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I've fooled with the windows sound devices options, but the warnings won't quit. This will get you connected easily. The LED will be Yellow if between 21 and 34ms and only be Green if 20ms or less. The Manage menu also allows you to open an Audio Console window used for setting various mixing volume levels during a session. I had the same experience in trying to create an account from the application. Use whatever inputs you need from your audio interface (in my case, it’s a MOTU), Set outputs to “Blackhole 16ch” channels 1 and 2, Stereo track from MOTU Microbook ch 3 and 4 ( line in), labelled “Computer”, Mono track from MOTU Microbook ch 1 (mic), labelled “Voice”. For reference, here’s an image of Step 2 of the 6 Step Setup Audio Gear Setup Process for Windows. The Audio frame size directly affects your local Audio Gear Latency, It’s default value is 2.5ms but setting it to “1ms – experimental” reduced the latency of the DAW I’m using on macOs from 10.3ms to 7.3ms. If it’s not green, you should tweak settings to get it to be Green. The black boxes under the title “my live tracks” represent the controls for each of your microphone or instrument input tracks to send over the Internet. The PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 has 2 combo inputs, USB 2.0 and MIDI I/O. You MUST start it from a terminal window. I pop in JamKazam every now and then... its best if you have a few, I was using / enjoying Jamkazam for a few weeks UNTIL. Using the latter option, it's easier for me to strike the drums that split second before I expect to hear them. Getting video resolution/scaling right is a nuisance. The DAW will also have a headphone jack so you can plug headphones into it instead of directly into the computer. I made sure its sample rate was 48000. For alternate OS/X audio-routing software, I’m using Blackhole. On Windows, 44.1K sample rate seems to give lowest latency on certain DAW’s. There's quite a simple rule2 to this: Sample rate / 2 = maximum frequency that can be correctly captured. While you’re in Audio Midi Setup, go through and make sure you’ve got the sample rates set uniformly for everything you’re using in the multi-output device.

I'm open to further tweaking but suspect the 4i4 works best on MAC. It can even work about halfway across the USA, if your internet provider's latency speeds are decent. I purchased a top shelf iMac new and a Scarlett which, at Kazams approval of a comparable Behringer 2x2 nothing helped... and have cable internet but to no avail. The local Audio Gear Jitter can be minimized on Windows by changing a default setting for the Minimum Processor Operating Rate. It’s possible to extend this setup to send audio only to a streaming radio station by sending an analog signal to a second computer, either by splitting it off from whatever you’re using to monitor JamKazam (I use a small headphone distribution amp), or by cabling from the headphone jack on the Mac. The settings we are interested in “Tweaking” are only settable in this window while a live session is open. The CoreAudio default buffer size is 512 and due to this the Audio Gear latency on macOs will be a bit higher. Go to Windows System Settings for Power & Sleep then click on Additional Power Settings in the upper right corner of that window. During use, the temperature rises, and it feels almost hot to touch. Common Sample Rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz. Hopefully, this tutorial can get you started jamming successfully using jamkazam. It's free. Here’s a screenshot of the Advanced Power Options window. Most newer computers will have Gigabit Ethernet. There are two “track boxes” shown here since I plugged two mikes into my DAW. This is a good program and has been updated a few times in the last 6-9 month's I'd say.

The latency on macOS is low at 7.3ms. (This post was last modified: 08-30-2020, 06:34 PM by. I seem to average about 30-40ms regularly (using Jamulus, connected to a fast local server) during rehearsals.

To access it from main window, press the “account” button and then press “Update” button for Audio Gear. The bare bones Behringer UM2 has 2 inputs, USB 2.0. In this case, the problem was complicated by defects in OBS, which appears to have troubles playing nicely with OS/X Catalina. Buffer Size is the amount of time allowed for your computer to process the audio of your sound card or audio interface. Getting JamKazam’s video into OBS was simple; it’s just a window-capture of the JamKazam video window, and I was able to very quickly configure OBS to take video input from JamKazam’s video and from some music-visualization software ( BTW, invoking JK’s video-shuffler, which automatically changes the video-window layout when there are multiple players in the window, crashed the machine — that’s the next challenge). Once you have connected the Ethernet cable and verified you can still connect to the Internet, you should turn off the computer’s WiFi altogether to avoid interruptions during a session. This applies when experiencing latency, which is a delay in processing audio in real-time. The MOTU M2 has 2 combo inputs, 2 outputs, USB 3.0, LED displays and MIDI I/O. In the list under Processor Power Management there is a setting called Minimum Processor State which defaults to 5%. There’s a lot of things to mention in the session window. I think I saw someone else say that there is a central server.

The screen will then look something like this. Which isn't to say latency isn't an issue. Nowhere is that more true than it is with audio routing. At this point you should be able to hear the remote user’s voice and instrument in your headphones….

Only when the app is running? I just started looking into JamKazam as well. Complete all 6 steps of the wizard for your Audio Gear and you are ready to open your first session ! If you use JamKazam mostly to play with others in real-time, we recommend that you check this box to allow the JamKazam application to start each time you start your computer. Any help you can give me would be very appreciated... Sharms, I too have had a lot of trouble using my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4. A Green LED here never happens in real experience as of this writing. I have not yet experimented with restream.io, which sends a stream to multiple audiovisual outlets, but if it works with OBS — and it does — there shouldn’t be any reason why it would not work with this as well. If I interpreted Focusrite's response to me correctly frame size is similar to buffer size. What follows has been updated so that it, y’know, works.]. For a far more complete listing of compatible DAW’s, please check out this article in the JK Forum. What we don’t like.

Everything you need is here: Set up a multi-output device using AudioMidi Setup. At this time (May 2020), the JK authors are doing their best to improve the product and are updating it frequently. This is mostly for convenience in monitoring. DO NOT ATTEMPT IT FROM THE APP! The blue search window on the far right side of the window allows you to find other musician friends, invite friends to sessions, chat with friends and get notifications from others. Changing the sample rate of bus powered 2nd Gen Scarlett interface, I cannot change my Scarlett sample rate within Windows, Studio One: Setting up Focusrite interfaces for recording & monitoring. Now change the Min Processor State to 100% and jitter should be minimized. The range of human hearing stretches from around 20Hz up to 20kHz (though we tend to lose the ability to hear the frequencies at the top of this range as we get older) so sample rates of 44.1/48kHz are more than capable of capturing the full range of the audible spectrum.

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