how to validate the reliability and accuracy of information

Does any respected source list them as a credible authority or expert on the subject they are commenting on or promoting? It shows whether the test scores obtained are similar to other measures of the same concept. If you feel the increased weight of the participants of your experiment is due to lack of physical activity, but it was actually due to the consumption of coffee with sugar.

Their agenda is their purpose for writing what they write, in the way they write it, in order to sway their reader’s opinion or position on the subject they are writing about. is the ability to draw a causal link between your treatment and the dependent variable of interest. 0000007309 00000 n

0000026889 00000 n Finally, analyze how the information is spreading across social media, because speed can be an indication of accuracy.

"@context": "", If the collected data shows the same results after being tested using various methods and sample groups, this indicates that the information is reliable. C E Clark (author) from North Texas on February 22, 2014: Peggy W, thank you for pinning this article! If the weighing scale shows the same result, let’s say 70 kg each time, even if your actual weight is 55 kg, then it means the weighing scale is malfunctioning. C E Clark (author) from North Texas on September 16, 2012: Lesley T, thank you for reading and commenting on this hub. C E Clark (author) from North Texas on August 26, 2015: Thank you Paula, for your kind praise, and for sharing your thoughts. I can be very sarcastic and I have a dry sense of humor most often.


Unfortunately, many people take this one step further, and simply devolve responsibility for analysing life to a third party such as a church leader, a politician or a favourite journalist. It is all a big random process where some believe some things and others don't. Glad to know that you listen and compare many different sources of information. For scholarly articles, this is usually pretty simple. Very difficult for everyone in this country to fit into one of the only 2 that really have a say. They want you to buy their product or use their service. Reliability can be measured through. Finally, sit back and just think about the source for a minute. 0000024201 00000 n External validity is the ability to identify and generalize your outcomes of the study to the population at large. If enough people allow themselves to be fooled in this way, we could very well lose our democracy and find ourselves in an authoritarian state.
As a PSYC major, I know well that it is basically impossible to avoid slanting any report or editorial to one's own beliefs. Sadly, people as uninformed as the electorate are often voted into office and that is why our country is quickly becoming a 3rd world country for the majority and a haven for the wealthy. Most people, most of the time, adopt heuristics refined by experience. Research the person who is making the statement. I always voted on the hubs I read, too. This type of reliability test has a disadvantage caused by memory effects. . 0000006775 00000 n Reliability can be measured by comparing the consistency of the procedure and its results. Think about the implications. Undergraduate and graduate students must have a green GU360 badge and a reservation to enter the library. Here is help in determining the answers to those questions. Ensuring Validity is also not an easy job. Thank you. Example: Your weighing scale is showing different results each time you weigh yourself within a day even after handling it carefully, and weighing before and after meals. In contrast, if a method is not reliable, it’s not valid. Margaret Perrottet from San Antonio, FL on February 12, 2013: Good article, reminding us of the importance of checking your facts. Orders completed by our expert writers are, Formally drafted in academic style100% Plagiarism free & 100% Confidential Never resold Include unlimited free revisions Completed to match exact client requirements. Fort Worth, Harcourt Brace & Company, 1998. board. I like to look at as many different pieces of information as possible when I write an article. C E Clark (author) from North Texas on July 17, 2012: Thank you for reading, commenting, and using my hub as a reference. Is the author affiliated with an organization? Answer: That is exactly what this article is about. It really depends on the media source you choose to listen to. Welcome to hubpages, looking forward to more of your hubs! Their main purpose is to persuade you to their way of thinking just because they believe they are right and everyone else is wrong. The influence on the independent variable due to passage of time. If there is a link to a homepage, is it for an individual or for an organization? What would be more relevant, or valid, would be to use some sources that provide information on other species of cacti because these will be most helpful to you and your study. Sarah has two Master's, one in Zoology and one in GIS, a Bachelor's in Biology, and has taught college level Physical Science and Biology. Okay, so once you've determined that a source is valid, the next step is to determine if the source is reliable. What do you know about the person who wrote that ‘forward’ you received in your email? You are so right in that everything we hear should be questioned no matter what or where we hear it. It takes only seconds in many cases. . In most cases, you should stay away from internet information that doesn't provide the name of an author.

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