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But radio stations pay for very little in the way of “local lineup” anymore; KSTP has turned Soucheray into just another sports talking head; AM1280 has the NARN; AM1130 has Jack and Ben and, temporarily, Dave Thompson. He’s almost 70. KEYJ launched a lot of careers; many of the biggest names in North Dakota radio started at KEYJ. And for those who weren’t around back then, he was, and remains, a connection to an era where real, Buckley-style conservatism changed the world – with the hope it could change it again: [Limbaugh] took from Reagan the sense that America’s future is bright, that America isn’t broken, just its liberal political, media, and cultural elites. I haven’t listened to Garage Logic in probably 10 years – the endless inside jokes grated on me. Was I bummed because I expect free content? Changes:  Lewis’ second stint – his return to KTCN and then Genesis, since the mid-late 2000s – was a little more subdued. He’s an old guy, but his sensibilities are quite contemporary. Somebody referenced Barrerro down below.

And so as the Northern Alliance Radio Network rapidly approaches ten years on the air, it’s with a tingle of homer pride that I relate the big news; this past month, AM950’s sole entry into the local weekend talk market, “LeftMN Radio”, realizing that Brad Carlson’s “The Closer” edition of the NARN dominated them in every possible way, gave up the ghost and cut their losses. I'm jealous of my boyfriend's coworker ex-lover, This is Halloween: Let these spooky happenings distract you from the terrors of next week, In 'The Ringmaster,' highly imperfect people chase Minnesota's best onion rings. It occurs to me – even though we’ve got all the internet we want these days, I’ve never gone out and looked up a lot of the people I used to know in the radio business. Each of the town’s volunteer firemen had one at home; the radio stations had ’em too.

The self-styled former-marine / former hippie and the only person in American media who’s farther out than Art Bell, who was just as mercurial and enigmatic in person as he was on the air (and one of the genuinely nicest people I’ve ever met in the racket, once I started working for him) is…. And, almost against many stations’ wills, ratings and money. Lambert exhibits the attention to detail he always showed when he was the Pioneer Press’ “broadcasting reporter”. There’s been one in this space for 10 years. Notify the media! Good morning! But to me they both were always liberal scumbags. Others in Orlando, Waukegan, Fall River Massachusetts, Hammond Indiana, Cleveland and Santa Rosa California would come up in the next few months.

The move allows Soucheray and his staff one final opportunity to cover the Minnesota State Fair. You don’t need to work two jobs at that age.

Not only is it entirely dependent on handouts from non-profits and governments, but it is “creative” in all the wrong ways: Ian Masters and Sonali Kolhatkar, hosts of the Los Angeles-based KPFK, said its parent network Pacifica Radio, the country’s oldest public radio network, was putting pressure on staff to reduce their hours and pay, leave or work for free, alienating listeners and approaching a point of no return. They’re running out of road,” Masters told the Guardian. The lefty media has been giggling like schoolgirls over this story – a Texas waitress, who got not one but two $2000 tips from Rush Limbaugh – and gave the money to a pro-infanticide group: “That was like blood money to me,’ Tierce told The Dallas Morning News. That was before Patrick slimmed down.

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