is brian williams on vacation this week

Williams returned to the anchor desk on Sept. 3 after a four-week absence. I didn't miss a local 11 o'clock newscast on WNBC. Juan Williams must go and is causing a lot of viewers to stop watching The Five and we all welcomed back Bob Beckel Juan is out of tough with every issue!

I'm very happy to be mobile enough. I have a different relationship with my audience. TV Guide Magazine: You've had chronic knee pain for years. I also had my surgeon and everyone I've ever told I was going to have this done. My wife and I swore we were going to do a deep dive into several of the TV series we've neglected.
"Williams: Yeah, and later we found out the name of the sailboat. Watch MSNBC 11th Hour with Brian Williams videos now. What did you do during your recovery time?Williams: The TV was always on. I figured "who else would want to go through this? Recently, I found that if I had a vacation or an overseas trip I had to time my injection to make it sure it took effect so I wouldn't be in agony on the plane and unable to move around. What did NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams do on his summer vacation? Contact Newsday | Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! TV Guide Magazine: No binge viewing at all?Williams: We caught up on a lot of movies — a lot of On Demand. I was always watching something. NBC's Lester Holt is on vacation this week, prompting some speculation that an announcement about his future -- and Brian Williams' -- is imminent. By clicking Sign up, you agree to our privacy policy. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. I'm chomping at the bit. If the Williams announcement does indeed come down shortly, most industry observers do not anticipate his return to the "Nightly News" anchor chair, although -- again -- NBC has also consistently refused to characterize either Williams' future at NBC or the contents of an internal investigation launched after his suspension for embellishing a story about an experience he had during early days of the second Iraq War. When I woke up [from the anesthesia] it was among the first questions I had. Surely he should have his own week day show. NBC declined to comment, but the network has consistently refused to indicate when a decision would be announced, and there have been false alarms before -- notably a flurry of reports last week that said a Williams announcement was imminent. TV Guide Magazine: Did you have anchor-like paranoia that the moment they put you under some major story would break?Williams: Oh everyday. Brian Williams may be headed to a new time slot at MSNBC after putting in his time in late-night. If he remains at NBC News, he and the network will be expected to begin the long-delayed process of career and image reconstruction -- addressing both that story and any other embellishments that may have surfaced as a result of the internal investigation. It turned out his warnings and advice were really spot on — beginning with the fact that surgeons these days wear what look like outfits from the bomb disposal unit with big hoods and face shields. TV Guide Magazine: Did being a patient for such a serious procedure give you any new insights into health care in America?Williams: I count my blessings regularly that I can afford quality health care. ("Today" co-host Savannah Guthrie has been Holt's stand-in this week).
We saw The Short Game, a great documentary about kids on the pro golfing circuit. What did NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams do on his summer vacation? Join The 11th Hour Brian Williams’ community for unique news and commentary from Brian Williams. Props to Brian Williams … secrets and history. I don't know when I'll get that. It's something I'm going to recover from and something that will deliver me from three decades of pain. Looking back on it now, there seems to be a “pot calling the kettle black” theme occurring and people are remembering the old face of NBC News. These numbers about Mike Bloomberg's campaign don't add up, Why he doesn't consider what he did lying. [If you are just now reading this post, NBC News is in fact expected to announce Thursday that Holt will be named permanent anchor, while Williams will assume a role at MSNBC. My only rule was that I had to recuperate at the Jersey shore. Please enable notifications or using normal browsing mode. So did the doctors. TV Guide Magazine: Did NBC News chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman talk you through any of this?Williams: She did. I only went public because in this day and age there is no such thing as an unexcused, unexplained one-month absence from your day job. TV Guide Magazine: Are we going to see any video of your operation or the recovery process?Williams: I didn't shoot a frame.

We watched indie films. The Syria situation was getting hotter. My parents did what they could. We saw Drinking Buddies. I have a new compassion for all those in the slow lane. He talked with The Biz about his time away and the painful road to recovery. It's not MS. It wasn't fun. Meanwhile, whatever the reasons for Holt's vacation, the timing could not have been more propitious: His "Nightly News" returned to first place in total viewers last week.

But some industry observers suggest there may be another reason besides R&R to this absence: NBC doesn't want him in the awkward position of having to announce the news about himself or his immediate predecessor on "Nightly News" -- an announcement which may arrive by Friday or even as early as tomorrow. It's not so many other things. NBC executives enforced a gag order on Williams after he apologized on the air for embellishing a war story about a helicopter he was riding in which was forced down by RPG fire. TV Guide Magazine: This was the longest period of not being on TV in your adult life.

I've had my working papers since I was 14 years old and during my low point, I probably went eight years without a lick of health insurance.

What made you decide to finally have the surgery?Brian Williams: My surgeon had told me during all the years of injections and aspirations — which is a nice way of saying draining fluid from my leg — that "you'll know when it's time to operate." Whatever Williams' professional fate or the final determination of that, almost any conceivable outcome -- either remaining at NBC News or not -- is far from likely to end a saga that began four months ago. Help, These are the biggest box office hits of all time, 'RHOBH' star Erika Girardi divorcing her husband, Wolf Van Halen blasts Us Weekly story on his mother, Alexa Ray Joel previews new song on SiriusXM'sBilly Joel Channel, New book unlocks 'Jeopardy!' NBC's Lester Holt is on vacation this week, prompting some speculation that an announcement about his future -- and Brian Williams' -- is imminent. After 35 years of suffering from the effects of a devastating knee injury sustained playing high school football, he had replacement surgery on his right knee. I'm walking with a cane although I could walk without it.

Credit: NBC News. Holt was off the air Monday and Tuesday, and will be off the air the rest of the week, an absence Politico Playbook on Monday characterized as "a long-planned family vacation." I would not be in the shape I'm in right now without her.

The culture has changed entirely. ... ari i still on at 6:00 pm every day unless on vacation. While Holt is now considered by many to be a lock for "Nightly," that might also lead to Williams' departure, an outcome network executives have reportedly sought to avoid.

Terms of service | With Holt as stand-in for Williams the last four months, speculation has ramped up that he'll be named permanent replacement too. Most Popular This Week 1.

The other strong feeling I get about replacement surgery is what it is not.

We could wake up to any circumstance. Sitemap |

I'm 54. One such time was his interview with disgraced journalist, Brian Williams.

Despite your promises to the contrary about what you're going to do tomorrow — tomorrow always becomes about physical therapy, your leg, planning the day, moving slow, getting to work. Please click here for the story.]. So why his absence from the air just as a decision is about to be rendered? Privacy Policy | It's a crazy way to live and I was very fortunate. You might be using private browsing or have notifications blocked.

California Privacy Rights |

Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. i loved watching the five before Juan Williams came on the show.. i use to welcome The Five in my house but no longer since he has been apart of The Five lets get him off the show, show your support! Esoteric stuff. We didn't get around to that.

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