ice maker stuck in harvest mode

Other and further objects, advantages and features of the present disclosure will be understood by reference to the following specification in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which like reference characters denote like elements of structure and: A further embodiment of the disclosure automatically provides notice of the fault to the servicer.

There’s never really a good time for an ice machine to stop working. The controller in a normal mode controls the components to make ice using a freeze cycle and a harvest cycle.

Provisional Application, Ser. Controller 24 controls the freeze cycle and harvest cycle through connections to various components of ice making machine 22 . When power to the ice machine has been interrupted, the control board will log the event in the ELOG and stamp the loss of power on power-up, – Air condenser high temperature/water condenser high temperature, 1) Liquid line temperature is too high for self-contained air-cooled machine = Air-Cooled Condenser Fault, The high-pressure cutout switch (HPCO) opened 3 times in a 4-hour period, – Starving Evaporator for single TXV or low on charge, 10 consecutive occurrences where the difference of the average evaporator inlet (T3) and outlet (T4) is greater than 12 degrees F in the last 1 minute of the freeze cycle (ELOG-E07), Flooding evaporator for single circuit single evaporator (flooding evap), Average compressor discharge line temperature lasts 6 seconds of Prechill +50 degrees F (T1) compared to the average of the first 6 minutes of the freeze cycle (T2), is less than 1.05 degrees F, Flooding evaporator for dual TXV dual circuit/single evaporator (flooding evap), The compressor discharge temperature did not increase by at least 1 degrees F, and the evaporator temperature, Curtain Switch open for more tha 24 hours (Curtain Fault). While in the safe mode due to failure of an ice thickness probe, the freeze cycle freeze time is based on an average freeze time of a predetermined number of the most previous freeze cycles prior to the failure.

I have had this side-by-side refrigerator for 5 years, and all of a sudden the ice maker is not making any more ice, but still dispenses water. In another embodiment of the method of the present disclosure, the method further comprises continuing to execute the freeze cycles and the harvest cycles in the safe mode until the time duration ends or the failure is cured.

In another embodiment of the ice making machine of the present disclosure, the operations further comprise continuing to execute the freeze cycles and the harvest cycles in the safe mode until the time duration ends or the failure is cured. Sign up today! executing with said processor said instructions to perform steps comprising: Ice machine safe mode freeze and harvest control and method, Application filed by Manitowoc Foodservice Companies Inc, Assigned to MANITOWOC FSG OPERATIONS, LLC. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Assignors: ERBS, DARYL G., HAACK, RAYMOND R., MUELLER, LEE GERARD, TIRUMALA, RAMESH B., YORK, WILLIAM ROY, JR.

if both said ice thickness probe and water level probe, said most recent average values for both said water inlet valve and said freeze cycle time.

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