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“Do You Ever Wonder What Love Could Do?”. “You Can’t Believe” feels like a proper Country ballad: a sorrowful song that sees Joe pay tribute to Terry Thompson, a fellow exotic animal lover who, in 2011, released dozens of tigers, bears, wolves and monkeys outside the city of Zanesville before turning a gun on himself.“You can’t believe all you see; you can’t believe all you read.” If nothing else, it’s a song that’s pretty apt for our times. This is a succulent, prime cut of beef. George Nash is a freelance film journalist. Overall I stayed with Joe for nearly 5 years and in that time I learned a lot of good and bad about the animal industry. Joe Exotic is narcissistic predator. Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck to star in erotic thriller Deep Water, Ana de Armas on transforming into Marilyn Monroe for Blonde, Exclusive trailer for Christmas-set British gangster film Silent Night, Anna Diop’s Starfire gets a new look for Titans season 3, Ana de Armas didn’t believe she was a good match for a Bond girl at first.

Hopefully not all at the same time, though. But neither aforementioned characters, nor any of us, come with the baggage and literal skeletons of the formally infamous now famous 'Joe Exotic', self-proclaimed 'Tiger King' from Netflix's 'Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness'. It’s a simply constructed track with a simple, heartfelt message at its centre. If it were written by anyone other than Exotic, the Tiger of “I Saw A Tiger” would most likely be entirely metaphorical. So over the past couple days I have been having fun answering questions to people curious about the behind the scenes of Joe Exotic. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Joe was getting two cute boys to share his bed with. The fact that he's funny really hides a lot of his flaws4 Garretson - Unremarkable really tbh5 Carole Baskin - the worst. It’s both a searing jab at his equally feline-obsessed nemesis, and also generally quite sound relationship advice. Or, it certainly would be, were it not undermined by some wobbly lyrics —“we can take on every animal God made; except the animal in man” — and a video that sees Exotic atop a huge pachyderm. My girlfriend and I even had a former friend who was about to go work for him but left at the last minute. He was a meth addict and young men turn into porn prostitution etc to get that shit. If there’s one thing Joe Exotic can’t do (aside from a successful murder-for-hire, it seems), it’s subtlety. © 2009-2020 Flickering Myth Limited.

They were going to the farm and being all friendly with Joe and now that he is dead they calling him a predator. Wtf is with people?? So tragic. How the hell does he convince people to work practically for free? How shady is that place really? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. “If you’re ever down in Tampa on a big cat refuge, don’t pick a fight with your wife” he sings. From the first time they mentioned one of his husbands, can’t remember who, but they were on a plank and he was touching him and they said he met Joe when he was 19, I knew exactly what was going on there. I was young, stupid, and indecisive at the time.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I think Joe gave him a convenient amd somewhat stable lifestyle. No,
Thank you,, Also please sign the petition to have netflix donate some of the profits from the documentary to help make a difference. Just like John, everyone knew that Travis was straight, even Joe, but everyone was managing to get something they wanted out of the deal. Whether it was meth or a lb of weed, I'm not sure. But rarely has cognitive dissonance looked and sounded this good.

I agree. Teaming up with Dustin Whitson (yep, us neither), “I Can’t Believe This Feeling” sees Joe dabble in a spot of AutoTune as this pulpy, same-sex pop number plays out over cross-cuts of Joe frolicking in the snow (again) and gazing longingly out over the Oklahoma wilderness.
In every sense of the word. 3 years ago I began writing a memoir about the experiences in my life, and with the recent reminder of my past I want to continue that project. Dedicated solely to his unflinching, and slightly unhealthy, love of felines, the song that aptly plays out over the closing frames of the series’ final episode represents everything Joe Exotic is: an animal fanatic, a fur(r)ious fashionista and a man who inadvertently contradicts himself at every turn with lyrics like “let them run the jungle; let them roam their land” while gloating about his very own massive zoo. When I left working for Joe I left on bad terms, I was actually escorted off of the property because my ex-fiance told Joe that I was working for PeTA and she was not 100% wrong. This schlocky toe-tapper — one that wouldn’t look out of place playing out over the opening credits of a cheesy 90s family sitcom — is almost always gloriously at odds with the violent message at its centre. Joe Exotic married Dillon Passage on December 11 of the same year; one of the witnesses was Travis Maldonado's mother. RIP Travis, so young and impressionable. Read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy / Cookie Disclaimer. Travis jokes by saying it’s not loaded, he attempted to demonstrate it wasn’t loaded and then the accident occurred in front of the campaign manager. As a song, it’s beyond odd. Edit: The AMA is still going strong. And an appearance from a camel. Question... after joe fled the zoo what happened to travis ashes. Joe was getting two cute boys to share his bed with.

