hollow knight 112 walkthrough

Collector Scream Skip: Use the elevator skip to get to Crystal Peak: This method may require you to take damage from enemies/the environment. Useful Pantheon Stuff: Make sure to get the Arcane Egg after Shade Cloak, then Dream Gate back to King's Station.After completing the Waterways / Fungal Wastes section, Dream Gate back and stag to Dirtmouth.In Dirtmouth beat Troupe Master Grimm, then continue on to the 3rd part of the run. Xero: 1% Hornet 1 + 2: 2% [big]**Forgotten Crossroads + Crystal Peak + Resting Grounds**[/big] Dotted lines indicate paths to optional things listed in the route, Fall into Dirtmouth (Optional: talk to Elderbug) -> enter the Crossroads via the well, (Optional: Quirrel encounter in Black Egg Temple), Beat Elder Baldur mini-boss for Greenpath entrance, (Optional: Head left to Lake of Unn for Quirrel encounter in building).

For abilities, you gain 2% completion for each one acquired (with the exception of the Dream Nail & Awoken Dream Nail, which give you 1% completion each). [big]__Part 1 - Early Game__[/big] Exploding Egg Platforming Room (Fog Canyon). Colosseum = +4600G (5150G) Salubra = -300G -800G -250G -500G (-900G) = -2750G (3400G) HP Upgrades: 4% This will be needed for the Flower Quest.Equip Grimmchild before heading to Deepnest! [center]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2Ek0rtPZbU[/center] Hive Knight: 1%

Diamonds indicate points of interest along each step and are numbered according to their step. 40 Charms: 40% This will also allow the players to obtain the following achievements: Completion, Speed Completion, Steel Heart, and Pure Completion, you can click here to learn more on the achievements and trophies that can be unlocked. [center]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljHn60abjWg[/center]

It is only visible to you. An epic action adventure through a vast ruined kingdom of insects and heroes. No Eyes = 200 essence Explore twisting caverns, battle tainted creatures and befriend bizarre bugs, all in a classic, hand-drawn 2D style. After White Defender head to King's Station, set there a Dreamgate and continue on to Part 4. *Explosion pogo on post Lifeblood patches is much more difficult, alternative route for the explosion pogo is specified on the map.

(Optional: Gravedigger spirit right of well); Grubfather visit for Geo, Rancid Egg, Hallownest Seal relic, Buy Resting Grounds map [75 Geo], Stagway & Vendor pins [200 Geo] from Iselda, (Optional: Use Simple Key to open Pleasure House; Wanderer’s Journal relic, Poggy Thorax/Marissa spirits, open shortcut), Unlock elevator back to Crossroads [150 Geo] and take it up to Crossroads, (Optional: Check up on Myla) -> go to Crossroads stag station and take stag back to Dirtmouth and buy, Enter well -> breakable ceiling in platform room gives Whispering Root for, Use double jump in Ancestral Mound near lifeblood cocoon to get Whispering Root for, (Optional: Use dive spell for Fossilized Goam for Hunter's Journal), Visit Leg Eater in Fungal Wastes, pay 86 Geo to see his stuff, and buy the, Whispering Root in the connector leading to Fog Canyon gives, Collect Hallownest Seal relic -> charm notch [6/8] in exploding egg challenge room, Explore left passage under challenge room -> buy map from Cornifer [150 Geo], Backtrack, drop to bottom and take last left passage -> super dash from elevated ledge on right side of Teacher's Archive room for, Enter Teacher's Archive (Quirrel encounter outside Archive) and fight, Open shortcut back to rest of Fog Canyon, take upper left passage -> Hallownest Seal relic pickup -> complete Squit enemy gauntlet in Overgrown Mound for. You can equip Defender's Crest to make Lost Kin a bit easier. [big]**Hive + Kingdom's Edge**[/big] [big]**Fetching Quest - 2nd Cycle**[/big] For a downloadable version of this route, see this link: Geo in early game is tight, but by end-game you will have too much, Always be sure to retrieve your shade as soon as possible after dying if you're playing in normal mode, Reloading your save respawns you at your last bench while still saving your progress, Fake and breakable walls/ceilings/floors hide secrets all over Hallownest. The sequel to the award winning action-adventure. Ismas Tear: 2% After dream nail, stag over to Dirtmouth and buy the Elegant Key. [big]**Fungal Wastes**[/big] Bosses • Charms • Colosseum of Fools • Dreamers • Dream Nail and Essence • Equipment • Mask Shards • Nail Arts • Nail Upgrades • Spells • Vessel Fragments • Warrior Dreams • The Grimm Troupe • Lifeblood • Godmaster.

