ikea hovet mirror

Makes the room look much bigger and lighter and looks very high end. The EZ Anchor that muddgirl suggested worked great! Difficult to transport with out a van - but worth the trip!! Hang it vertically so you can check your outfit from top to toe, or hang it horizontally to create an illusion of more space. Love the mirror - perfect addition to our bedroom! Haven't hung it yet but hoping it will not be to arduous. By the way, you look great today.

You must enable JavaScript to shop on IKEA.ca. Perfect size and height. Still have to go to Home Depot to pick up some add ons to hang it. Use only water or window-cleaner.

Beautiful mirror. Yep. Bunch of drywall anchors, zip ties, and the like. Worth the hassle!

The mirror is quite heavy and is huge! Home Depot sells a kind of drywall anchor that is easy to install and sits flush against the wall - I think it's called E-Z-Anchor. When standing on the floor, the mirror must be anchored to the wall by using the enclosed fittings. 99 (126) More options. I'm not sure about how to do it, or if I should just pay someone else, and if so who. Love it!! Perfect size and clean lines. What do I do with this big honkin' mirror? Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Learn more. Hang it vertically so you can check your outfit from top to toe, or hang it horizontally to create an illusion of more space. IKEA was one of the first companies in the world to introduce lead-free coating. Safety film reduces damage if glass is broken. Mounting fittings are included - prevent the mirror from sliding on the floor if leaned against a wall. Fantastic large mirror for a great price! Provided with safety film - reduces damage if glass is broken. This mirror is massive once on the wall at home. Excellent mirror, easy to install, great delivery. We love it. Or if it's easier to locate, two 50-lb drywall anchors would be more than sufficient. I usually install one anchor, hang the thing, level it, mark both corners, take it down, then carefully measure the corner vs. screw location before installing the other anchor. The large size was perfect for 9’ ceilings. Those work the same as the plastic screw-in ones, except that the plastic ones won't cope with accidentally hitting studs.

I bought this mirror to open up a small front entryway. HOVET Mirror 30 3/4x77 1/8 " IKEA Hovet mirror may become a perfect piece for your entryway but spruce it a little bit adding LEDs. As part of my home renovations, I have been looking for a mirror to put up on the big space that leads down the stairs. Mirror 19 5/8 "$ 19. Because it helps me study and look at myself and you can see everything, Purchased a couple of weeks a little bigger then I tho, Rare to find a mirror this big that looks good. (All other seats laid flat). HOVET Mirror It’s nearly two metres tall and will make a strong impression in your home. My favorite ikea purchase to date. If your IKEA is local and easy to get to, get their handy pack of hanging stuff for ten bucks. great size too. Just you need a big wall. It’s doable! IKEA was one of the first companies in the world to introduce lead-free coating. HOVET Mirror It’s nearly two metres tall and will make a strong impression in your home. IKEA Trensum mirror can be easily turned into a cute and glam vanity mirror with lights. My Dad, who was a builder, helped - we wouldn't have had a clue - so if you're not a DIY type person, defo get someone to help with experience of positioning such a large item accurately on a wall using fast brolly fixings. Be careful transporting it because it’s actually very fragile even though it’s fully padded in the box. Mirror looks great, it's a big size so makes a nice statement piece leant up against the wall. These mirrors are heavy, about 40lbs so make sure you get good hangers. HOVET Mirror It’s nearly two yards tall and will make a strong impression in your home. It is the mirror that my family were looking for and it fits to our budget considering its size and quality. Use fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home, sold separately. Nice height! Fits perfectly in my room and does not take up space. Find out more about browser cookies. Available to order online. Mirrors used to be coated with lead, a toxic metal. Ask MetaFilter is where thousands of life's little questions are answered. very pleased with this mirror.... the largest one ikea make! For future reference. Just enough frame to allow safe handling and/or installation. Another approach that would allow you to use jon1270's nice McMaster-Carr removable screw anchors: fit the anchors to the wall and tighten the screw so that the spreader at the back of the anchor opens out and pulls up against the back of the drywall as it's designed to do. I bought it a week ago and the mirror is very nice and made our living room look more spacious because of its size. Good quality, looks very expensive. With the virus, delivery was really high and not due for about 4 weeks so collected myself and managed to fit it in my Yaris!

It’s just perfect for the space we needed a mirror. Good quality, I only wish they came in a black frame. The anchors that jon1270 recommends are great drywall anchors, but unless they're snugged up tight they just act as sleeves in the hole through the drywall, and the design of the keyhole mounts on the back of that mirror frame mean that the anchors never will get snugged up tight. I bought this mirror 2 years ago and it still looks great. Sleek and minimal. Good quality build and has a nice minimalist appearance. Bring your ideas to life with rewards, inspiration, discounts and a few surprises along the way. My builders agreed to do this for me and I found this perfect mirror from IKEA. i love the silver borders as it gives it a modern look. Brilliant mirror and such a good size for the price. I wanted to share in case anyone else wanted to try to click and collect with their personal cars. Has made the room feel so much bigger. Making the anchor points’ strength match won’t help anything.

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