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Its goal is to awaken its master and destroy all life in the infinite cosmos. Warlock… Erathin-Celestial, The Seer, the Great Prophet: Patron of seers and prophets. Off we go on our Warlock Patrons 5E Rankings! Ngirth’lu-Great Old One, The Great Wolf: A giant wolf with the wings of a bat. In my opinion, the falloff from second to third on this list is pretty steep. Also fantastic is Hexblade’s Curse, which makes attacks against a cursed creature critical at both 19 and 20. Essentially, I wanted Patrons that could easily lend themselves to cool Pact Weapons (tell me you can't already picture the unique Pact Weapon your Warlock would get with any of those Hexblade Patrons I just described), but also something with enough evocative lore that you could still build a Hexblade of the Tome or the Chain if you were so inclined. Flengoth-Archfey, Lord of Healing, Loyalty, and Protection; God of the Pegasi. Silversteel-Hexblade: Prefers the honorable and righteous. This is a great subclass, but a fairly specific one. Demands that his followers find magic items. Simuun- Hexblade: Prefers diplomacy over unnecessary violence. I have a tiefling noble hexblade with one of those unwanted family prophecies that ties in why she has magic and wings (divine soul blood pact thing, but she doesn't know any of that lore). Other than a few spells, I don’t see a lot of reason to take this as a spellcaster of The Fiend though. You couldn’t ask for a better setup than a Fiend Warlock.

Raphael-Celestial: Seeks the charitable. She seeks revenge. There is some cool stuff in this subclass, and you with careful spell selection this could be a pretty good option if your party has another dedicated spellcaster to deal damage. Cassiel-Celestial: Seeks the temperate. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The rest of the subclass sums up why this is at the bottom of our list. Fulfill your role, and serve him well. Made for an interesting twist on a subclass that tends toward the dark and edgy, and something similar could work for a Divine Soul. Each warlock makes a pact with a godlike entity, known as a patron. As he enters the arena, he looks at his opponent and prepares for imminent death. I like to think of it as an hour of darkness pact made for revenge that can never be undone. His pact weapon is a scythe obviously. Centering a Level 10 feature around defending against being charmed is especially lackluster. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed.

Maybe it's literally an earworm, a melody so catchy it makes you want to just chop people up to the rhythm, and it gives you the martial and magical abities to do it too... Well, you know what I'm gonna say: HEXBLADE, HEXBLADE, HEXBLADE!!!
As a DM who's obsessed with world-building, I've personally latched onto the Hexblade's connection to the Shadowfell and sort of worked from there to come up with how they could all be tied to evocative Pact Weapons. She takes the form of a woman with plant-like skin, leaves for hair, and roots for legs. A meeting with her is not a meeting to forget. There are quite a few fire damage spells available here, but they are not any better than what is already on offer for a warlock. Berphan-Fiend, Prince of Beasts, Lord of Minotaurs, Melkana-Archfey, Lord of Dance, Song, and Celebrations.

In my case, Levistus is the patron of those facing an impending doom. The first level for Hexblade is quite powerful, compared to other level-1 patron bonuses. The addition of two cantrips is also nice, but not a gamechanger. However, for Hexblades of the Chain and Tome pact, I focus on the weaving the magic of the Shadowfell into their own spell casting part of the fluff. Defy Death is also great, but you can only use it once per long rest. He has gifted you power. She preys upon the lustful and the traumatized in hopes of spreading chaos and despair. Dislikes change. This is just from what I think hexblade means to me, no means is this official or correct, just from my own research or interpretation. The battle seemed lost but from amidst the fighting he heard a voice promising him power. Dygra-Great Old One, The Collector: A giant Ant with tentacles instead of legs, and spider-like eyes. Use the flavor that enriches your character story and develops your dms world. Lublex-Fiend, The Faceless One: Lord of Oozes and Shapeless Things. It's also hinted to possibly be the Raven Queen. The first priority is the Hexblade’s Curse. Dissonant Whispers and Telekinesis are useful options outside of slinging damage spells. A pseudo-divine being has a nice army of pseudo-clerics in the form of Celestial Warlocks but wants some pseudo-paladins too?

Nex’Aruhn-Archfey, Lady of Mischief and Pranks: Revered by pseudodragons. The next time I play one I want him to be part of this holy order of demon hunters, super religious and very strict. MToF gave me a good option to apply to those who break their contract in a particularly vile way, the deathlock. One hundred D&D warlock patrons for use in your next RPG campaign or simply a patron for that crazy half-elf warlock you have been dying to role-play. He seeks to regain this power, using you as a tool. The theme of the Great Old One Warlock is knowledge, which helps to explain why many of the options involve controlling another character’s mind or learning hidden information. In my group we prefer to just have a character with a back story and then pick classes as it fits them. I liked the PHB line where it states the weapon is bestowed upon the character as a gift. I had an idea to run an Aasimar Swashbuckler / Hexblade combo, so I flavored Hexblade to be borrowing a little bit of power from my angelic guide (a Deva etc.). Markiel-Celestial, The Ascetic: Patron of monks, ascetics, and mystics. Hyniel-Archfey: Serves the Unseelie court. When you curse a character you also get bonus damage and can siphon off their hitpoints when they die. My players have only met one of them, but the hexblades in my game get their abilities from a pact their family has made in opposition to my Strahd proxy.

Delrond-Archfey, Goddess of the Dryads, Protector of the Forests.

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