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Rather than strike Shijima, Gaara hits Metoro, who faked his earlier death and has been following them so that he could take revenge for his brother.

Hakuto, whose family lives on the border between the Lands of Wind and Fire and has thus not met him before, does not have the same preconceptions. Gaara has little fondness for the alcohol, but he is nevertheless glad for the brief time he gets to spend with his brother and sister.

Temari is mystified that the conversation, despite being so casual, is going so well. And hinata heart is w. Gaara is met by the leaders of the group behind the attack: twin brothers ‎Etoro and Metoro Konjiki. We both can agree that we already knew that Naruto and Hinata would end up getting married. At first Gaara intends to carry out a mercy-killing on Shigezane and Hakuto, both of whom can neither bear returning to the village or be allowed to leave Suna, but then changes his mind. Unable to determine where the threads are coming from, Temari pretends to be helpless, drawing out her attacker and lowering his guard. Temari collapses immediately afterwards, her body starting to experience the after-effects of her dislocated shoulder. They find no issues with anything and, Gaara believes, they were likely already aware of everything he's told them, as these briefing meetings are only covers for the real reason he comes see them: the Elders want something from him. Gaara and Shijima find Hakuto and Shigezane as they're about to enter the Land of Fire. After making them promise that it will be a bloodless removal of the current power structure, Kankurō agrees.

It's because the sand gets everywhere winkwink. of course we all know sakura isn't the one, her entire heart belongs to sasuke. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. After confirming that Metoro and Etoro were hired by Tōjūrō, Gaara kills him. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? However, when Gaara starts speaking about his passion for raising cacti, Hakuto is intrigued and it dispels some of the rumours she's heard about him from his days as "Gaara of the Sand Waterfall". It is revealed that Shikamaru had been watching over the proceedings, concerned about the well-being of his future brother-in-law Gaara. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Gaara and Shijima return to Suna, Shijima vowing her service to the Kazekage.

Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Despite his attempts to conceal himself, Gaara has been aware of Metoro's presence the whole time. The 4 great nations are joining together again for the 4th great shinobi world war. Both Gaara and Baki find this suspicious and increase the security for the event in case somebody is planning something. He hails from the Akimichi clan, which has the special ability to increase their mass. What percentage of alcoholics successfully complete the Salvation Army program? Shijima begins using the dōjutsu she received from Orochimaru on Gaara, planning to kill him and herself so that Hakuto and Shigezane can escape.

The 4thwar is becoming true because another of the Uchiha is alive. Gaara asks why she didn't kill him earlier when he was unconscious, to which she responds that it was not her ninja way.

At that moment Shikamaru Nara appears, his help having been requested in the letter earlier given to Temari.

He is caught off guard when Ebizō reveals that he and the rest of the Council would like for Gaara to get married.

