hyrule warriors adventure mode row 2

2-4 Adventure Battle - Dash gallantly into battle!

This will reveal its Weak Point gauge.

The "Clear time" requirement is 7 minutes for most Challenge Battles, and 15 minutes for Adventure Battles. Use on switches to reveal hidden staircases. 2-14 Adventure Battle - Capture the enemy keeps! Once you capture the first required keep, two Siege Captains will appear. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

The Lv. Within it, specific characters and bosses depicted in each puzzle can be fought, making it an ideal area for farming rare materials.

Use on light colored rocks to reveal hidden enemies.

This map also contains all Lv.

The Zora Tunic and Goron Tunics have also been moved here. Shortly after the scenario begins, three Manhandla Stalks will sprout around the battlefield. The modes are battles organized on a 16 x 8 square grid based on the original Zelda game's map. Track it down and defeat it as soon as it shows up. Players also need to play this mode to unlock all Lv. Whenever an Item Card is used, a positive effect is added to the board, and that effect will affect the entire Lorule Map until it is overwritten. KO it before heading to the Enemy Base to fight Ghirahim.

2-9 Adventure Battle - Defeat the enemy forces! The Koholint Map is designed to be used in terms of material farming, Rupee gathering, and generating experience points to level up characters. In the third, defeat Midna. In Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, an Item Card Shop was added.

Now run up and around the north side of the Enemy Keep to reach the Abandoned Fort. requirement is 3 for "Fight through the X quiz!" A variation of the Hookshot, it has the same function as its counterpart.

2 and Lv. You'll take her out a lot faster this way. Beating the first Adventure Map will unlock the Great Sea Map, then beating that unlocks the Master Quest Map. Certain battle squares on this Map contain Song Stones and the Linebeck Trading Company.

Alternatively, you can try tackeling the Dodongo and Ghoma first. If you're careful, this can be useful when trying to take down enemies quickly. Defeat them both or the winner will attack you with its feathery troops.

Use a Power Bracelet Card on the stone to unlock the "A" Rank reward. This carries over to the Switch version. As well as the Great Sea Rules from the Great Sea Map, the Master Wind Waker Map also has Endless Night Rules,[4] similar to the Master Quest Rules of the original Master Quest Map. It will only appear once all the Twilight has been cleared from the map and can be activated on any map square. Some Missions have special rules attached to them. By comparison, as certain characters and weapons are already obtainable in other maps and modes, the following can be unlocked on this map: Some costumes have also been moved here. If he flees, the mission's over. Skulltula - KO 1,000 enemies and you'll find it in the room west of the Allied Base.

Heart Container (Ganondorf) - "A" Rank reward.

Certain battles may pit players against third-party forces in a fierce challenge. Defeat the correct enemy in each room. Triforce Harp (most powerful version of Sheik's Harp weapon) - "A" Rank reward. But like with the Master Quest Map, it also contains many new rules that cannot be ignored. If you're quick, you can probably take him out before Gohma and Dodongo butt in. In the second, defeat another Lana. When they're gone, continue attacking the enemy captains.

A Scout Captain will appear while you're fighting. A mission's requirements may include up to three categories, from among "K.O.

The Wii U and 3DS versions feature different map layouts and rewards. See gallery below for more details.

But first, find and destroy all three Manhandla Stalks with your Boomerang. The Map contains rewards for the playable characters Cia, Volga, and Wizzro, along with new costume and additional rewards for other playable characters. and a "C" rank in "Damage taken" will result in a "B" rank for the mission, while an "A" rank in all parameters is required in order to ace the mission. The Twilight Map provides new missions and challenges on a slightly smaller Map, as well as additional new Item Cards based on items from Twilight Princess. Once you have both Argoroks down, go after the Manhandla.

Other rules that apply to Twilight squares are: Lv. 2-4 weapons for Toon Zelda and Toon Link's Sand Wand are found here.

DLC only map that contains additional 8-bit weapon skins, masks for characters to wear, heart containers, heart pieces, and Gold Skulltulas. ", "Clear time", and "Damage taken".

Heart Container (Ghirahim) - Capture the Southeast Keep.

Use on green glowing circles to unlock new rewards.

Once a Network Link appears, the Battle on the square it stands at can be played for an extra Reward, including Weapons and Materials. Item Cards are items that can be used to unlock new rewards or reveal hidden enemies in missions.

Use on rocks in the water to destroy them. 2-2 Challenge Battle - Fight through the royalty quiz! Once all of the Nightmare squares have been cleansed with the instruments, players will be able to use them at any time. Use on windmills to reveal hidden passages.

