is mio bad for teeth

MIO is the ONLY item in the entire food side of the store that is required by walmart standards to go into the buckets. One of the options in the Fit line is sweetened with Stevia. Drink Coffee, Live Longer, and Smile More! Cancer begins when there are changes (mutations) in a cell or a group of cells. The artificial colors found in Mio products have harmful side effects. Water enhancers also have many potential benefits — like keeping you hydrated and helping you avoid sugary drinks like sodas. As they say, everything in moderation. Liquid detox diets or juice cleanses, which have increased in popularity, often involve drinking several cups of juice over the course of a day. Sports drinks and energy drinks are big business. What is Dental Erosion?
Flavouring water yourself with liquid drops, like Mio Liquid Water Enhancers or Crystal Light Liquid Drink Mixes, can also harm teeth. Some studies have demonstrated that the consumption of this chemical could be linked to compromise of the immune system, and is capable of leading to mutations of blood cells and damage of human DNA. Researchers from Southern Illinois University School of Dentistry looked at the acidity levels of nine different energy drinks and thirteen different sports drinks. Join me at the ADA FDC Virtual Connect Conference Oct. 15-17! They contain primarily acidic ingredients, like citric acid and sodium citrate. Eat most of your fruit whole – chewing helps stimulates saliva which helps protect teeth. • Sports & Energy Drinks Some people think that Mio is harmless, and can be useful in encouraging you to drink more water. Tea also contains flavonoids – beneficial plant compounds that can reduce the type of bacteria in the mouth that cause tooth decay. Taking care of your teeth really matters! • Never drink an acidic beverage right before bedtime.

Wine coolers and fruity alcoholic drinks can be highly acidic as well. Would you prefer items without added flavors and colors? Potential short-term side effects of Mio include skin rash, hyperactivity and/or distractibility, and asthma attack.

Among the possible long-term side effects of Mio may include cancer, cell mutation, birth defects, impaired neurological function, and immune dysfunction. In a recent study reported by the American Dental Association, 379 beverages were purchased from stores in Alabama (juices, soft drinks, flavoured waters, teas, sports drinks, and energy drinks). The Great Value rip offs nor the Dasanis nor the Crystal Lights nor any other Mio-like flavor has to. Here are a few more tips to help protect your pearly whites: • Juice that contains added calcium, such as calcium-fortified orange juice, is less acidic and therefore, less damaging to teeth. Brushing immediately after may remove the softened enamel. Happy hydrating! Mio is available in several  different flavors, in a number of different product lines. Depending on the cause, you may notice that your teeth are stained yellow, brown, white, grey, or even green. In fact, research reported by the Academy of General Dentistry last year found that diet or sugar-free soft drinks, as a whole, were more erosive to teeth than sugar-containing soft drinks (although both were definitely bad!). • Wait at least an hour after drinking an acidic beverage before brushing your teeth. Soft drinks contain ingredients like phosphoric acid, sodium citrate, citric acid, and tartrates. Just the Mio. Dentists often warn their patients about the consequences of drinking sugary sodas. Also, this is MIO only. When this happens, it indicates that a gene has been copied more than once and/or has been damaged. “An in-vitro assessment of erosive potential of a calcium-fortified fruit juice.” Eur Arch Paediatr Dent. Flavouring water yourself with liquid drops, like Mio Liquid Water Enhancers or Crystal Light Liquid Drink Mixes, can also harm teeth. They should be consumed in small amounts, if at all. Seven Reasons Why You Should Not Drink Regular Soft Drinks. 10. Kwek, S., et al. Perhaps, most importantly, I never let a good dance song go to waste! Also, studies using animals have shown that serious health problems might develop as a result of long-term consumption of propylene glycol. If even after learning what you have in this article you still want to have Mio, you should stick to only very occasional use. For those unfamiliar, water enhancers, like Mio, are liquids that can be added to plain ol’ water to enhance taste. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.

While these ingredients are FDA-approved and found in many foods and beverages, there are a few ingredients that may potentially impact your health: A few servings of a water enhancer (used as instructed on the label) are unlikely to expose you to enough of these ingredients to cause harm. Gravelle, B., et al. Go Ask Alice! Required fields are marked *, Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! 11. Tooth discoloration can have many causes. Acesulfame potassium contains a chemical called methylene chloride, which is a carcinogen (cancer-causing chemical).,,,
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