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Tobacco Saves Jamestown In 1612, John Rolfe developed a high-grade tobacco that the colonists learned to grow. 6. Take your kids to Jamestown using Google Expeditions. Settlers worked harder when the land was their own. •         The British sent a party to construct a fort on the site of _______________ __________________. 17.

•         23 year old George Washington won accolades for ________________ the defeated British and preventing the battle from turning into a rout. 12. The colonists soon learned that the summers were hot and humid and the winters bitter cold. Define pacifist, what group of settlers were pacifists?

For the women in the newly established colonies, life must have amounted to never-ending drudgery.

Visit Historic Jamestown!

They often saved themselves time and effort by trading goods and services with their neighbors or by getting their daughters to help them. Which colony was known as “the best poor man’s country”? 1. That same year, 800 more English settlers arrived in Jamestown. B. How did many Algonquin leaders react after the English defeated the Pequot? For middle-class families, wooden chairs stood in the place of benches, and individual plates and cups replaced shared bowls. Food preparation involved baking bread, churning cream to make butter, making cheese from milk and rennet, harvesting fruit and vegetables, slaughtering and butchering livestock, and brewing beer and cider.
This film meticulously documents the first interactions between Native Americans and European settlers in the region that would later become New England.

SO THE ‘N’ WORD IS USED THROUGHOUT. 2 Describe the impact / experience of the middle passage on the kidnapped Africans / slaves. Some were punished by having their term extended, or their indenture might be sold to another master, so they ended up working far longer than the originally agreed term.

Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

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IT IS FROM ABC NETWORK TV IN 1977. Between 1 and 1.5 percent of all births ended with the mother's death because of complications such as dehydration, hemorrhage, or infection. 12.The English Toleration Act of 1690 allowed all Protestants to do what?

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