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Mrs. Forrester gushed. Penny sighed. "What class do you have first?" Mrs. Forrester said. "While they're conversing, why don't you tell me more about yourself?" "Is that any way to greet your best friend?" "Where are you from, Penny?" Hiro gave his paper to Penny.

Hiro jumped. She had dark blue eyes, and long black hair that fell into her eyes. Maybe you'll like him after a while. Violet took a step back. "Actually," Tadashi replied. "Hi! "Now then," Aunt Cass said while grabbing two cups of coffee for her and her guest. But after a near death experience during a mission gone wrong, she and Bolt go into hiding in San Fransokyo. Shout outs to DAsKeTcHeRZ for the cover picture. He shook his head, looking down.

Wilbur frowned. She replied. "I call her 'Susie.' A short, redheaded girl, stood above him. She exclaimed, pulling her bag up.

asked a still-shy Hiro. "Okay, Aunt Cass." "I just finished sweeping the floor. Sure, he had seen models and actresses on magazines and TV, but this girl was something out of this world! Penny smiled.

Hiro followed next to Penny and her white puppy. After the guests left, Tadashi looked at Hiro, who was still staring at the ground. "Ow!" Rated: K+ - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 10 - Words: 52,368 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 37 - Follows: 15 - Updated: Hiro was in an arcade when he bumped into an actress. "That right there is a special one. If you are not a fan of the pairing, I'm sorry for not meeting your expectations but I really don't have anything else to say but keep looking. "No, I probably would." "D-do you have a w-way for me to contact you in the future? Penny jumped up in her seat. Bolt was looking at Hiro with curious eyes.

Oh, I'm so gonna kill him!" Until next time, peace!

", "Yepperro." He then ran over to Penny, who picked him up and pet his head.

Wilbur gasped. "Are skateboards even allowed here?" That's where I got Bolt.". As soon as he said it, a new flush of pink appeared on his face. Her hair seemed to glow in the light of the setting sun, and her brown eyes almost seemed to sparkle. Wilbur was just about to fall asleep when there was a loud crash next to him, causing him to jump up. "Hmm." "Sh-" He opened his eyes, looking at one of the most beautiful girls he'd ever seen. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. I've been looking forward to high school." English was his one worst subjects. For starters, he'd already gotten lost twice, and then finally found his way to his class with the help of some blond senior girl. Standing at the front of the store was a woman with short brown hair, a young girl with short red hair, and an excited-looking small white shepherd puppy.

She yawned. She admitted.

He managed to make it into the classroom with a minute to spare, finding his assigned seat next to some girl named Violet Parr. "English with Mr. Tadashi then got out of his seat and walked over to the staircase. He grinned. asked Tadashi after everyone settled in. Tadashi looked unconvinced. "U-um, hello." All rights and reserves belong to Disney.

With that thought, she walked into her second period French class with Mademoiselle Belle.

She frowned, looking at him.

"Looks to me that you think Penny is more than just a pretty girl." I'll walk there with you!" She tuned back into Wilburs ranting, sighing. Kabooki." Uh. Penny/Hiro. Penny sarcastically replied, taking a bite of her cereal. Stupid bus. Wilber's crisis's were always quite shallow. "I-I think she's a good friend, that's all!

The only person Hiro liked in this whole school was his older brother, Tadashi. ", "Oh! Hiro flushed a slight pink. "Isn't this class mostly freshman?" He snapped back into reality when Tadashi cleared his throat. A 14-year old boy walked into the kitchen holding a dustpan and a broom. "What's your name? He just flirted with me. "Hiro Hamada." I think his last name was like, Robinstien? "Looks like yer goin' soon." "It's only because I'm your friend. He blinked. She asked. He studied Violet, his frowned deepening.

She muttered, looking down.

She muttered. Penny Forrester awoke to the sound of a blaring alarm. "In that case, I-I'll give you my address too.". Penny turned to Violet. He looked over the girl. Found me in a box outside one day an' took me in. "Just a bit. "I'm Violet, nice to meet you." "Cassie!" She groaned, covering her head with her pillow, just as her dog, bolt, came bounding towards her bed, barking. He wasn't exaggerating his pain. As he looked at Penny, words seemed to get stuck in Hiro's throat. It isn't until they meet Hiro Hamada and his friends that Penny realizes that she and Bolt won't have to fight Calico on their own. Violet asked, scooting away. Violet blinked. Hiro said, slightly cocky. Hiro blinked. The central driving force of this story is going to be a Hiro x Penny pairing. "I just turned eight!" How'd you know?". She shook her head, turning her attention to the teacher. She glanced over at a group of slightly older kids, who were all huddled around together, as if they were afraid of the younger kids. Penny/Hiro. Penny smiled at him. ", "U-um, y-yeah." I'll have to talk to the…" He paused, lowering his voice. The two kids wrote as quickly as they could while Mrs. Forrester and Tadashi watched the entire spectacle unfold. ", "I know right! But Hiro was focused on her face. She sighed, rolling her eyes.


A bit too cheerful for violets taste, but better than the creep.

"Oh, yeah." Penny asked, looking at the girl curiously. "You know it was fun having you around. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

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