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Creative Writing about Food Prompts for Kids — Food! Then there’s just plain ugly food. Which are your favorite desserts? Food offers a means for powerful imagery in adult literature as well. Essays may be lightly modified for readability or to protect the anonymity of contributors, but we do not edit essay examples prior to publication. Reading example essays works the same way! When she reached out her tongue and captured snowflakes on its tip, she reveled in the coolness in her mouth. Studies by food psychology researcher Brian Wansink and his colleagues at Cornell University show that we rate a picture of a glass of orange juice as significantly more appealing when juice can be seen being poured into the glass than when the image is of a glass that has already been filled. These are people who do nothing all day but sit and indulge their appetites on this strange plant. One can think of this as yet another example of food in motion; it’s just that the person interacting with the food happens to be more visible than in many examples of dynamic food advertising in the west, where all you see is the food moving. I am sure I have used every cliche out there and have broken every rule when it comes to describing food. And not only for the pictures that will adorn the pages of their next cookbook. Write a story with a potato as the superhero. Given that our brains have evolved to find food, it should perhaps come as little surprise to discover that some of the largest increases in cerebral blood flow occur when a hungry brain is exposed to images of desirable foods. That’s because most of us are right-handed, and so we normally see ourselves holding a spoon in our right hand. The yummy and colorful fruits that you like or even about the ones you dislike and why. I am increasingly concerned that all this “digital grazing” of images of unhealthy energy-dense foods may be encouraging us to eat more than we realise and nudging us all towards unhealthier food behaviours. No doubt we have all heard our stomachs rumbling when we contemplate a tasty meal. So there you have it—the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of describing a food.

it’s pretty nasty alright! Adjectives for Describing Food | Image. Joe plucked an apple right from the tree and crunched into it, the tart juices filling his mouth and running down his chin. Explain how to make it starting from the bottom to the top layer. , Your email address will not be published. Fungi beg for the honor of giving their lives this way. Food imagery is most visually appealing when the viewer’s brain finds it easy to simulate the act of eating, for example, when the food is seen from a first-person perspective. The lobster was melt-in-your-mouth soft and had the perfect taste of delicate, buttery lobster meat. We are bombarded by food images, from adverts through to social media and TV cookery shows.

Check out our Privacy and Content Sharing policies for more information.). Some people are experts at describing a food that’s ugly. For the hungry, tired, and homesick men accompanying Odysseus, the image of a plain plate of bread or cheese is temptation is plenty. While food is around us every day, many first-time writers can struggle to capture the nuances of taste, texture or the emotions associated with a meal in their writing. View Full Essay. While such suggestions are, of course, a little tongue in cheek, there is a very serious issue here. This cycle of punishment for the “sin" of gluttony is furthered when Odysseus makes the giant’s appetite for wine his downfall.

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