how to charge logitech g602 mouse

I'd still like to have seen a charging option, but there's no denying how long the mouse lasts between battery changes. I took the G602 through its paces in many sessions of Black Ops II, Diablo III, Saints Row IV, and a few others. After clicking away frantically with the G602 for the past few weeks in games such as Battlefield 4 and Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, I’m impressed with the feel and performance. Report rate – Update from 125/sec (8ms response time) to 500/sec (2ms response time). Looks like the G502 is back in a big way.” GameCrate, Leo Parrill You can set up to five. The receiver can then be positioned closer to the mouse so there’s no interference. webcontentid=486daa6c-385a-11ea-972c-3575146b498b, LED indicator lights on the G900 or G903 gaming mouse. There are the two main mouse buttons, which offer good tactile feedback: strong and responsive. Without a really easy way to tell when you are in the middle of the set, I would sometimes press the wrong button thinking I was in some other position with my thumb. The physical shape of the mouse is similar to some of their earlier models in the G500S but with some changes. To change the default, click a DPI level that doesn't have a blue diamond above it, and then click Assign Default. The G602 also features a lag-free gaming experience, as well as performance and endurance modes, to maximize battery life up to 1,440 hours. Charging the G900 or G903 battery To charge the battery in your gaming mouse, securely connect the Micro-USB port (on the front of the mouse) to a USB port on your computer using the supplied Micro-USB to USB cable. This enables extreme precision or mouse speed when needed. A simplified configuration window will show, allowing you to specify DPIs, Report Rate, and Default/Shift DPI values: Under DPI Sensitivity Levels, drag the tick mark along the graph. The G602 is a little longer than I’m used to but it is actually a near perfect fit in my hand. You can setup a profile for each game and use the auto game detection to have the software load your configuration automatically. Join the conversation. The G602 gaming mouse supports these pointer customizations in On-Board Memory mode: DPI levels – Configure up to four levels, from 250-2500 in 250 DPI increments. NOTE: The possible range is from 125/sec (8ms response time) to 500/sec (2ms response time). Recharge and/or replace batteries AA batteries of the Logitech G602 gaming mouse as needed.

The G602 wireless gaming mouse is just what it sounds like: a cordless mouse …

On the left edge of the of the left mouse button are two more buttons, which default to choosing the DPI of your mouse. Use a blue spudger to prop open the bottom battery port. Make sure your mouse is in Automatic Game Detection mode, and then click the glowing mouse cursor with gear icon. Well, this mouse is made to last and last a long time so the need to recharge or connect to a computer isn’t something that Logitech thinks you’ll be doing often. The Logitech G602 is a pure wireless gaming mouse, meaning there’s no connection to the computer. One of the things that Logitech gets right is to have a good design that's great to hold for those that don't use a claw grip. The mouse utilises all the bandwidth on a USB port too, which brings improved latency. For each DPI level you set, you'll see a tick mark rounded to the nearest 50. The mouse will revert back to the current DPI level when the button is released.

Enter the Logitech G602, a wireless battery powered mouse aimed squarely at the gamer.
To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. They’re not the most attractive looking buttons but they have been designed in such a way to stick out as ridges so the thumb can easily feel each one. del G602 è possibile collegare la prolunga Scaricare la versione più recente dal sito Web al computer. It's a pretty standard fare with the picture of the mouse letting you know which button you can program. Page 17 Personalizzazione del mouse Utilizzo della prolunga Creare profili e macro per G602 con Per posizionare il ricevitore in prossimità il software Logitech Gaming Software. You'll be using the familiar small Logitech 2.4GHz dongle that's pretty small and great for those that want to keep it in a laptop and not have it be in the way. To set the Shift DPI, select a DPI level that isn't highlighted in orange, and then click Assign Shift. Page 17 Personalizzazione del mouse Utilizzo della prolunga Creare profili e macro per G602 con Per posizionare il ricevitore in prossimità il software Logitech Gaming Software.

The G602 is the first Logitech mouse to use the manufacturer's Delta Zero sensor technology, which is meant to provide an unprecedented level … To change the default, click a DPI level that doesn't have a blue diamond above it, and then click Assign Default.

“The Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming mouse doesn’t just expertly ditch the wire, it also improves the already stellar sensor, and supports this high performance mouse with a remarkably capable software package. These can be instantly toggled higher or lower depending on what you’re doing with small blue lights indicating the current sensitivity setting.

Launch the Logitech Connection Utility.

Let’s look at the tech behind this mouse. For each DPI level you set, you'll see a tick mark. There are no Spare Parts available for this Product.

Compared to a wired mouse it may still feel a little on the heavy side, even with just the one battery, but that’s down to personal preference. Want to ask other users with the same product a question? The software is pretty easy to use and the GUI is pretty simple. The mouse also comes with an extension cable which the very small USB receiver can be slotted into. A small nub or something more tactile would've been good here to let you know where your thumb is positioned. G602 mouse broken after changing batteries My batteries died on me, so I changed them with brand new ones of the same brand. TIP: For most PCs, a report rate of 500 is recommended.

