is shein ethical

This is actually my favorite item I ordered! To many Muslims, the use of Islamic designs for decorative purposes was an appropriation of sacred and religious symbols. Its parent company, Shenzhen Globalegrow E-Commerce Co. Ltd., is headquartered in China and home to many fast fashion e-commerce brands. I’d caution against ordering something without a review – you can always try it but you won’t be sure what you’re getting until it arrives.

These are typically found at the bottom of each product listing. The bra of the lingerie set didn’t fit well and the fabric was super uncomfortable. Shining a Light on Shein’s Unethical Labor Practices, Dear Non-Black People, AAVE Is Not ‘Stan’ or ‘Internet Culture’. I would just say to do some research, measure, order a bit bigger than you normally would! In this regards, Shein supports PayPal, all the popular cards, and some e gift cards. They definitely feel fragile and easily breakable, but I’ve worn both a few times without breakage. I asked for a refund and they said I’d have to return the item and pay my own shipping (which is the cost of the $11 dress I ordered). How long does it take for an order to process? If you are a student; Shein understands that your pocket might not be as deep as your working class counterpart. All data traffic between you and Shein is routed through the secure link, as such, it is private, and protected from being intercepted by third parties. The necklace has since been taken down. They closed my refund for something that I shipped and I submitted a ticket and got my refund back in a couple days. You’re able to find great brands like new (or new with tags) for cheaper prices, plus help prevent unwanted clothes from ending up in landfills. There’s no way I could have purchased this many pieces at the price and quality anywhere else.All of these could have easily sold for $30+ a piece, one dress I purchased was a formal gown that I would estimate at $200-300 range just looking at it. These promotions serve to offer products to buyers at prices below their normal/ regular prices. You can send them a mail using the email address: This post is not sponsored, but it may contain affiliate links. With social media, it takes no time for the news to fly; and as we know, bad news flies faster. The company allows you to return any item(s) that you must return, and they will refund you your payment for the item(s). Getting your money back seems to be one of the common issues with this company, so I kind of expected it to take a bit of time. Therefore, it would interest you to know that Shein offers exchanges. So you’ll get your answers in a few hours. And you will get any item you purchased items from the store without a problem.

You have 45 days from your purchase date to send undesired items back.

I love your review! amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; Shein has so many wonderful items to pick from and now I can’t wait to see what else I can find on their website. However, the supported payment options are limited; and might be a deal breaker if alternative payment methods is a concern. I never really thought about the ethical side when buying these types of clothing. A separate page opens for it, and everything about the product is given in tabulated format, including the fabric, decoration, material composition and more. You’ll have to visit your Shein account to print the return label, then you tape it to the outside of your return package, and drop it off at a post office. A product might be excellent in terms of quality but could turn out to be a little too small or too big. Lastly, one time when shipping was a bit slower than usual they sent me 500 SHEIN points without me having to do anything at all. Dresses and Jackets have been great. However, even the pricier fast fashion brands are questionable (think Nasty Gal, Missguided, etc.). Within hours, screenshots of the item were uploaded to social media, with many getting thousands of retweets and shares.

Most likely, you’re reading this review using a mobile device or tablet. However, taking up the promotional offer will result in significant savings, as the promotions make prices that are already friendly even more so. So I must say I am 30% happy with this brand.

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