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To get the Piece of Heart from him, you'll need to beat him in a minute or less. This test is pretty much unrelated to anything you've done so far. Open it for a piece of heart. Ice Cavern 27) Make your way to the room with the giant spinning blade and lots of silver looking rupees. Upon entering the pathway, you will find the grave keeper from the past. This is the The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time; Pieces of Heart Guide. Come back as an adult and ride the plant until you come to a stone archway near the temple with a heart piece on top of it. Zora's Domain 8) Go to where King Zora is sitting.

She will give you a piece of heart for returning her dog to her.

Stand atop the trunk next to it, and two Skull Kids should appear. 1) As a child, run up to the Throne Room and light a Deku Stick, then run down the stairs and light the torch you find at the corner. At the very bottom of Goron City, you'll notice a bunch of unlit torches around. Roll into the crate to find a Piece of Heart. Description: Near the entrance to Lake Hylia, enter into the square of grass surrounded by four fences.

Special Items Required: None, but Lens of Truth can be extremely beneficial. Roll into the crate and a piece of heart will appear. Heart Piece #16: At the end of Zora's River, near the entrance to Zora's Domain, there is a platform in the corner with a Piece of Heart. Gerudo Valley 12) (From the entrance) travel all the way down the path until you come to a person guarding a gate.

Hyrule Field 29) (Coming from Hyrule Castle) go to the right and you will come to the back of Lon Lon Ranch. The following pieces of heart can be acquired as adult Link in the Future. If you have difficulty doing this as you may not always grab the ledges, grab the chicken at the beginning of the level and toss it up the ledge, then use it to fly to the platform.

Stand atop the small stump and a Skull Kid should appear. This article is about the item that increases Link's health. Gerudo Valley 12) (From the entrance) travel all the way down the path until you come to a person guarding a gate. Light it and run behind the waterfall making sure to stay near the wall.

Fall down the hole and defeat the Business Scrub down here.

As Young Link, use up any fairies that you may have and deplete your life to a low level. If you prefer to get the Piece of Heart with just the Goron's Bracelet, then you'll need to depend on the Bomb Plants. Fear my crappy French! The Heart Piece locations in the Master Quest have been left mostly intact from the original game, with the exception of one in the Ice Cavern. In the next room you come to, break the stalagmites on the left to reveal a frozen heart piece. Status Required: Adult Link, Magic Bean Leaf implanted into patch as a child. Plant a bomb near there, and a hole should appear. Place a bomb next to it and a hole will appear. Enter it, and you'll find a Business Scrub. Stand on the log at its tip for them to come out. In the grave with the single Redead with no treasure chest at all, play the Sun's Song in the area.

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