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Roast beef, gorgonzola, roasted red peppers & spring greens on toasted ciabatta bread. [179] By now around 83 of the crowd had been killed and another 15 mortally wounded; only one of the Invalides had been killed in return. Schama, p. 333; Lüsebrink and Reichardt, p. 19. Denis, p. 38; Dutray-Lecoin (2010b), p. 24. [113] Such a detention could be preferable to facing a scandal or a public trial over their misdemeanours, and the secrecy that surrounded detention at the Bastille allowed personal and family reputations to be quietly protected. Mozzarella, pesto & tomato on buttered bread cooked on our griddle until golden brown. [98] An elevated building on one side of the courtyard held the Bastille's archives. [16] The Bastille's design was highly innovative: it rejected both the 13th-century tradition of more weakly fortified quadrangular castles, and the contemporary fashion set at Vincennes, where tall towers were positioned around a lower wall, overlooked by an even taller keep in the centre. [161] As early as 1775, Louis XVI's minister Malesherbes had authorised all prisoners to be given newspapers to read, and to be allowed to write and to correspond with their family and friends. [69], By Louis's reign, Bastille prisoners were detained using a "lettre de cachet", "a letter under royal seal", issued by the king and countersigned by a minister, ordering a named person to be held. [32] The Arsenal, a large military-industrial complex tasked with the production of cannons and other weapons for the royal armies, was established to the south of the Bastille by Francis I, and substantially expanded under Charles IX. Heirloom tomatoes w/ avocado, cotija cheese, & cilantro w/ a balsamic vinegar & oil dressing. "L'embastillement dans les mémoires des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles", in Dutray-Lecoin and Muzerelle (eds) (2010). Jacques-François-Xavier de Whyte, often called Major Whyte, had originally been imprisoned for sexual misdemeanours – by 1789 he believed himself to be. Although inmates were kept in relatively good conditions, criticism of the Bastille grew during the 18th century, fueled by autobiographies written by former prisoners. [52] The Parlement of Paris, the Regency government of Anne of Austria and rebellious noble factions fought for several years to take control of the city and wider power. [74], Many prisoners still continued to come from the upper classes, particularly in those cases termed "désordres des familles", or disorders of the family. Maquet, Auguste, A. Arnould and Jules-Édouard Alboize Du Pujol (1844). Top w/ your choice of one of our signature hot sauces. [148][O], In the 1780s, prison reform became a popular topic for French writers and the Bastille was increasingly critiqued as a symbol of arbitrary despotism.

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