If the idea of a wireless battery powered mouse puts you off then perhaps this isn’t for you, but it is a decent piece of kit and worth a look if you don’t mind charging and replacing batteries. When switched to what Logitech call ‘Endurance’ mode, the batteries will apparently last up to 1400 hours which is not at all shoddy. TIP: We recommend leaving this unchecked for the initial setup. Logitech's G602 is a great mouse to use if you aren't looking for a very sensitive mouse. For each DPI level you set, you'll see a tick mark. Again, it will take some practice to make the best use of these, but they are quite recognisable by feel when resting the thumb on the thumb rest. webproduct=06b4186a-7db1-11e9-b911-6dc23332f153

The G602 gaming mouse supports these pointer customizations in Automatic Game Detection mode: Start > All Programs > Logitech > Logitech Gaming Software 8.x. A mouse is a mouse, right? Example: If you type in "632", the software will round to 650 DPI. You won't get the speed and precision in this mode that you would in Performance mode, but you won't need it if you aren't gaming. Music-based audio brand Meters Music announces new gaming headset range, Logitech unleashes Playmaster program to hone your CS:GO skills, Logitech G headsets will use ears to provide better sound, Logitech reveals the G900 Chaos Spectrum mouse for pro gamers, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope review — The perfect game for Halloween, HyperX Quadcast S review – Making sound look good, Watch Dogs: Legion review — For we are many, Rainbow Six Siege Operation Neon Dawn revealed with new operator, Star Wars: Squadrons Update 2.0 delivers a massive list of changes, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War file sizes have been greatly reduced, Gigabyte unveils its family of water-cooled designs for the RTX 3080 & 3090, Modders successfully port FSX CRJ-700 to Microsoft Flight Simulator, AMD’s CPU market share returns to 2007 highs ahead of Ryzen 5000 launch, Apex Legends is debuting on Steam today, can be pre-loaded, Phasmophobia early access plans may be getting a rework, How to get Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for free with Nvidia, Here are your system requirements to play Naraka: Bladepoint. NOTE: If you prefer, you can edit the list of DPI values to the left of the graph from 250-2500. At $79, the Logitech G602 isn't too expensive for a gaming wireless mouse. I've been reviewing products since 1997 and started out at Gaming Nexus. I’m no mouse engineer but the Logitech boffins presumably know what they’re doing. It's performance is smooth and consistent while providing an incredible long lasting battery life on just two AA batteries. While the last re-releases were rebranding with minor changes, we finally have a new product that’s a differentiator from their recent offerings. Maybe in the next iteration of this mouse then. G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse redefines wireless gaming, with a 250-hour battery life and lag-free performance. Consult the user's manual or manufacturer's web site if you need help putting the mouse in pairing mode.


Performing kidney surgeries in Surgeon Simulator was cake with how much control I had using the G602.

Learn more about Logitech Gaming. Welcome to Logitech Support. It basically means it’s up to you where you place the receiver for the best performance. Unlike some of their other wireless mice, you have to use the wireless receiver and there’s no recharging capability. Even after a month using the mouse, I would still press the wrong thumb button at times. The dongle is pretty standard for Logitech wireless mice and I always liked how small it is. If your wireless mouse has a Channel button, press the Channel button to … Accessibility, Eastern Washington University, Team S1-G1, Ramos Winter 2018.

Now let’s hope those batteries last as long as they claim and don’t fail just as I’m about to pull the trigger on a sniper rifle. webproduct=2ce3f104-7db1-11e9-bada-cf6428cd6a66

Disconnect other Logitech wireless receivers before proceeding. Perhaps there’s a trade off that has to be made to make this a gaming mouse with all its precision. Now, a new one has arrived. You can use it to quickly switch between various sensitivity settings. Change the Report Rate, if you prefer something other than the default of 500 reports/second (2ms response time). With the power performance that the G602 provides, you can almost forgive the lack of recharging capability. Decrease processor use by reducing the report rate. 11 programmable buttons are available on the G602. Other than that, I think the Logitech G602 is a great performing mouse for gamers who want to go wireless and have a long lasting experience. In fact, I’m on my second of these at the moment.

The mouse wheel can tilt (Edit: Can't tilt) and feature a clicking scroll rather than the smooth scrolling on some other Logitech mice. Maybe I'm so used to almost every other high performance wireless mice these days letting you plug in and charge, but I think this feature would've been a good addition to the G602 even with it's ability to last a long time on two AA batteries. Open battery port. So how well does the mouse perform in games? Learn about the type of batteries used for the Logitech G602 and how to switch them. Choose a size and copy the code below to embed this guide as a small widget on your site / forum. Well, it is if you’re messing about in spreadsheets or doing some of that surfing the Intertubes stuff. I'm married, and enjoy first person shooters, sports games, and real time strategy games. NOTE: It can take up to 2 hours to completely charge the battery. I say almost because eventually, you will run out of juice and the only way to get back into the game is to change batteries. I was surprised at how smooth my turns were and how well the mouse moved without being plugged in.

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