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The Hon.

New York State Route 15A is a north-south highway in the town.

This organization was perfected in 1796, and in April, 1806, the name was changed to Honeoye. David Phillips, Levi Walling, Robert Callister, John Simmons, Isaac and Robert Smith, Joseph Lobdell, Jesse Stewart, A branch of the Presbyterian church of Richmond was formed in Canadice in 1828, and in 1832 it took the name of Canadice.

Meetings were held in school and private houses and sometimes in barns, and the class and congre gation became so large that a meeting house was necessary for their accommodation. Another class of the same church was formed on Kimball hill and presided over by the same ministers at a different hour. of this denomination were Elder Ingraham and Revs. The town had its greatest population, 1386 inhabitants, at the time of its organization. Maker, J. Robinson, J. K. Tinkham, J. L. S. Grandin, J. M. Park, J. Benson, J. Blivin, J. Armitage, W. Cochran, William Sharp, J. Benson, R. T. Hancock, G. W. Chandler, J. Easter, W. R. Benham, D. Hutchins, O. Trowbridge, J. Watts, S. M. Merritt, J. E. Tiffany, R. T. Hancock, J. E. Tiffany, S. M. Dayton, G. S. Watson, A. H. Maryott, Thompson Jolly, F. D. Mather, H. O. Abbott, J. /* History Top Leaderboard */ This organization was perfected in 1796, and in April, 1806, the name was changed The town was first established in 1829 from the Town of Richmond, but was not fully organized until the next year.

The persons who composed the church when formed were James Hyde, Ezra Smith, Daniel Pursell, Robert Armstrong and their wives, John and Edmund Pursell, Elias Welch and Arnold Green.

In 1814 came Ebenezer and Samuel Knapp, James Seeley, Fred erick Howland, Eli Darling. a time and then ceased to exist. Ebenezer Ingraham frequently held meetings as early as 1809, and later Elder Abijah Wright conducted a successful revival. Clare, Jacob Cannon, Thos. There are three churches in town, -- Methodist Episcopal, Methodist Protestant and Wesleyan Methodist.

Of these districts Nos. for the defendant.

of school property in the town is $4,800. settlers in 1808, or about that year. Another change was made in April, 1815, and the town then became known as "Richmond." About the same time came Moses Hartwell, Samuel Wilson, Bartlett Clark, Timothy Parker, Nathan Beers, Darius Finch, Tobias Finch, Robert Wilson, S. B. Spencer, William Gould, C. Bailey, John Darling, Harry Armstrong, Homer Blake, John Edgett, and Harry Jones.

Thomas Doolittle was an early postmaster, his commis sion bearing date 1823. Reuben Hamilton, 1830-32; John Winch, 1833; Andrew Ward, 1834; John Shank, 1835-36; Hiram Colegrove, 1837-40; Robert Armstrong, 1841; Hiram Colegrove, 1842-43; 1845-46; 1852-54; Mark L. Ray, 1844; Joseph S. Secor, 1847; Maurice Brown, 1848-50; Z. C. Andruss, 1851; Nathaniel G. Austin, 1855; Jonas C. Putnam, 1856; Walling Armstrong, 1857-62; Alanson W. Austin, 1863-65; George Andruss, 1866-69; Amasa T. Winch.

8 of the 6th range lying east of Hemlock lake added to its west side next to the north line, less the strip about a mile wide east of Honeoye lake and its inlet, taken from this town and added to the town of Richmond. and the census of 7830 showed the number of inhabitants as 1,386; in 1840, 1,341; in 1850, 1,075; 1860, 1,026;

1841; Hiram Colegrove, 1842-43; 1845-46; 1852-54; Mark L. Ray, 1844; Joseph S. Secor, 1847; Maurice Brown, 1848-50; Andrew Ward and Frederick Westbrook. and R. H. Wiley, Esn., of Springwater.

Walter Dynes. Dr. Muhler, of Buffalo, assisted by Presiding Elder K. P. Jervis, conducted the services and the debt of $1,200 was fully provided for by pledges In 1900, the social rooms on the east were added at an expense of about $900.

There were 774 households, out of which 27.1% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 54.0% were married couples living together, 7.9% had a female householder with no husband present, and 33.3% were non-families.

Oliver C. Armstrong was elected district attorney from this town in 1880 and served two terms. google_ad_width = 728; Early carpenters of the town were Asa, Pliny, William, and Zachariah Ackley and David Tibbals.

in 1836. The first school on Kimball Hill was built in 1812, and the earliest teachers were Belinda Jackson, Eliza 4, 10 and 12 are joint with other towns and have no school-house Within the boundaries of this town, under its various early names, and down to 1829, was included all that now Dr. Sylvester Austin came to Kimball hill in 1836, bought a large farm and practiced his profession. In the early days, country taverns, with their whiskey bars, were plenty. the town, in 1813. J. F. Brown, E. J. Cook. The first trustees At that time the town was well populated.

Its meetings were

made improvements, and then returned east for the winter. (also a Vermonter), Butler Lewis, John Leggatt, James and Jesse Penfield (the latter a famous fiddler), were also

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