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Automotive Machining, cylinder head rebuilding, engine building. ↳   Vintage/Classic/Historical Engine Tech, ↳   3V Performance Engine & Valve train Development, ↳   Race Cars & Parts - For Sale or Wanted, http://www.kb-silvolite.com/icon/icon.p ... s&P_id=615. 2618 aluminum has a lower silicon content than 4032 and is better suited for engine combinations with high compression or a power adder. hey guys whats the story on pistons as in hypertectic, cast and forged? For additional protection and to avoid cavity edge or crown fissures, these pistons have a special hard anodized layer (HA layer) on the crown. Pistons made from this alloy can be installed with tighter piston to bore clearance, resulting in a tighter seal with less noise. The choice to use one over the other depends on your project. There are also alternative ligthweight pins available, as far as I can remember (Look in the PDF cat.) For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The piston pins are selected for the appropriate fit and they can be exchanged within the same piston type. ICON Premium pistons are designed to be application specific and are made from either 4032 or 2618 aluminum. Icon Pistons IC945-030 Fits Jeep 4.6L Dish -10.8cc 3.905 Bore $427.95 Fits AMC/Jeep 4.6L Inline 6 Cylinder, Bore 3.905, Stroke 3.895, Rod Length 6.123, 439 grams, Dish -10.8cc, Set of 6 Pistons In many instances, MAHLE is asked to supply the pistons for an OE manufacturer's high output, premium engines. The pins are 141 grams, all within .0001 of each other. MAHLE® pistons are OE quality and have many premium OE features. At 520 grams, the piston is 15% lighter than other pistons offered by Chevrolet for this engine. SBC, BBC, BBM and been pretty happy with them. Cast solid skirt Piston top, ring belt and skirt form a robust unit. Due to their high strength and lower wear values, these pistons make it possible to comply with low exhaust and emission standards, especially for diesel engines under heavy loads. 1/16 – 1/16 – 3/16 Ring Stack (unless noted), Lateral gas ports on high compression designs, Spacer rings provided for shorter compression height pistons, Line2Line Adaptive Skirt Technology Coating, Anodized Top Ring Groove and Piston Crown, UltraTherm CM Thermal Barrier Crown Coating.

by Bernard Mondello » Wed Aug 22, 2012 12:14 am, Post Due to the manufacturing process, they are stronger and therefore allow reduced wall cross-sections and lower piston weight. The Chrysler 2.5L Turbo, Chevrolet 5.7L LT5 (ZRI Corvette), Chevrolet 5.7L LT1 and Chevrolet 4.3L 200HP truck engines all have our pistons. Naturally, the demands on pistons have also risen progressively: they must be lighter, must have lower oil consumption and must be absolutely safe and reliable. No matter what your high-performance application calls for, there is an ICON piston for you. Forged pistons The state of the art in motorsport is now used in highly loaded series production engines as well: the forged piston.

In the case of pistons that have a graphitized skirt, another 0.015-0.020 mm should be deducted from the measured piston diameter to allow for the thickness of the layer; this gives the nominal diameter for the piston which is stamped on it.

2618 is a low-silicon, high-expansion alloy that is used for extreme-duty racing applications such as NASCAR, ALMS, etc.

In addition, we apply our UltraTherm CM heat reflective thermal barrier to the piston crown.

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. what is the problem with the hypertectic?W hat applications are they made for does anyone know?? Piston diameter, installation clearance, and if applicable – direction of installation are marked on the piston crown. FERROTHERM® A steel piston top and an aluminum piston skirt that are flexibly connected via the gudgeon pin.

A byproduct of having a lower silicon content, is an increased rate of thermal expansion. Their range of applications extends from model engines to large power units. cast and hyper pistons are basically the same thing, the hyper is an added material IIRC... cast and is usually whats in most stock engines, some have hyper, slightly stronger than cast, but more brittle. Naturally, the demands on pistons have also risen progressively: they must be lighter, must have lower oil consumption and must be absolutely safe and reliable.

Industry icon Nick Arias Jr. began his journey with Pistons in 1969. This provides the pistons with significantly improved heat removal properties, especially in the first ring groove. This abradable skirt coating allows the engine builder to install the piston with virtually zero piston to wall clearance.

Because of the high temperatures at the piston top and the ring belt, intensive cooling is provided with oil circulating through the cooling channel. To better understand, we'll let MAHLE explain. Mahle pistons are designed for specific applications with the alloy that is best suited for that particular application.

I hope this helps! Unless you rebuilding an engine with little to no budget you're going to upgrade to aluminum forged pistons. He will NOT lie to you. On assembly it must be ensured that the components are lubricated sufficiently. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access.

ICON Premium. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. 4032 is a high-silicon, low-expansion alloy. At the start of a cold engine, the pistons expanding process can be heard and is commonly referred to as the "piston slap". The pin bores fluctuate by .0004, but need to be sized anyhow as they come a little tight.

It does not say how much they weigh or if they are maybe in the USA or not. If your build calls for a max effort piston, that can handle anything your engine can dish out, look no further than the ICON LCAT Series. Download the KB catalog (PDF). Which Mahle Piston Is Right For Your Engine. ICON Premium pistons are designed to be application specific and are made from either 4032 or 2618 aluminum.

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