ways; they delve deep inside themselves, burrowing somewhere deep inside, seeking both self-knowledge and self-abnegation." 5.2x8 Her ecstatic vocal style has been noted for its uniquely clipped, glottal beauty. 06/07 – Rock Cafe, Leuven, BEL Comedian. Present and past collaborators will join him on stage to premiere songs from his forthcoming album The Decline of Stupid Fucking Western Civilization. Who am I and what do we do in this lab? "The Skin Team brims with flesh made electricity, of sick bodies warped by technology into health. Jordan and Kobe Bryant. They live in Toronto with their husband and their cats. Other supporters and collaborators include COCOROSIE, who invited Cluck to open shows in the U.S. and Europe and released her Countless Times album through their personal label imprint. — Jonathan Valelly at Xtra! "A psychedelic, haunting, genuinely queer experience of adolescence." It seamlessly engages with how atoms and bits are not entirely different, how they mix with each other and mold our selves in surprising ways." In fact, I think it’s so important in interiors that I wrote a blog post earlier this year with five of my top tips on adding art to your home. Jordan and Kord Homecoming '17. Get our weekly event picks delivered straight to your inbox. 08/07 – Sub, Graz, AT | Perfectbound We love to try new things and invite you to share your hints and hacks. 15/07 – ACU, Utrecht, NED THE Jordaan Mason? It bleeds through every facet of the music, from the darker, more introspective tone to the immediate and overtly violent lyricism. Cover art and design by Tarsila Stoeckicht, "Reading The Skin Team, you would never suspect how difficult it is to write even fairly about such things, much less with Jordaan Mason's radiant emotional grace and super-deft detailing and flawless style. Jordan and Julie.

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