It is the smallest Map, with one less Battle than the Termina Map, and as the name implies is based on Koholint Island from Link's Awakening. Defeating enemies in battles will have an increased chance of producing two dropped items, with greater likelihood that at least one item is a Weapon Bag. 2-6 Challenge Battle - Defeat all Giant Bosses within the time limit! A new map introduced in Legends, it is based on the overworld of The Wind Waker. [3] On battle squares containing ocean, character icons appear in 8-bit boats. The Map is zoomed out completely to show the entire landscape.

Network Links appear similar to Link but wearing black, blue, light blue, purple, or red clothing. 2-10 Challenge Battle - Fight through the women's weapons quiz! Drop what you're doing and take them out with your Boomerang. The adventure map is divided by grids. https://koei.fandom.com/wiki/Adventure_Mode_(Hyrule_Warriors)?oldid=427389. Spins windmills that unlock hidden rewards. Reconnects severed railways on certain squares. His jewel will also glow after he sinks both his hands into the ground and before he does a leaping uppercut. A new section of the Map can be revealed on the Moon if the Four Giants are saved on the Map. After the three enemy commanders are gone, a Scout Captain will appear.
Adventure Mode Overview Hyrule Warriors: ... For vertical position, "1" is the topmost row, then "2" then so on. If connected to the Nintendo Network during gameplay, Network Link will sometimes appear on the Map screen. This map now contains all Lv. If you ever need find yourself needing a particular Item Card, this will be a good quick reference chart for where to look for one. Adventure Mode (アドベンチャーモード) is a virtual board game experience. The effect of the Rule depends on which enemy or obstacle is on the Map square and each enemy or obstacle can be defeated/dispelled by a different Item Card.

Beating that Map will automatically unlock both Termina and Twilight Maps. Make sure the Allied Base is safe then head to the Enemy Base and take care of Ganondorf.

Immediately take them out as they will weaken keeps making them more difficult to capture and easier to fall to enemy hands. Use on distant targets to pull self towards them. Track it down and KO it to get your stuff back. Item Cards are not always required to unlock a stage, as most Item Cards only unlock new rewards. These situational commands are available only in this mode. 2-5 Adventure Battle - Attend the Festival of Cuccos! Guardian's Gate (more powerful version of Lana's Summoning Gate weapon) - "A" Rank reward. Use a Goddess's Harp Card on the butterflies to unlock the scenario for play and a Bombs Card on the left side of the cliff to unlock the "A" Rank reward.

Use on cog-shaped holes to reveal hidden staircases. The Adventure Map is the first map that you have access to in Adventure Mode. The Koholint Island Map is included with the Link's Awakening DLC Pack, but is not found in Hyrule Warriors. Don't forget to use Sheik's water barrier (Y Button + X Button and then the X Button). Heart Container (Link) - Capture the Fairy Fountain. Players only have access to the squares tied to illustration pieces they've completed. Heart Piece (Ganondorf) - Capture the Northwest Keep. When it's eye turns blue (after its laser attack), shoot it with your Bow to reveal its Weak Point gauge.

There are a lot of enemies in this scenario so make sure you keep a very close eye on the Allied Base as it can easily be overrun and fall before you're even aware there's a problem.

In the Grand Travels Map, there are three Item Cards that, when used, activate a Captain Power that increases the Rank obtained after in Battle in each of the three Rank categories.

Later in the mission, a Scout Captain will appear and call in powerful enemy troops that will wreak havoc on the keeps you control. Skulltula - KO 1,000 enemies and you'll find it in front of the large statue just south of the Allied Base.

2-4 weapons for Marin and Linkle's Boots are found here. Once all three enemies are gone, the Enemy Base will open up. Capture the West Town Keep, Town Center Keep, Statue Keep and Central Square as fast as you can. You will need to destroy both spikes. Defeat it quickly or it will call in reinforcements. Blows away tiles that reveal hidden rewards.

Shoot it with your Bow.

Adventure Mode Column 4, Row 2 Defeat 700 enemies in 10 minutes! To activate these statues, players must clear the square they reside in. This applies to the Switch version as well.

The following are the various costumes one can earn from each Adventure Mode Map.

Use a Digging Mitts Card on the green patch to unlock the "A" Rank reward. Unlike most Adventure Mode maps, this one does not come with any additional rules in order to challenge players.

Once the keeps are yours, head to the Allied Base and clear out the enemies. For example, while Cia's charging up her move that surrounds her with four attacking Shadow Links, press the X Button to charge increase the Great Fairy's attack power. The player moves an 8-Bit Version of their Warrior across the different missions until they choose what mission they want to challenge. 4 (+) weapons for various characters are now available on this map.

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