how to tag someone on facebook

4. To tag an existing photo, open it---the image can be yours or someone else's. Does the PlayStation 5 Support 1440p Resolution? It has to be in order to be used by the widest possible demographic. When you tag someone in a photo, that person's friends may also see, like or comment on the photo. Start typing the name of the friend (or friends) you’d like to tag in your post. In addition to your own friends, you can also tag other people and pages on Facebook. Your time is valuable. Like the above, this allows friends of your friends to see the post.

Click in the top right. You’ve successfully shared your post and tagged your friends! Check out our articles on how to post, How to tag someone in a Facebook post on desktop, How to tag someone in a Facebook post on mobile, How to tag someone in a photo on a desktop, How to Log out of Tumblr (On Desktop + Mobile), How to Unblock Someone on Skype (On Desktop + Mobile), How to Change Your Skype Name on Desktop and Mobile. Jordan Wahl is a former Content Marketing Manager at G2 who joined after graduating with her BBA in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Ever wondered how to tag someone in a Facebook comment or video? Facebook is easy to access on desktop and mobile, but constant updates mean that things sometimes change in a big way overnight.


As you type your friend’s name a drop down menu appears. Now, write something about the photo or caption. We’re going to cover all things tagging in this article. See easy as that.

Click on the little drop down menu to insert the tag. Firstly, launch the Facebook app and we will directly reach the News Feed page. Once you’ve created your post by adding status, photo, etc., you’re ready to tag. After writing the caption, click to the tag button located below the uploaded photo/video and in between gallery and location buttons. And you might not see the tag option at all on other people's photos, if they have disabled the option to let other people tag their images. the name appears in the drop-down menu, click it. How to Customize the Share Menu on Your iPhone or Mac, Microsoft Is Making It Easier to Swap Between Teams Accounts, Yes, You Can Use Twitter Without an Account! put a dozen tags in a single photo. You can also use the ‘Who were you with’ option when uploading or publishing the image to achieve the same goal. Start to type the name of the friend you want to tag and when their name appears in the drop-down menu, click it. Start by tapping the box that says ‘What’s on your mind?’ Here you can type a status update, add photos or videos, check in, let your Facebook friends know how you’re feeling – lots of options!

Type ‘@’ before the person’s name and click the person in the drop down menu that appears. The post will also be added to that person's timeline after tagging him/her. From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu. For example, if you wanted to tag a Dallas Cowboys group, insert ‘@Dallas Cowboys’. Click on the face of the person that you want to tag. It’s a neat way to share experiences and create conversations. As you type, a small window appears and updates automatically to show the best match for the text you've entered. Tagging someone in Facebook associates them with posts, images, videos or your timeline. Use the @name method anywhere you want to highlight a friend or bring their attention to a post. For example, you can tag a photo to show who's in the photo or post a status update and say who you're with. Enter your post as usual and people will see this line to explain who you were with. Stay tuned with our weekly recap of what’s hot & cool. That’s why I put this post on everything you need to know about tagging on Facebook together, as the feature is so useful. We can tag someone in a photo for showing who's in the photo with us. You’ve successfully shared your post and tagged your friends! Click the one you want to tag. Like both of the above, tagging someone allows their friends to see the photo too. How to tag someone on Facebook. We have all the tools and downloadable guides you need to do your job faster and better - and it’s all free. Doing so will tag them in the status. You don't have to be following them to do this.

When you post a status update, you can tag your friends by typing an @ symbol followed by their name. How to Use Windows Batch File Commands to Automate Repetitive Tasks, TwitchCon Will Be Hosted Virtually on November 14, How to Clean Up Your Computer to Its Original State (Without Reinstalling Windows), The 7 Best Running Watches for Tracking Your Exercise, Boost Your Microsoft Azure Skills With the 2020 Certifications Bundle, How to Manually Trigger a BSOD (and Why You'd Want To).

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