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By the time he died in 2008, the satellite industry had made more than £100 billion.

These people had brilliant ideas that have made fortunes… just not for them. In December 1947 the world changed. Shockley eventually left Bell and founded his own firm, based in Mountain View, California. Somewhat later, an American inventor, Don Wetzel, of the Docutel Corporation, developed a rival cash dispenser. In 1964 Shepherd-Barron was appointed managing director of De La Rue Instruments, an eight-person division with a brief to develop systems for automation. Fifty years later they were second only to cotton and a huge industry had been created around his ideas on how to use them. Drake struggled to find a way to collect the oil that sometimes bubbled to the surface in Pennsylvania. He needed a technology-adventurous bank to act as a customer for the machine, and Barclays was the obvious target – it was the most automated and computerised of all the British banks. “That night I started thinking that there must be a better way to get cash when I wanted it,” Mr. Shepherd-Barron told the BBC on the 40th anniversary of his invention. Karl Benz?

Multiple patents were filed, but Mr. Shepherd-Barron’s machine became generally known as the first cash dispenser when it was installed at a Barclays bank in a suburb north of London in June 1967. In an interview in 2007, Mr. Shepherd-Barron predicted that cash would all but disappear within three to five years and that customers would swipe their cellphones at cash registers to pay for things. Mr. Shepherd-Barron continued with his inventions long after the A.T.M. Direct current, which Thomas Edison pioneered, cannot be transmitted long distance. LONDON — John Shepherd-Barron, a Scotsman credited with inventing the automated teller machine in the 1960s, died on Saturday in Scotland. Mr. Shepherd-Barron was born June 23, 1925, in India to Scottish parents. It was used as fuel for lamps across the world and no one was much interested in smelly and dirty crude oil.

The first model was installed at a branch of Barclays Bank in Enfield, north London, where it was inaugurated on 27 June 1967 by Reg Varney, star of the television sitcom On the Buses. His breakthrough was a system that allowed computer users to share a common language to communicate over a network. But Tesla, one of the most prolific inventors there has ever been, died in poverty. The familiar plastic credit card had not yet arrived, so the machine used specially printed "Barclaycash" vouchers for £10, which were exchanged for a packet of 10 one-pound notes. Maiman only patented the ruby laser and people soon realised that there were several other things you could make a laser from and the patent became irrelevant. Karaoke is a worldwide sensation, but the man who first saw its potential never became rich himself. The first machines were installed two years later. Over lunch with the head of Barclays Bank he pitched his idea of an automated teller machine, like a chocolate vending machine, that would dispense cash 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Karaoke was born and nights out across the globe changed, but Inoue made little from the multibillion-pound industry.

Steve John Shepherd was born in 1973.

Shepherd-Barron recalled that the deal was sealed in a 90-second conversation "over a pink gin" with a senior manager of Barclays.

Tesla spent most of the money on a new lab and, by the time he died in 1943, did not have a penny to his name. George Washington Carver, born into slavery in the early 1860s, made it his life's mission to reform southern agriculture. He also designed and built the first web browser.

Today there are more than 1.7 million A.T.M.’s across the world, according to the ATM Industry Association. Asked whether there were any health risks related to the mildly radioactive coating on the checks he created to get cash from his machines, he said he had “worked out you would have to eat 136,000 such checks for it to have any effect on you.”. As with many 20th-century inventions, there was no single inventor of the cash machine – there were several parallel developments (three in Britain alone) and they all involved costly research and development, dealing with public acceptance and security issues. Who invented the car? However, it was an industry dominated by American giants such as IBM, Diebold and NCR (which established a major plant in Dundee). John Shepherd-Barron.

In 1999 Time magazine introduced us to Daisuke Inoue, a Japanese musician who first assembled and sold karaoke machines. Sometimes dubbed a "robot cashier", the machine was officially marketed as DACS (De La Rue Automatic Cash System).

From 1979 until 1985, Shepherd-Barron was North American director of De La Rue. He described a system for putting satellites in orbit, relaying communications all over the globe, in 1945. He was appointed OBE in 2005 for services to the banking industry. As with many 20th-century inventions, there was …

Mr. Shepherd-Barron was known for his understatement and sense of humor. LONDON — John Shepherd-Barron, a Scotsman credited with inventing the automated teller machine in the 1960s, died on Saturday in Scotland. He is survived by his wife, three sons and six grandchildren. De La Rue never became a major force in ATM manufacture. John Shepherd-Barron had an idea in the 1960’s for a 24/7 cash dispenser. Over lunch with the head of Barclays Bank he pitched his idea of an automated teller machine, like a chocolate vending machine, that would dispense cash 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At that time plastic payment cards were coming into widespread use in the US following the formation of Visa and Mastercard. That sparked an idea and by 1971 he was leasing boxes with eight-track players, amplifiers and microphones to bars. He was managing director of De La Rue Instruments. Lying in the bath one Saturday, John Shepherd-Barron was lamenting the fact that he missed bank closing time and so could withdraw no cash until Monday. Gottlieb Daimler? The man who made everything from tyres to raincoats and condoms possible spent his life almost penniless. Two years ago, at the age of 82, he invented a machine that imitated the sound of killer whales to scare off seals that were raiding his salmon farm. At a stroke, the era of the glass vacuum tube was ended and the electronics age had begun. Eventually, after spending a lot of money, he created the world's first oil drill - allowing cheap access to the black gold that would power the world for the next 150 years and make countless fortunes. "God gave [these discoveries] to me, how can I sell them to someone else?" Millions of us have seen inventors make fortunes for themselves and wished we'd thought of their ideas first. Shepherd-Barron likened his concept to a chocolate vending machine, but instead of a bar of chocolate, the customer received a packet of money in exchange for a voucher. There are now more than 60,000 cash machines in the UK alone, with almost £3 billion dispensed a year, but Shepherd-Barron never patented his invention - after worries that thieves might read the patent and be able to crack people's identification numbers. Inventors from across the globe were working simultaneously to come up with a working cash dispenser machine in the 1960s. While there he decided to stop research on the silicon chip. He'd read a report that so-called 'rock oil' could be used for illumination, and more besides, and hired former railroad conductor Edwin Drake to find some.

His books have sold millions of copies and been adapted into major films, the most famous being 2001: A Space Odyssey. How wrong he was. But their firm, Duryea Motor Wagon Company, was wound up in 1914 thanks to low sales. When he started, peanuts weren't even considered a crop in the south. He found more than 300, including peanut butter. There was subsequently some controversy in the complex history of the cash dispenser as to who was its true begetter, though he was certainly first with an operational machine.

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