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By promising to phase out Jewish immigration into Palestine, Britain hoped to win back support from wavering Arabs. I believe he is an architect of the Nakba (the defeat of 1948 and the departure of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who had been driven out of their lands) in the sense that he bears a share of responsibility for what has happened to the Palestinian people.

[42] The frustration of pan-Arab aspirations lent an Islamic colour to the struggle for independence, and increasing resort to the idea of restoring the land to Dar al-Islam. The “Government appears to have led public opinion to the brink of war and [is] now unable to retreat.”50. [193] Husseini has been described by the American Jewish Congress as "Hitler's henchman"[194] and some scholars, such as Schwanitz and Rubin, have argued that Husseini made the Final Solution inevitable by shutting out the possibility of Jews escaping to Palestine. In short, Jews were not simply to be driven out of the German sphere but would be hunted down and destroyed even beyond it. Glubb Pasha carried out the order ruthlessly and efficiently. [235], On 1 March 1944, while speaking on Radio Berlin, al-Husseini said: 'Arabs, rise as one man and fight for your sacred rights. A Haganah report mentions that there was a German officer among them. It was the first Iraqi pogrom in a century, one fueled by violent anti-Jewish feelings stirred over the preceding decade by the ongoing conflict between Arabs and Jews in Palestine. At the end of May 1946, when the Mufti arrived in Cairo, he had to remain in hiding for weeks as he faced charges as a war criminal by Britain, the United States and Yugoslavia. [157], As the European situation for the Allies deteriorated, Husseini advised Iraq to adhere to the letter to their treaty with Great Britain, and avoid being drawn into the war in order to conserve her energies for the liberation of Arab countries. This war was not inevitable. [151] There he was welcomed as the leading Arab nationalist of his day, and heir to King Faisal, modern Iraq's founder. The same violent accusation was launched in Jaffa against sheikh Muzaffir, an otherwise radical Islamic preacher, who gave a sermon calling for calm on the same day. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), © 2020 Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Leadership Program in Arab-Israel Studies,, Iranian Intelligence Services Abduct Opposition Activists from Abroad, The Long-Simmering Feud between “Inside” Palestinians and the Outsiders from Tunis, “The Devil from Paris” – Iran’s Harsh Criticism of the French President, Hamas Is Very Concerned about Israel’s Normalization with Sudan, Anti-Israel Claims of Ethnic Cleansing Have No Place in a Student Paper – or Anywhere, The Abraham Accords May Herald New Security Structures for the Middle East, Egypt Captures Muslim Brotherhood Commander in Cairo, Sovereignty in the West Bank Areas of Judea and, The Third Wave of Anti-Semitism is on the Way, The British Mandate Began 100 Years Ago, June 30, 1920 – A Photo Essay, Jordanian Tanks Crossed the Jordan Valley. A law of 1924 allowed the British authorities to expropriate property, and fear of this in turn greatly agitated the Muslim community, though the laws of donation of the waqf explicitly disallowed any such alienation.
56 “Off-the Record Talks in Transjordan of Two British Correspondents,” unsigned, Amman, 21 October 1947, CZA S25-9038, as cited by Morris, 1948, 394.

“It would be a dangerous and tragic precedent if a General Assembly resolution were to be thwarted by force,” the UN Palestine Commission asserted in February 1948.15 At the same time, the United States designated any attempt to change the decision by force as an “act of aggression.”16.

Similarly, continuity with the Nazis existed on an individual level. Therefore, Hillel Cohen is correct in claiming that “there can be little doubt that the Mufti’s inflexible position and refusal to accept any partition proposal were the major reasons for the outbreak of war in 1948.”74 However, the Mufti might have ended his career in 1945, had the Western powers not allowed him to escape justice and had the Arabs not protected him out of opportunism. It is “a battle between two conflicting faiths, each of which can exist only on the ruins of the other.”24 The Arabs must “together attack the Jews and destroy them as soon as the British forces have withdrawn.”25, Prior to the end of the war on May 8, 1945, the Mufti had, “with astute foresight,” according to Joseph Schechtman, moved a “large proportion of his Nazi financial backing” from Germany to Switzerland and Iraq.26 Moreover, officials in Berlin also entered the post-war period. In Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini attended a Qur'an school (kuttub), and Ottoman government secondary school (rüshidiyye) where he learned Turkish, and a Catholic secondary school run by French missionaries, the Catholic Frères, where he learned French. [138] When Husseini eventually met with Hitler and Ribbentrop in 1941, he assured Hitler that 'The Arabs were Germany's natural friends because they had the same enemies... namely the English, the Jews, and the Communists'.[139]. [19] The al-Husseini clan consisted of wealthy landowners in southern Palestine, centered around the district of Jerusalem. 55 E. Sasson’s report on “Attempts for Agreement with Arabs” (Jerusalem), 5 March 1946, in “E.

