holton euphonium review

I'm the first owner. EUPHONIUM PERFORMANCE & MUSIC RESOURCES Please inquire for more info. The 11 bell helps provide a big, focused sound that projects well. Pristine condition! Waterkey: 1 It has a non-compensating system, but with a generously smooth sound.

Specifications Other Brass. The slide is extremely smooth and fast, and is a little narrower than on the Bach. The valves, which are triple lug top sprung, are fast and smooth.

Although often listed as a student horn, in choosing a euphonium, as far as I am concerned it is a first class professional quality instrument." An intermediate model, it has a .543 bore and a 9.5-inch bell diameter. Four-valve baritones are, however, rare to find and because of the complication they add, they are not suggested as suitable instruments for the beginner. This extra tubing corrects the pitch when playing low, without altering the tuning of the mid and upper registers. fingering charts, tips, warm-ups, scales, sheet music Please do not assume anything. It is a very flexible horn and a delight to play! Silver-plate requires a lot of polishing to keep its shiny silver appearance.

Always well maintained. Please research specs + take a look at the pictures before buying.

A silver-plated yellow brass baritone horn, this instrument has a bright, vibrant sound that stands out in bands and orchestras. Coming with a case and mouthpiece, this baritone horn is a bargain price in the mid-$2,000s. By placing a bid on my auction item(s) listed on eBay. Recommending products to our readers, we only like to showcase what we feel is truly the best. A little review, from my opinion: Yamaha: Only one with a large shank mouthpiece receiver. Before diving into the specifications of the baritone horn, one thing needs to be cleared up: this is not a euphonium. This leaves low B without a fingering. Pistons: 4, Nickel-plated All slides pull, no case, no mouthpiece, has some dents, has some tarnishing of the finish.

Cylindrical bores, on the other hand, maintain the same diameter until the bell piece, when it finally flares out. Case: Deluxe wood shell, Music Education Resources for Trombone, Tuba and Euphonium. A compensating euphonium is a British design that "compensates" for the increasingly sharp pitch encountered in the low register. Some items are well over 30 years old and have sat around in someone's attic. This instrument is being offered for parts or refurbishing/repair. A larger mouthpiece on the Holton will go a long way towards getting more of the feel and tone of a larger bore compensating euphonium. Sold As Is: For Parts Or Repair. With scuffs, tarnish, and some pitting. So when you are done bidding you can proceed to checkout. YAMAHA built this euphonium for Holton and it is equivalent to the Yamaha YEP211 euphonium We have meticulously restored this fine instrument in our Pro Restoration Shop where we have been rebuilding musical instruments for discriminating players since 1946. Payment must be received within 3 days of the auction's end. the Horn plays great as is just a little ugly no broken or patched metal and no serious dents or repairs just lots of general wear all the valves.Valve caps and finger buttons are here and original and the valves function smoothly the spit key will need to be replaced the original case is also still useable and the latches work no mouthpiece is included We try to mention everything we can but mistakes happen please see pictures of the actual item remember you are the final judge. Silver-plate, however, is better suited to the more advanced players because of its cost and maintenance requirements. Trombone. , Andy. Auction consisting of: 1- Frank Holton 3-Valve Euphonium upright bell SN: 47913 silver plated weights approx. A great instrument for bands and orchestras with great responsiveness and projection. Attachment: Open wrap

From the Garden, State Parkway Take exit 109 and follow signs for Route 520 East. By. Our most important policy is customer satisfaction. however. Holton Trombone - TR160 Please ask pertinent questions before bidding. BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE- 2011 Buy with confidence from Alto Music. When you click on a link that we recommend and make a purchase, Hear the Music Play may get a small share of the sale at no additional cost to you. Key: Bb/F Three top action stainless steel pistons contribute to a long life for the valve section of the instrument. (Yamaha made better but didnt sound better to me for outdoor playing) jupiter price varies widely online, so do some research and contact music shops as some will price match.

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