A personal, if somewhat subdued ode to ex-husband John Finlay, a reigned-in Exotic plays things a little too safe in this slushy, mournful ballad. “This is My Life” touches on Joe’s battle with cancer, as well as the gratitude he feels towards his friends and lovers. And there really isn’t a whole lot else to say. The shit Joe said at his funeral was disturbing as hell! Flip. In “Here Kitty Kitty”, his little ditty that unashamedly takes aim at arch-rival Carole Baskin, Exotic makes abundantly clear his stance on the rumours she killed missing husband Don Lewis and fed his remains to the tigers. Jeff Lowe is not the only park owner in the country making this same decision. ... Travis Maldonado. Ones dead and the other had a girlfriend . Joe Exotic is a piece of shit I don't see how anyone can be on his side.

Woman do it all the time.

Agreed! Maybe with this lifestyle now being on the televisions of millions of Americans we can work together to make a solution for this soon to be crisis. With a music video that couples images of Exotic brandishing various firearms (and casually blowing up crash dummies with explosives) and his adoring fans waving merrily into the camera, with lyrics like “bring on the media; the right wing; or the left wing; or anything you wanna bring”, his manifesto is crystal clear: unite with me in my cause, or I’ll shoot you in the face.

I don't think anyone would go gay for a pound of weed, There's only about 3 or 4 people on this documentary that are even decent people.1 Doc Antle - Borderline paedophile cultist2 Jeff Lowe - Total slime ball. Or was he?

But no, here it’s literally and unashamedly about big cats. ?Joe is a perverted fuckwitHe ruined their lives.... Look at John, away from Joe and he is thriving!Maybe do some research on domestic violence and how many people kill themselves or live recklessly because they can't take it anymore, on the outside it's easy to say to people "well why don't you just leave" the abuser has manipulated you to the point where you feel like you can't!Drugs mixed in and it would be even worse! “Because You Love Me” is the unofficial narcissist anthem. Joe liked younger men (boys). Technically they were all consenting adults - but Joe knew how to manipulate their young brains. Joe Exotic speaks out after accidental death of husband ... 23-year-old Travis Maldonado, the husband of Joe Exotic, was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency officials who responded. Everyone knew bubbles, everyone knew about the tiger place, no one knew about the sex shit. A rivalry between big cat eccentrics takes a dark turn when Joe Exotic, a controversial animal park boss, is caught in a murder-for-hire plot. I was following his son on instagram because I thought they were doing a good thing. If they don't have a stable home life, or a secure job, or they have an addiction with out any support to get better, these people lock their claws in! Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is available to watch now on Netflix. That kid was taken advantage of. Was that ACTUALLY Joe’s singing voice in the country songs? Such a disgusting display to be the centre of attention when it should have been on Travis, Joe Exotic is a sick twisted piece of shit !!!! He should stay in jail for that funeral and animal cruelty alone. A pulpy, pop-tinged country number about a love turned sour, the song itself is a pretty unremarkable one. On the surface, a song about child abuse, dedicated to “All Children Abused or Misplaced”, should be a heartfelt, meaningful ode packed full of emotion and sympathy. Despite an accompanying video utilising the kind of green screen wizardry you might find in a Tommy Wiseau movie, “Alisa’s Memory” is actually quite moving. John left Joe after assaulting him in 2015.

He is such a freaking peadophile it’s the worst part about the series for me. Joe Exotic did some bad shit mentally and emotionally to Travis and to other people.. Not to mention all them poor animals.. Really? I can answer that but I’ve never met Joe. Joking around pointing the gun at the campaign manager who correctly says do not point a gun at me. Win-win. The goal is not to make a profit off of all of this drama, but instead to help increase my audience to bring awareness to many that were affected. Filed Under: Articles and Opinions, George Nash, Television Tagged With: Joe Exotic, Mayhem and Madness, netflix, Tiger King, Tiger King: Murder. Joe is disgusting he preys on broken young men seeking love and protection and he exploits their addictions and desperation. I think it’s probably much easier to identify for people that have been in a predatory relationship. Edit: I've also started a facebook page, if you can please like and share the page. Press J to jump to the feed.

Even by the Tiger King’s standards. In fact at that point I was a high school drop out. The pair were together from 2003 to 2014, beginning when Finlay was fresh out of high school, according to the docu-series. Everything great — and, let’s face it, everything not so great— about Joe Exotic gets turned up to eleven in this upbeat banger about how everyone loves this eccentric, animal-loving, polygamous gay icon.

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