Shijima understands his words; she was once the Hōki family's heiress before she voluntarily became a test subject for Orochimaru. As he slowly builds towards the topic he has in mind, Gaara tries to guess what minor personal issue it is. Meanwhile, a puppeteer finds Temari's secret hiding place and latches threads to most of her body to restrict her movements. What is the timing order of an 1985 Plymouth horizon? The brothers continue assaulting his defences until Hakuto's bodyguard, Shijima, arrives and provides an opening for him to retaliate, killing both Etoro and Metoro. The combination of the two abilities is enough to break Gaara's Shield of Sand, injuring him for the first time in several years. Vandal Savage Supporting Staff. Unable to argue out of the situation, Gaara accepts the marriage meeting that the Council has arranged. They share their plans to make him Kazekage; though they take credit for the scheme, much of the idea actually comes from Tōjūrō, a member of the Council. They are attacked by a sniper using wind-propelled kunai, but Gaara kills him and his spotters. Where is a fire belly toads wildlife environment? A big meeting was being held at what was left of the leaf village. Shijima asks why he, the Kazekage, would risk his life to protect her. His first impression of her is that she is beautiful, something that embarrasses him once he realises that she could possible become his wife. For him, love is platonic: parent to child (which is why he adopted a child in the first place), sibling to sibling, friend to friend, and so on, therefore, he's not romantically involved in anyone. Kakashi-Sensei's True Face! but anyways, I've heard that in naruto shippupen ( sorry if misspelled) there is a new girl that gaara is really into, so she is a good possiblity. coz his sand mom is cockblocking any woman that wants him. Everything related to the Naruto and Boruto series goes here. i guess we can chalk that up to his traumatic upbringing or maybe he would always be like that. Gaara reports the mission's details, the date for Temari's wedding, and other recent developments to the Suna Council, a group of village elders who must approve all of the Kazekage's actions. He also shares his belief that the attack was part of some plot to eliminate Gaara, who plays politics behind closed doors, and replace him with Kankurō, who leads from the frontlines and as such is much-loved by the standard infantry. Gaara points out how effective his Sand Waterfall Funeral is at eliminating all traces of its victims. Temari helps him dress for the occasion and Kankurō advises him on being sociable, which predominately involves drinking alcohol. What does mbs adj on a bank statement mean? His Shield of Sand is accordingly pierced, so Gaara reinforces the shield with his Magnet Release, allowing him to move close to Shigezane and hold him at his mercy. This is just my 2 cents, he didnt get married and he adopted a kid, i just found it weird hes single. He replies that all life is precious regardless of one's station, something he learned from Naruto Uzumaki. A distant explosion sounds and Gaara moves by impulse to protect Hakuto. Gaara tries to deflect their suggestion by pointing out that Kankurō, being older than him, should get married before him. If Gaara and Kankurō should die before producing heirs, that would mean that a Konoha ninja will have a claim to the Kazekage position, something that the Council wants to avoid. Because Temari is a sibling of the Kazekage and Shikamaru is an influential figure in Konoha, their marriage is a delicate political matter that will solidify peace between their two villages. Those who live in Suna and were around when he was a child still remember his former violent ways whenever they meet him, colouring their opinions of him.

The brothers simultaneously attack with their kekkei genkai, one using Lava Release and the other using Steel.

After several silent minutes, Gaara decides to try and emulate Naruto Uzumaki's successes from being unoriginal: he asks what her hobbies are. Gaara leaves in the night to rescue Hakuto by himself, not wanting help from anyone as that would only draw attention to the mission and allow his detractors to use her kidnapping against him. Gaara's getting married! Sorry Matsuri. Temari, who is secretly watching their one-on-one time, is mortified by Gaara's choice of topic. Shijima begins attacking Shigezane, which he counters using water from deep underground. Gaara could escape if he wanted to, but does not believe he could locate Shijima in time to save her if he did. He is not upset by this as he never intended to force Hakuto to marry him, but at the same time he, the Kazekage, can't turn a blind eye to them becoming missing-nin who would abandon Suna. What kind of job can you get with a MA in business management or adminisstration? Although you could also talk about the topping too. It is revealed that Maizuru was a puppet controlled by Kankurō all along.

Kankurō also reveals that the footage is fake and that the men Tōjūrō hired to kill Gaara have themselves been killed by Baki. They travel through the desert, tracking the footsteps that, despite the kidnapper's attempts to conceal them, Gaara is able to follow. Seeing Gaara ruthlessly kill Metoro causes Shijima, Hakuto, and Shigezane to all lose their resolve, and they wait for the same fate. Gotta See! Three days earlier, Kankurō, Gaara's older brother and the recently appointed leader of the Counter-Terrorism Division, led an A-rank mission to capture Kajūra, a missing-nin from Ishigakure. As he leaves, he is met by Shijima, who was easily defeated by Hakuto's kidnapper and says she now wants to help in retrieving her.

What does contingent mean in real estate? Shikamaru says he will file a report testifying that he witnessed Shigezane kill Hakuto, that Gaara executed Shigezane, and will meanwhile help them settle in Konoha as vassals within his own Nara Clan, under new identities. Honestly, with that new hair style? Shijima threatens Gaara to let Shigezane go. Ebizō, current head of the Council, asks to discuss something with Gaara. So Shikadai had to be the next one.

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