Use the elevator skip to get to Crystal Peak: Buy the Lumafly Lantern before heading to Greenpath!

Each spell found will give you 1% completion and each corresponding upgrade to the spell will also give you 1% completion. (Note that there are 4 Simple Keys in the game for 4 Simple Locks, with one key required for 112% and one key recommended for easy access to an area, so choose your key usages wisely. Pure Nail (21 damage per hit) = 4000 Geo, Mothwing Cloak (or kite a Vengefly and nail pogo), None (cut down platform behind fake wall), Mothwing Cloak (nail pogo off Duradoos; wait until Crystal Heart to avoid nail pogoing; Isma's Tear nullifies danger of acid), Mantis Claw (use nail pogo on bouncy mushrooms over acid; Isma's Tear nullifies danger of falling into acid), Desolate Dive (in Soul Sanctum room after beating Soul Master boss), None (need access to right side of City; guarded by Great Husk Sentry, but can quit to menu after breaking jar to skip fight), Monarch Wings (need access to right side of City; guarded by Great Husk Sentry & Lance Sentry; can "skip" Wings by nail pogo off background vase on ground level), Love Key (need access to right side of City; key found in Queen's Gardens; Grub preceded by The Collector boss), Crystal Heart (mimic in front of breakable wall, real one is behind the wall), Monarch Wings (dash/super dash challenge), Lumafly Lantern & Crystal Heart & Desolate Dive (flipping platform challenge in Crystallised Mound; can skip the lantern if willing to navigate the dark room before the Mound blind), Desolate Dive (used for access to crypts; Grub behind breakable ceiling), Isma's Tear (swim under Isma in Isma's Grove for vertical passage), Tram Pass & Crystal Heart & Monarch Wings (access Kingdom's Edge via lower Tramway to enter from right side of long acid passage; cancel super dash below opening in ceiling; Isma's Tear allows you to directly swim in acid instead of super dashing; can "skip" Wings if you nail pogo off Hwurmp), None (behind breakable wall; 3 mimics also in room [real one is 3rd from left]), None (behind Stalking Devout at top of room; spike pit trap before Devout has secret side passage that goes under the Devout), Monarch Wings (uses dash -> double jump in midair to reach), Tram Pass & Monarch Wings (access Kingdom's Edge via lower tramway; opening in ceiling of room before Hive Queen Vespa; can nail pogo off bees to skip Wings), Tram Pass & Desolate Dive & Isma's Tear (access Kingdom's Edge via lower tramway; breakable floor before shortcut into rest of Kingdom's Edge; swim through acid pool to enter side room of Hive), Desolate Dive (past a Great Hopper spiked floor challenge room), None (behind breakable wall; guarded by Primal Aspid in room with floor spikes), Isma's Tear or Shade Cloak (abilities used to access right side of area; can "skip" the abilities listed with precise Crystal Heart super dash in Crossroads acid room; access Grub by using super dash from ledge on right side of room), None (behind fake wall in passage above enemy gauntlet room), None (behind fake ceiling leading to vertical passage), Crystal Heart (Monarch Wings highly recommended for killing Mossfly enemies and final set of jumps), Lurien the Watcher ("requires" Monarch Wings, can use nail pogo to perform skip; guarded by Watcher Knight boss), Monomon the Teacher ("requires" Isma's Tear or Shade Cloak, can perform somewhat precise super dash in Forgotten Crossroads acid room as skip; guarded by Uumuu boss), Herrah the Beast ("requires" Lumafly Lantern, but if you're brave you can navigate several dark rooms in Deepnest without the lantern to reach Distant Village), Simple Key (Sly's shop [950 Geo] / City Storerooms / Ancient Basin / Colosseum of Fools), Shopkeeper's Key (Crystal Peak; requires Mantis Claw; unlocks half of Sly's inventory), Elegant Key (Sly's shop; requires Shopkeeper's Key and costs 800 Geo; used to unlock door in Soul Sanctum for Shade Soul), Tram Pass (Failed Tramway in Deepnest; lower tramway is the only first-time access point for the bottom left section of Kingdom's Edge which includes the Hive), Love Key (Queen's Gardens; requires Isma's Tear; unlocks Tower of Love with the Collector and 3 Grubs), Salubra's shop (4 notches for 120, 500, 900, 1400 Geo; requires 5, 10, 18, and 25 charms to unlock), Fungal Wastes (2 Shrumal Ogres mini-boss room), Fog Canyon (exploding egg platforming challenge room), Troupe Master Grimm boss fight (Dirtmouth, 6 flame Grimmchild), Colosseum of Fools (Trial of the Warrior), Relic Seeker Lemm: Buys relics for Geo (Wanderer's Journal = 200 Geo; Hallownest Seal = 450 Geo; King's Idol = 800 Geo; Arcane Egg = 1200 Geo), Confessor Jiji (Normal mode) / Steel Soul Jinn (Steel Soul mode): Cave is unlocked by a Simple Key; Jiji summons your Shade to her cave at the cost of a Rancid Egg; Jinn trades 300-450 Geo for each Rancid Egg you give her, Tuk (Normal mode only): Behind a breakable wall in the top right of the first room of Royal Waterways when entering from the Simple Key entrance; sells you a rancid egg for 80-100 Geo (when the rancid egg total in your inventory hits 80, eggs sold by Tuk no longer add to the total), With the addition of the Grimm Troupe, Lifeblood, and Godmaster content, there is now a maximum completion percentage of, 4 Mask Shards [1%] (includes Delicate Flower mask shard, 1500 Essence mask shard from Seer, and Crystal Guardian v2 boss fight), 3 Vessel Fragments [1%] (includes Deepnest Garpede challenge and Ancient Basin 3000 Geo Fountain), Traitor Lord [1%] (half of Kingsoul charm [0.5%]), White Palace (half of Kingsoul charm [0.5%], 1800 Essence requirement for Awoken Dream Nail [1%]) - Note: Not obtaining the Kingsoul charm, Nightmare King boss [1%] (Grimm Troupe Ritual with 9 flames collected). https://i.imgur.com/Sj3WUPq.png ¤Make sure to move just a tiny bit to the right after the screen transition to trigger the hardsave. Explosion Pogo Skip - 1 Pogo method for Lifeblood/Godmaster (Credit to Ciplax): *Explosion pogo on post Lifeblood patches is much more difficult, alternative route for the explosion pogo is specified on the map. Collect Wanderer’s Journal relic -> Head left; Head right to Stone Sanctuary -> first collect, Drop back down through Fog Canyon to Queen's Station; collect Hallownest Seal relic by double-jumping next to Willoh -> Take stag to King's Station, Collect Wanderer’s Journal relic -> Collect, Wanderer’s Journal relic above breakable planks -> Use King's Station shortcut to go back to City and enter broken elevator shaft, Pass through Dung Defender's room (Dung Defender encounter) -> use dive spell in room under bench to enter sub-area of Waterways -> beat Flukemarm boss for, Return to broken elevator shaft to fall down into Ancient Basin; (Optional: Whispering Root for 35 Essence) -> Collect Wanderer’s Journal relic, Bench and equip Fragile Heart & Joni's Blessing & Lifeblood Heart (1 Lifeblood mask safety margin) -> head down and unlock the Abyss, Go past Lifeblood door (15 Lifeblood masks to open) to acquire, At bottom of Abyss, head left until dead-end room -> use Howling Wraiths to receive, Head right and climb up to top of lighthouse to turn light on, Climb back up to top of Abyss (Hornet encounter), call tram (re-equip regular charm set) and go to Deepnest, Head up for garpede nail pogo challenge room to get a, Take tram back to Ancient Basin -> take stag from Hidden Station to Dirtmouth -> use elevator to get up to Crystal Peak, Collect King’s Idol relic -> Double jump up passage in upper room with bench for Crystal Guardian boss round 2, collect, Head to upper right of area and follow ground level of room to, Return to previous room and hit Whispering Root for, Climb up to reach Hallownest's Crown and collect, Drop all the way down to bottom right and super dash across to Crystallised Mound, Visit Seer to collect a Hallownest Seal relic, unlock the Glade of Hope, collect, Whispering Root in top right of Glade of Hope behind fake wall gives, Use dive spell to open up crypts from broken coffin -> collect, Relic Seeker Lemm encounter next to fountain -> Relic Seeker Lemm visit for Geo, Kill the Nailsmith ("Purity" achievement).

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