His funeral was attended by 100,000 people. [329] The charge was recycled with added colour by Quentin Reynolds, unfounded on any evidence, at the time of the trial of Adolf Eichmann. ', harvnb error: no target: CITEREFArendt1965 (, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFStangneth2014 (, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFNew_Documents2001 (, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFFinkelstein2005 (, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFBreitmanGoda2011 (, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFAchcar_(a)2010 (, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFMojzes1984 (, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFHilberg1961 (, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFCohen2008 (, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFSayigh2000 (, harvnb error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFMorris1997 (, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFMattar1988_(b) (. [309] Robert Kiely sees Husseini as moving "incrementally toward anti-Semitism as he opposed Jewish ambitions in the region. [197], Himmler asked me on the occasion: "How do you propose to settle the Jewish question in your country?" Chancellor authorised the Muslims to recommence their reconstructive work, while, responding to further Zionist complaints, prevailed on the SMC to stop the raucous Zikr ceremonies in the vicinity of the wall. [132], Neve Gordon writes that al-Husseini regarded all alternative nationalist views as treasonous, opponents became traitors and collaborators, and patronizing or employing Jews of any description illegitimate. [24], With the outbreak of World War I in 1914, al-Husseini received a commission in the Ottoman Army as an artillery officer and was assigned to the Forty-Seventh Brigade stationed in and around the city of Izmir. [158][159] In July 1940 Colonel S. F. Newcombe managed to work out an agreement with Nuri al-Sa'id, who was then Foreign Minister, and the Palestinians Jamal al-Husayni and Musa al-'Alami to the effect that Palestinian Arabs would back Britain and assent to the White Paper of 1939 in exchange for an immediate implementation of the clause regarding the country's independence.

The British backtracked out of fear over the hostile reaction the accord might stir up among the Jews of Palestine, and among American Jews, whose opinion was important were Britain to gain American support in the war. Genre And they're all laughing, Here are some quotes regarding your first meeting that you can use. [71] Al-Husseini and Awni Abd al-Hadi met with the Syrian nationalists[72] and they made a joint proclamation for a unified monarchical state under a son of Ibn Sa'ud. [121] Though terrorism was used by both sides,[122] Al-Husseini's tactics, his abuse of power to punish other clans, and the killing of political adversaries he considered 'traitors',[123] alienated many Palestinian Arabs. Though Dehlawi was a prominent scholar and able writer, his literary works are few.

“The riots, which also spread to Alexandria and to the European community there, lasted two days. It forced Britain to make substantial concessions to Arab demands.

Indeed, in February 1948, Abd al-Rahman Azzam, Secretary-General of the Arab League, defined “the conflict in Palestine as a civil war into which they would send their regular troops only if foreign armies were to get involved and implement the partition by force.”14 In light of the international support for partition, such caution was understandable. In Delhi, Dehlawi quickly became renowned. He was first president of the Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind and was also regarded as Grand Mufti … Amin al-Husseini was born around 1897 in Jerusalem, the son of the mufti of that city and prominent early opponent of Zionism, Tahir al-Husayni. Consular documentation discarded the plot thesis rapidly, and identified the deeper cause as political, not religious, namely in what the Palin report had earlier identified[100] as profound Arab discontent over Zionism.

During the Second World War, the Allies had refrained from countering the Nazis’ antisemitic propaganda as they did not wish to be seen as “friends of the Zionists.” After the war, the Allies chose not to annoy the Arabs and thus refrained from calling the Mufti to account for his crimes. [190] Their tour through the camp presented it as a re-educational institution, and they were shown the high quality of objects made by inmates, and happy Russian prisoners who, reformed to fight Bolshevism, were paraded, singing, in sprightly new uniforms.

To death! In all, in the killings and subsequent revenge attacks, 136 Arabs and 135 Jews died, while 340 of the latter were wounded, as well as an estimated 240 Arabs. What Did the Grand Mufti Know? The price for murdering opposition leaders and peace leaders rose by July to 100 Palestine pounds: a suspected traitor 25 pounds, and a Jew 10. 50 Robert Memminger, Damascus to Secretary of State, 9 May 1948, USNA, 800 Syria/9-548 as cited by Morris, 1948, 181. Deluded by the lenitive address, extremists harangued the crowd, accusing al-Husseini of being an infidel to the Muslim cause.

[74][76], Zionist allegations that disproportionate force had been employed during what was a solemn occasion of prayer created an outcry throughout the diaspora. The talks, however, soon proved fruitless.

Contacted by Luke, al-Husseini undertook to do his best to maintain calm on the Haram, but could not stop demonstrators from gathering at the Wall. The struggle for Greater Syria collapsed after France defeated the Arab forces in Battle of Maysalun in July 1920.

The Supreme Muslim Council asked the Israeli government permission to bury him there but permission was refused. During the 1947/48 war, he was a commander in the Mufti’s jihad army (al-jihad al-muqaddas) where he chose another German Wehrmacht officer as his adviser.21 The jihad army’s most famous commander and its leader in Jerusalem, Abd al-Qadir el-Husseini, had also been a Nazi collaborator who had participated in the defense of the pro-Nazi regime in Baghdad. On November 2, 1945, the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, the Brotherhood organized a demonstration in Cairo during which a mob broke into Cairo’s Jewish quarter, attacked Jewish shops and desecrated synagogues.

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