how to delete a post on pawboost

It’s heart breaking!! A scammer may contact you pretending to be the owner of the pet you found. Could be someone’s cat that goes outside within the neighborhood but no collar & looks thin.. figured it would be best to check if anyone knows she is missing. Save some characteristics for verifying sightings. The scammer will demand money via Bitcoin to return your pet.

1) Reward for safe return. The types and purposes of cookies used by PawBoost are explained below. So now I don’t have my cat. When un-tagging a post, removing your name does not remove the post itself. It makes sense that rescue agencies require an adoption fee. Packages range from $29.99 – $89.99. We use cookies and other identification technologies on our website, apps, emails, and online ads. To go to your own page, click your name tab in the upper-right side of the News Feed. This article was written by Jack Lloyd. So go check them out. Alerts will go out to local PawBoost email subscribers and app users. The next morning, someone commented on my post that he looked like a dog reported on PawBoost that had been lost in the same area. Visitor has nothing to look at. Unfortunately, you’re using a Burner number.. but Fortunately, my brother in law, is a police officer and is, VERY GOOD AT WHAT HE DOES! Please call the police and make a report. Extra toe, finger.

If someone says they’re from PawBoost asking for money this is scam. They are attempting to hack into your Google account. Ever since it updated, I haven't seen any pets, Lost or Found. . This is a bit invasive, and if you have my dog while asking for this, there would be a very big problem. Include your address (for personal safety). - Fix bug where lost and found is empty on some devices, -Fix upgrade bug. Get the police to search the scammer’s house. How cookies and third party technologies are used and for what purposes. I also offer the option of setting up a SEO optimized webpage for your pet with a customized shortlink.

On-site services may be provided 24/7. The above message came from a real scammer.

I grabbed my keys and texted “Where? Yo estoy muy triste ni duermo pensado en mi perro yo se que esa señora me lo robó y lo tiene su amiga ! I posted my boy missing yesterday- thankfully, the rescue pages have posted warnings &I received an email from Pawboost warning me also.. Yep, sure enough, 1:30a.m. I ask for proof like pictures and stuff. The email in the link which is linked to a Finders or Owners personal email, Pawboost verified has not received any emails from my email address. Never post a lost animal or found animal on Craigs List. i had no idea people scam on the owners of missing pets!! The other one is PET ID:5183954. Then the app takes credit for your pet being “found” because the owner marks it as such on the app even if the app was completely ineffective in helping you find your lost pet. You could say there is a chip but it was apparently out of date as it was registered to someone else with a defunct phone # and they couldn’t be located — this actually happened with a cat someone I knew found, so it’s a realistic scenario. So I sent him a screen shot of the Pawboost Scam Warning Email.. then wrote, “You’re a pathetic human being!

Here is a link to their Better Business Bureau listing.

Not a good idea!

I am grateful for your site and all the other sites out there.

Beware of messages requesting your help to transfer outrageous amounts of money. For instance, our cat Foxy was trapped in a high-walled courtyard just 50 yards from the back of our house. 2. Your pet will be added to PawBoost's lost & found, the … First, you can have the pet scanned for a microchip while there. Literally five minutes after she’d gotten back home and was still running around excited to see me, I then got one of these text scams on my phone. Please be … Your Furry Godmother. To do a boosted post you pay Facebook to take a post from your page’s timeline and show it to people as a “sponsored post” in their own timeline.

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