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Compare the Honda Passport, Honda Pilot, and Jeep Grand Cherokee side by side to see differences in performance, pricing, features and more

The Grand Cherokee doesn’t give you that kind of effortless versatility. © 2020 The Car Connection. I considered the Cherokee (regular, not Grand) Trailhawk as well. I do really like the look of them and the better off-road chops were appealing, but I hated how so many things (like safety features) required an add-on package to get.

Out of the remaining 6, only 2 I would call reliable.... the Patriot and Grand Cherokee, and I've heard horror stories from other people about experiences they have had with both of those models. Wt Distributing Hitch - Max Tongue Wt. Plus find out about upcoming sales events. Compare MSRP, invoice pricing, and other features on the 2020 Honda Passport and 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2020 Lexus UX 200 and 2020 Subaru Ascent. ... Canada's fuel economy ratings put the Passport slightly better in the city (12.5 vs 13.0 L/100 km) with the Pilot slightly better on the highway (9.8 vs 9.3). (lbs), 2021 Grand Cherokee is here; 2020s still in stock, Up to $6,250 factory cash on 2020s; $2,500 on 2021s. The most reliable car I’ve ever had was an ‘07 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4WD. As for the reliability, my Passport has been in the dealership way more than any other vehicle that I have ever owned.

Unlike the Grand Cherokee Laredo, the Passport comes standard with CMBS™*, which can help bring your Honda to a stop by automatically applying brake pressure when the system determines that a frontal collision is unavoidable. What Did You Do To Your Honda Passport Today?

Discussion Starter • #1 • 7 mo ago. But every mechanic I know, including relatives and friends, said to stay away from Jeep. The Passport comes standard with remote engine start, allowing you to start the engine and get the cabin warmed up or cooled down before you get in, unlike the Grand Cherokee Laredo. Close. (lbs), Wt Distributing Hitch - Max Trailer Wt. It's a total crapshoot with Jeep. Honda Passport Complaints, Issues And Problems, Honda Passport Dealers, Prices And Orders. Please enter a valid ZIP Code. I've had issues with the infotainment center, rear wiper fluid motor burning out, false readings from the collision mitigation braking system (CMBS), the weatherstripping coming completely off the passenger door, defective sunglasses holder, and warped brake rotors. LOL. 21 Posts . Your passport to adventure!

Looking at a new daily driver, the 4runner, outback and JGC trailhawk were at the top of my list.

Unlike the Grand Cherokee Laredo, the Passport comes standard with CMBS™*, which can help bring your Honda to a stop by automatically applying brake pressure when the system determines that a frontal collision is unavoidable. Sadly it’s a terrible financial decision to own a grand Cherokee. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). 2019 Touring AWD Modern Steel Gray w/Black Interior, 98% of all Jeeps are still on the road............the other 2% actually made it back home. Keep the whole crew comfortable. Enter a new ZIP Code to continue your search. Receive the latest news and exclusive updates. The Passport comes standard with remote engine start, allowing you to start the engine and get the cabin warmed up or cooled down before you get in, unlike the Grand Cherokee Laredo. Jeep Reliability: Between my wife and I, we have owned 8 Jeeps. I once had frequent access to older Jeeps - from the later 60's - thru 78; these early Jeeps were great running topless thru the open country surrounding Ft. WeGotCha, Arizona. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Rear Entertainment System Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities. The GC looks great but imo, the PP is light years ahead of it.

I sort of knocked the outback and jeep off the list... and while the 4runner is kind of still an option, I don't love how it underperforms ON road, plus is quite outdated.

The Passport keeps temperatures ideal for you and your passengers with standard tri-zone automatic climate control. The Passport Sport has 15.4 cubic feet more total interior volume* than the Grand Cherokee Laredo, offering a more spacious, comfortable cabin and cargo area. See I've heard variations of this almost every time a jeep topic comes up, which leads back to my original question of how much is the jeep reliability an actual concern vs people just regurgitating random jokes and past history of jeep ?‍♀. 2019 Honda Passport Review - Honda's Best SUV - The Straight Pipes. ENTER ZIP CODE. Choose from a variety of trims to find the features you want, then customize your Passport with color options, accessories and more. Regrettably I never got to drive the Hummer. The Car Connection is published by, 2020 Honda Passport vs 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2021 VW Atlas Cross Sport vs. 2020 Honda Passport: Compare Crossover SUVs, Honda Passport: Best Car To Buy 2020 Nominee.

They were vastly more fun than the additionally provided five-quarters and duece and a halves; I will testify that ALL three were horrible on the cold wintertime German Autobahns. We use cookies to improve your experience on this site and show you personalized advertising. video.

(lbs), Dead Weight Hitch - Max Trailer Wt. ... Forester CRV RDX Outback Grand Cherokee Rav4 Regal TourX 4runner Equinox/Terrain/Enclave CX7/CX9 I also considered the Wranglar but I was ready for something quiet, comfy, and smooth riding. JavaScript is disabled. There are currently no offers in your area. Enter your ZIP Code to see offers nearby. Honda isn't what it used to be … but it still is more reliable than Jeep without question. The 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee impresses with style and performance, but lags behind in safety and fuel economy. After 5 months with the PP, I’m so glad I chose it over the GC and no longer have any remorse.

To find out more, read our. When the Pilot’s too big and the CR-V is too small, the 2020 Honda Passport two-row crossover SUV is just the ticket. Honda won out in the end because I’ve had so many and my used Honda was in short supply and they were giving the PP’s away. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I strongly considered the Grand Cherokee and part of me still wishes I went that way. Elite shown in Lunar Silver Metallic. The Passport keeps temperatures ideal for you and your passengers with standard tri-zone automatic climate control. I went back and looked at the Wranglers and Grand Cherokees at the dealer by my house this evening. Out of those 8 Jeeps ('97 Cherokee Country bought used, '05 Liberty, '09 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, '11 Patriot, '14 Cherokee, '15 Renegade, '16 Grand Cherokee, '17 Compass Trailhawk), 2 of them ended up becoming Lemon Law cases.

All Rights Reserved. How does the Honda Passport compare to the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

With the simple push of a button, conveniently located in the cargo area, you can fold down the 60/40 split rear seatback to increase cargo space behind the second row. Honda Passport Forum is the Largest 2019+ Passport SUV community & owner’s club. Your ZIP Code helps us search inventory at dealers near you. I can’t even believe the sticker prices are so close. To find current offers near you, enter your home ZIP Code: We're proud to announce that the 2019 Passport has received a 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score from the National highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)*, the highest possible rating. Passport gives you more total interior space* than Grand Cherokee. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada.

Check out all the vital info side-by-side from pricing to performance specs 113. Sign up to receive e-mails on the latest leasing & financing offers. ACC* comes standard on the Passport, helping you maintain a set following interval behind a detected vehicle for highway driving, so you don’t have to manually change your speed like you do in the Grand Cherokee Laredo.

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